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The Specialists are students that attend Red Fountain. They specialize in wielding weapons, dragon riding and taming, and are easily recognizable by their uniform.


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Students must study at Red Fountain for a minimum of three years.

Origin and History

The initial objective of the Specialists was to protect their homes.


  • They are called Heroes in the 4Kids dub.
  • Even though Nabu is often seen with the Specialists (in both the animated series and official stock arts), he does not attend Red Fountain.
  • It is not known for sure whether the Specialists have magical powers, but they are still seen inside Alfea's barrier which only allows magical creatures to pass through.
  • Unlike Cloud Tower or Alfea in present-time, Specialists from Red Fountain have a uniform.
    • The Specialists debuted their new uniform and Magical Weapons in "The Flying School", after wearing the same uniform and using the same weapons for the past five seasons.
  • In the Winx Club Comic Series, they are shown changing into uniforms as if by a magical transformation.
  • In Fate: The Winx Saga, Specialists Fatelink.png are both male and female. Instead of attending a separate school, they train at Alfea Fatelink.png alongside the fairies Fatelink.png.
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