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The Spell of the Elements is a group of spells introduced in Season 3.


The Spell of the Elements is a group of spells pertaining to the four elements. It is the greatest and the most powerful spell in the universe. The disasters brought on by the elements are magic resistant, and the spell's caster is the only one who can control and reclaim it. The fire specifically engulfs its target without burning it up.


The Spell of the Elements is vase-shaped. The elements, which are orange, blue, brown, and green, nest inside each other respectively.


Season 3

Valtor summons the elements.

In "Wizard's Anger," Valtor takes the spell from the Agador Box and unleashes it on the world; water to Cloud Tower, wind to Red Fountain, fire to Alfea, and earth to Magix. This causes great peril all throughout the realm as the respective elements cause floodings, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes. After a battle with the Winx, Valtor is on the cusp of losing the spell and orders all the elements to return to him.

A fire elemental monster in the form of Sky.

In "A New Beginning," on Andros, Valtor's disembodied voice tells the Winx that they will soon face the Spell of the Elements. One by one, the Winx find and secure what they think to be their boyfriends, but are soon revealed to be threatening elemental monsters, with Timmy being air, Brandon being water, Riven being earth, and Sky being fire. Each Winx battles their respective fake boyfriends until Bloom hits Valtor with Dragon Fury, disrupting Valtor's concentration and ending the spell.