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Squonk is a Cry-Cry and Aisha's bonded Fairy Animal.


He is a Cry-Cry with brown eyes, two big buck teeth and an aquamarine coat with dark turquoise droplet-shaped details. The fur on his is light blue with violet accents. He has thick eyebrow-like fur. His arms and legs have a purple coat.

In this form, Squonk resembles a hippogriff. His coat is turquoise and the feathers on his wings are turquoise and purple. Some feathers on his wings along with the edges of his wings are attached with gems. His tail is long and has a big tip made of purple fur. There are purple diamond-shaped details on his chest and on the tip of his tail. The fur on his head is droplet-shaped, with the colors varying from light cyan to violet blue. His eyebrow-like fur is now in purple and light green with a green gem attracted to the middle of them.There are purple gems on his forelegs. The coat on his fore feet and hindfeet is light blue. On his back is a dark purple saddle with gold trim.


He is kind, gentle and tamed but he is also sensitive and emotional toward judgement as he cries easily. He is also caring and enjoy hugs and cuddles.


Season 7

Aisha & Squonk

Aisha bonds with Squonk.

In "A Friend from the Past," he is seen when the Winx traveled to Prehistoric Magix looking for the Cry-Cries. At first, they came across a dinosaur pup looking for its mother. But when they found the pup's mother, she hid at the sight of the Squonk. Whsn Stella called Squonk "ugly", he released a huge waterfall of tears washing the Winx away. Then, he got caught by Brafilius to see if he really was the first animal with the first color of Magic Universe, but he was not. However, Brafilius offended Squonk by calling him ugly. After Squonk washed Brafilius away with a waterfall of tears, Brafilius decided to use his magic to teach the creature a lesson. Luckily, Squonk was saved by Aisha. After his rescue, Squonk instantly bonded with Aisha. She asked him if he was the creature she and friends were searching for but he said no. As the Winx were getting ready to return to their time period, Squonk decided to follow Aisha.

Squonk later appeared in "Adventure on Lynphea", being watched by the Pixies but they found him a little bit hard to keep under control with his constant crying. When Cherie had enough, she uses her magic to create a strike of lightning that scared Squonk and sent him heading towards the school with the pixies following him. He made his way to the Winx's classroom looking for Aisha and when he found her, Sqounk instantly cried causing students to get wet until she calmed him down. When the pixies appeared in the classroom after agreeing to never let this happen again she let her Fairy Animal go play with the pixies and stay out of trouble and goes off with the pixies to play and giving Piff a honk and her returning it with a hug.

Squonk also makes an appearance near the end of "Beware of the Wolf", at first Aisha said the way Amarok was cuddling Flora reminded her of her own fairy animal. Then, during professor Wizgiz class, Squonk came rushing into the classroom to Aisha to get away from the MagiWolf and he was alright until Amarok licked him again causing Squonk to cry again.

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