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Stella's Guardian of Sirenix is one of the six Guardians of Sirenix featured in Season 5 and 6.


She has pale-orange hair, purple eyes and purple eyelashes. She has a yellow shell on her forehead. She wears a pale yellow and pale orange shell shaped top and her tail is pale orange. She wears a pink ribbon on her tail and another one on her right arm.


Stella's Sirenix Guardian is graceful and proper. She is wise about social status and using powers. Even when she is angry, she still maintains her good manners.


In "The Shimmering Shells," Stella asks her about a riddle. She does not tell the answer but gives a hint saying "Princess of Solaria". Tecna and Aisha solves it by telling that it has something to do with Solaria. In "Secret of the Ruby Reef," she got annoyed when Stella asked a fashion question and not a Sirenix question. In "Sirenix," she and the other Guardians used their power to open the Sirenix Gate. In "The Pillar of Light," she is seen when Stella asks her how to defeat the mutants. In "The Shark's Eye," she grants Stella's Sirenix wish of having her parents listen to each other and to her.

In "Inspiration of Sirenix," she and the other Guardians were asked how Daphne could regain her Sirenix powers. They told the Winx that the only way in which Daphne's powers could be restored: The Inspiration of Sirenix.


  • Out of all Winx's Guardians of Sirenix, she is seen the most.
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