The Solarian Royal Palace is the residency of King Radius and his daughter, heir to the throne, Crown Princess Stella. And as of season 8, the Former Queen Luna returns to the palace.

It is the former home to Countess Cassandra and her daughter, Chimera.


The home to its planet's royal family, it has an abundance of rooms for servants, fellow court members (and their family), and guests. It is the main location to meet with council members, discuss problems and solutions with the Solarian citizens, and also holds ceremonies.

The palace contains two unique rooms: the Steeple of the Sun (the most important) and the Hall of the Universe.


Winx Club - Episode 302 (11)

The palace makes its first appearance in "Valtor's Mark" where Stella's Princess Ball is being held. Valtor struck a deal with Countess Cassandra and Chimera: present the Sun of Solaria to him and in exchange he offers greater power. The deal is met.

At the ball Radius crushes Stella's hopes of her parents getting back together when he announces to all that he is engaged to Cassandra. The ball is then further ruined when Chimera turned Stella into a monster and Cassandra enchants Radius to fall under her control. Under her control, she forces Radius to arrest his daughter but luckily she was able to escape.

Radius, Chimera, Cassandra - Ep306(2)

The palace would then continue to be under Cassandra's rule as Radius was no longer in commission. She controls everything with an iron fist and showcase that she has absolute power. This is especially true when she strips Stella of her status as heir to the throne, replacing her with her own daughter.

Chimera tied up

Chimera and Cassandra are defeated.

As the wedding date nears, Cassandra prepares for everything. Including hi-tech security, booking a big show with circus performers, dancers, fire jugglers, and flying hover cyclists. The latter of which are impersonated by the Winx to infiltrate and prevent the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, Cassandra and Chimera are basking in the Hall of the Universe, ready to take their place as Solaria's new rulers. The ceremony commences but Stella and her friends intervene. Stella shows her citizens the Mark of Valtor Cassandra placed on their king. A battle between the two opposing sides begins. Eventually, Radius is relinquished from Cassandra's control, and Cassandra and Chimera are defeated, arrested and imprisoned in the palace dungeons.


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  • According to a book titled "English with Winx," the address of this palace (and therefore also Stella’s address) is 7 Rainbow Street.
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