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The Star Compass is an object introduced in Season 8.


The Star Compass is a magical compass required to find the Prime Stars so they can be inserted in the Star Case to make the Wishing Star take form again[1].

The Star Compass can be obtained from a MiniWorld-like dimension within the Star Case which can be accessed by magical means[1].


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Season 8

The Wishing Star split her essence while being attacked by the Trix, with the Star Case landing in Lumenia and chasing Twinkly. Twinkly travels to Alfea to alert the Winx that they need to see Queen Dorana in Lumenia. She informs them about the case, explaining that the Winx will have to get the Star Compass to find and acquire the seven Prime Stars. Stella attempts to open it, but sees that she cannot. Bloom then realized that they will have to go inside using their Enchantix miniaturization power.

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