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The Spectrographic Localizer is an object introduced in Season 6.


It is a device that can enhance fairy magic to make imperceptible things visible. 


The localizer is a small, purple gadget. It has a button on the left, that activates the machine when pushed. Its purple center has neon green lines inside it. 


Season 6

It was first mentioned by Tecna in "Queen for a Day", when the Winx were searching for a device which can make Cloud Tower visible again.

In "A Monster Crush", Tecna and the Winx arrived in Zenith, they ask Electronio on how they can make Cloud Tower visible again. Electronio then suggested they use the Spectrographic Localizer to make Cloud Tower visible again.

In the "Legendary Duel", Tecna manages to make the Spectrographic Localizer to work and finally made Cloud Tower visible again.


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