Spella McCarter is a character who appears in World of Winx.


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It appears that she is not very used to fans, as she was unsure of how to act when Stella approached her.

World of Winx

Season 1

WOW5 (Stella Trying to Get a Picture)

Stella tries to get a picture with Spella.

In "The Fashion Week," she is walking amongst the crowd of people at the Parisian fashion show at the Paris School of Fashion. Stella notices her and could not contain her excitement and she bombards Spella with the usual fan gestures. Spella is at a lost on what to do when Stella's excitably asks for her autograph. She is then appalled by Stella's sudden closeness and wanting to take a picture with her. Spella is relieved of Stella when one of the bodyguards takes her away.


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