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Sonna is the Keeper of Melody's Ocean Gate and Musa's bonded selkie.


Sonna has pale pink/purple skin, blue eyes with pink eye shadows, red lips and red body-tail with music sheet-like patterns. She wears a red spiral shell-shaped hat decorated by two flute-like corals, one is pink and one is purple. A transparent blue veil attached to the hat. She has a purple harp-shaped symbol on her forehead.


Sonna has been described by Musa as having a bad temper. Besides that, she is determined, when she fought the Devourer. She seems to be tough, but if she is threatened by bigger creatures, she would become afraid.

In the Winx Card Game App, she is described to be a capricious, sensitive and nervous Selkie.


Season 5


Sonna 3D (Episode 518)

Sonna bonded with Musa

Sonna turning Musa to her normal form

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