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Soft Dolls is a Love & Pet plush line produced in 2012 by JAKKS Pacific featuring Kiko, Milly, and Coco from Season 4.


JAAKS Pacific Website

Straight from the Love and Pet Shop, these Winx Club Pets make the perfect cuddle friends for any girl. These pets are so adorable, Winx Club fans will want to collect all three: Kiko, Milly and Coco!


Weight: 1.00 LBS or 1.6 ounces. Manufacturer recommended age: 4 years and up.

JAAKS Pacific Website

  • "The only authentic line of Winx Club pets."
  • "Adorable, collectable 6" plush."
  • "3 to Collect!: Kiko, Milly and Coco."


  • Despite the display of a Ginger plush on Toys R Us's website, the plush was not included in JAKKS Pacific final set.
  • Another set with all main Fairy Pets was created by Giochi Preziosi.
  • This set includes the second Kiko plush produced, the first one being by Mattel.