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The Winx Club One-Hour Specials (sometimes called TV Movies) were produced by Nickelodeon and Rainbow S.r.l. in 2010 to summarize the first two seasons of the original Winx Club series. They premiered throughout 2011, while Nick and Rainbow were working on the fifth season.

These specials were the first entries in the Winx Club franchise to premiere after Viacom became a co-owner of Rainbow in February 2011.


After Viacom became a co-owner of the Rainbow studio, Viacom's Nickelodeon started working on a revived Winx Club series. The revival started with these four specials to summarize the first two seasons of the original series. The first three specials revolve around Season 1 and Bloom coming to realize her identity and powers. The fourth special briefly explains Season 2 in order to introduce Aisha and the Pixies to the series.

Nickelodeon's Janice Burgess served as creative consultant and story editor for all four specials. All specials use the opening theme "Winx, You're Magic Now" which was written by McPaul Smith.


  1. The Fate of Bloom
  2. Revenge of the Trix
  3. The Battle for Magix
  4. The Shadow Phoenix

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