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The Spider is a monster/insect that first appears in Season 1.


The spider has a brown back with a red spot and four black eyes. The spider has two fangs at it's front, and a black underbelly. It has four grey legs. The spider is large.

The spiders is black with eight legs, four eyes, and four fangs.



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The Winx surrounded by spiders.

In "Mission at Cloudtower," Griffin sends the spiders to fight the Winx. The Winx form a protective shield to keep the spiders at bay, but it only worked for a bit until the spiders infiltrated the barrier. Finally, Flora summons the Spider Eater to exterminate the spiders. The remnants of the spiders combine to form the Slob Monster.

In "The Nature Rage," a giant spider shows up after the Winx and Roxy free Mike and Vanessa from its web. Roxy tries to communicate with it but she cannot. In the distance, the girls hear Mitzi call for help and discover her car is entangled in Diana’s vines. Bloom manages to free the car and Aisha uses Morphix ropes to pick the car up and attack the spider, but the attack has minimal effect on it. The Winx realize that their attacks are not affecting the spider because it is in an area imbuded with Diana’s magic, making the spider larger than normal.

The Winx conclude that they must move the spider out of the city to return it to normal. The Winx don their Zoomix wings and teleport themselves, Roxy, and the spider outside the reach of Diana’s magic, and the spider returns to normal size and scurries into the forest.

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The spiders in the dorm.

In "The Lost Library," the spiders appear as part of Stella's dress, causing her to freak out. The spiders then head down from her boutique's loft and begin pestering the Winx downstairs. Flora uses the Treemans Orchid to return the spiders to their natural habitat.

Later, the spiders are seen in Egypt in the entryway to the Library of Alexandria, much to the dismay of Stella.


  • In the 4Kids version, the spider in Season 1 is called a “Red Catapoe”.
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