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Solimante is a character that exclusively appears within the Winx Club Comic Series. He makes his debut in Issue 7: The School for Witches as the owner of a bazaar in Magix City. He is later revealed to be an old friend of a retired composer named Sifelius in Issue 33.


Solimante is a portly old man with a light skin tone, dark grey eyes and grey hair that is tied into a ponytail. He also has long mustache and beard that connects to his hair via his sideburns.

His civilian outfit is composed of a red cap, a bright yellow shirt and a green/turquoise coat and pants. Solimante shoes vary from red to gold and he can be seen wearing gold earrings in Issue 7.


Solimante does not like leaving his bazaar. He is shown to be very kind and considerate. Before meting Musa, he used to have prejudice against young people. Solimante also gets offended easily as he was shown arguing with Musa twice over his own actions and words.


The School for Witches (7)

By the end of Issue 7: The School for Witches, it is revealed that the Trix had rented Solimante's bazaar for a day or two to proceed with their plan in tricking Stella and opening a Bittersmoke's forbidden book.

After the Trix left behind the forbidden book because of their failed scheme, Solimante assumes that the Trix left it there as a present for him, and leaves the book on a shelf, envisaging to sell it for Professor Bittersmoke.

Ghosts p1

Solimante appears again in the beginning of Issue 33 in his bazaar with Musa looking for a present for her father. Unfortunately for her, everything in Solimante's shop is too expensive, which sparks a debate between Solimante and Musa over the youth's consideration toward the elderly. Solimante finds Musa's words very honorable and comforting, and apologizes for unintentionally offending her. The old shopkeeper then suggests to Musa on going to see Sifelius.

After returning from Siefelius' mansion, Musa accuses Solimante of sending her there deliberately, to which he gets upset with her sudden accusation but ends up confessing.

Revealing himself to be an old friend of the surly composer's, Solimante explains that Sifelius had fallen into a deep depression after the death of his beloved wife. Neglecting himself, his house, and refusing to listen to anyone's advice, Solimante had hoped that seeing a new face could help his friend. That is when Musa says that she would love to help but does not know what to do, so Solimante reminds her that since she is studying to become a fairy, perhaps she might have learned just enough to do it.


  • He is shown owning manifold bazaars in different issues.
    • In Issue 7, Solimate refers to his bazaar as his home.
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