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Sophix, or the Gift of Wisdom, is a sub-transformation of Believix introduced in Season 4. It is the first Gift of Destiny.


In Season 4, when Diana, the Major Fairy of Nature, decides to take part in the Great Revenge of the Earth Fairies, the Ethereal Fairies give the Winx. The Gifts of Destiny because their Believix powers are useless against Major Fairies. The Winx use the Sophix power to restore the heart of Amazonia and the source of Diana's magic.


The outfits consist of a skirt or flowy capris. All of them have a pastel jungle theme to them. The shoes are strappy sandals and the wings are basically the same as the Believix, but not as intricately detailed, being more leaf-like and petal-like.

Magical Abilities

Sophix allows fairies to magically unite with nature as it is a source of emotional and instinctive energy which merges with the Believix powers to reach absolute harmony with nature.


Ways to Acquire

Known Sophix Fairies



  • The name "Sophix" is derived from the word "sophia," the Greek word for wisdom.
  • Sophix is the first nature-themed transformation, with the second being Butterflix.
    • While Sophix has a floral appearance, Butterflix has a fauna appearance.
  • Charmix, Sophix, and Lovix are the only Fairy Forms to not make an appearance in the comics.
  • Sophix and Lovix are the only Fairy Forms to not have the words "Magic Winx!" as part of the transformation phrase.
  • Musa is the only Winx not to stand during her final pose.
  • This is Tecna's first transformation in which she does not wear pants or shorts, with the second one being Harmonix, the third one is Mythix and followed by Butterflix being the fourth.
    • She is also the only Winx to not begin her transformation in her Believix form.

Transformation Sequences

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