Stella and Brandon are a romantic couple featured in Winx Club. Starting as friends with a mutual romantic interest in the other, both characters were introduced in Season 1 when Stella introduced him to her new friend, Bloom, shortly after he and the other Specialists helped them fight a Hunting Troll. Unbeknownst to her, Brandon switched identities with his friend, Prince Sky, at his friend's request and got to experience life as royalty, however, this later created a rift between the two when the truth was revealed at an exhibition at Red Fountain. The two reconciled during a break in the waves of attacks carried out by the Trix near the Season 1 finale and are confirmed as an official couple by the end of the season.


Shown to embody a lot of strong personality traits, both Brandon and Stella share the same roles in their respective teams: acting as sources of constant encouragement and motivation for their friends while showcasing an extreme amount of loyalty to their significant others and friends. Though both share flirtatious personalities, Stella and Brandon continue to stay faithful and committed to one another throughout the seasons. Stella becomes one of the most important figures in Brandon's life as he states many times that he is in love with her and that she is the only girl for him. They have both shown willingness to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of the other as seen in Season 2 when Brandon agreed to marry Princess Amentia so that Stella could save herself. Their relationship struggles mostly consist of jealousy and Brandon's initial lie of being a prince.

Stella and Brandon's personalities seem to bring out the best in the other as Brandon is not afraid to be honest with her and bring her back to earth, whereas Stella is able to tame him and bring out the more sensitive, romantic side of him. They are known for their corny pet names in the series and both provide comedic relief at times.



In the very beginning of the season, Stella had Bloom introduced to the Specialists after she called them over to help them in their fight against Knut, his ghouls and a Hunting Troll. During the introduction, Stella seemed to introduce Brandon with much more enthusiasm than the others, hinting at her attraction to him. Though, at the time, Brandon went under the name "Prince Sky." The two quickly developed a mutual attraction to each other, which was evident by how frequently Stella had talked about Prince Sky and acted especially eager when she got the opportunity to see him in cases like at the Traditional Meeting Dance in "Alfea College for Fairies" and (unexpectedly) in the Black Mud Swamp during an assignment.

A goodnight kiss.

Unfortunately, Stella's overzealous crush on Sky made her an easily exploitable target in the episode "Date with Disaster." There, the Trix were able to lure Stella out to a remote part of Magix City to steal her ring through forging an invitation for a date under the prince's name. This was confirmed when the Winx confronted Sky about the invitation, only for the tired prince to tell them that he never sent such a thing. When he got called back into training by Codatorta, Sky offered to help the Winx if they needed it and expressed concern for Stella's well being.

A rose for his princess.

Throughout the season, the pair continued to strengthen their bond by casual flirting. In "Friends in Need," Stella proposed that the Winx call the boys over to "help" them with cleaning the school. After the Winx and Specialists managed to defeat the minotaur that was conjured up by the Trix, Sky gave Stella a kiss on the cheek just before leaving. In the following episode, Stella and Sky continued flirting casually with each other throughout the duration of the Rose Festival, with Sky even handing Stella a rose.

Their relationship continued to grow and blossom into something more than a simple infatuation with the other until it hit a major snag in the episode "Secrets within Secrets," where, after sneaking into Red Fountain's exhibition, Stella caught King Erendor scolding Sky for putting his son's life in danger. This revealed that the Sky Stella was attracted to was actually the real Prince Sky's squire named Brandon.

Stella and Brandon reconcile.

Fortunately, the two were able to reconcile in "The Witches' Siege" during a brief period of eerie peace between the waves of the Army of Darkness. There, Stella told Brandon that she did not care whether he was of nobility or not since her parents already are and that worrying over such things did not do them any good in the end. The Winx, who were standing nearby, commented on how cute of a couple they are, which prompted Stella to form a pillow with her magic and toss it at them while Brandon laughed. Brandon then reassured Stella in the midst of her worry that their friends, Bloom and Sky, were alright on their private mission away from Alfea and that she should not be scared now that they are together.

At the very end of the season finale, Stella and Brandon had begun dating during the end-of-the-year celebration, with Bloom even making a toast to their official status as a couple.

Stella and Brandon maintained a strong relationship throughout their break from school. This can be seen at the beginning of the season, where the rest of the Winx playfully teased the Solarian Princess over her recently established relationship. After becoming acquainted with the Winx's new friend, a princess named Aisha, Stella and Bloom accompanied Aisha in her mission to save her Pixie friends from the clutches of Lord Darkar. Brandon and Sky joined them in the mission as well but the mission proved to be treacherous when Brandon fell off of a cliff after beating back a monster. Devastated, Stella dove down the cliff after Brandon.

The unconscious couple still holding onto each other.

It is revealed in "Princess Amentia" that Stella and Brandon survived their fall as they fell into an underground river. The two struggled to stay stable against the river's current and were swept away by it. After several failed attempts, Brandon promised to never let Stella go again and, in the next scene, the two are shown unconscious on a beach still holding each other tightly by the hand.

The two are then found by a palace guard and a sentry named Sponsus, who took the two to the Kingdom of Downland. As a hopeless romantic himself, Sponsus adored how devoted to each other Stella and Brandon were and did what he could to nurse a sickly Stella. Through Sponsus, Brandon realized that Stella was dying due to a severe lack of sunlight.

The two were later brought to see Amentia, the high-strung princess of Downland and, unfortunately, Amentia became smitten with Brandon, demanding that he be her husband. Naturally, Brandon refused Amentia's advances until Amentia put Stella's life into the equation, pressuring Brandon into an engagement so long as Stella could escape Downland and survive. Stella desperately tried to stay by Brandon's side but Brandon's only concern was for Stella to escape and regain her health in the sunlight she needed. Stella is then tossed out of Downland to regain her strength as Brandon remained trapped into becoming Amentia's husband. After regaining her strength, Stella reunited with Aisha, Bloom and Sky and the group of four managed to rescue the Pixies. They were later saved by a mysterious paladin after an unlucky run-in with the Trix.

After bonding with Amore and assuring Aisha that the Pixies were safe, Stella had Aisha, Bloom, Sky and the Pixies accompany her so that she could rescue Brandon from being trapped in a loveless marriage. Just as the group made their way to Downland, Brandon remained trapped in the castle being prepped for the wedding.

Throughout the episode "Runaway Groom," Stella, accompanied by Bloom, Aisha, Sky and the Pixies, snuck through Downland to get to the castle and free Brandon. Naturally, time was not on their side as Amentia and her parents, Enervus and Foeda, were rushing to get her and Brandon married as quickly as possible. As they snuck through the kingdom, Amore encountered Sponsus, who was now heartbroken at the princess' sudden engagement and upcoming wedding.

Stella and Brandon reunited.

When forced out on the altar, Brandon spotted his friends and Stella on a bridge nearby, but the group of four were apprehended by palace guards. Stella cried out for Brandon, fearing that she had to watch her love get married to another, until Amentia suddenly changed her mind and decided to marry Sponsus instead. As it turned out, Amore had snuck a "true love flower" inside Amentia's bouquet, which caused her to fall in love with Sponsus upon sniffing it. With Brandon now freed from his forced engagement, he returned to Stella's side and the group later returned to their schools, safe and sound.

In "Party Crasher," the Winx attended the grand reopening of Red Fountain's newest campus. Just before the ceremony, Stella and Brandon engaged in a small competition to see who could flirt with more people. Brandon won their little game by flirting with 17 fairies and 12 witches, a total of 29 girls, whereas Stella had flirted with 26 Specialists. Later, Brandon introduced the Winx and Timmy to Saladin's grandson, Helia, a former Specialist who dropped out of Red Fountain to go to art school. Somewhat captivated by his looks, Stella commented on how cute she found Helia to be, which made Brandon a tad jealous.

In the following episode, Stella and a majority of the Alfea Fairies developed an interest in their new, handsome professor, Professor Avalon, but this small interest in Avalon did not interfere with her relationship with Brandon.

Stella hugging Brandon after he came to rescue her and Aisha.

Further into the season, the Winx were sent on a vacation in the Wildlands by Faragonda to repair their friendship with the Specialists accompanying them as protection since magic does not work in the Wildlands.

In the episode "Charmix Power," Stella went off on her own in the nearby forests to find Aisha and apologize to her after making a rude comment. After admitting to Aisha that she acts snobby due to her insecurities, Stella earned her Charmix and used her newly acquired powers to send out a signal flare as the two of them had been swarmed by monsters. Having seen the flare, Brandon rushed to the scene and fought off all monsters using his Phantoblade. He and Stella then embraced each other and shared a kiss before they were interrupted by the arrival of the rest of their friends and more monsters.

Towards the season finale, the Winx, Specialists and Pixies organized a rescue mission for Bloom after she had been kidnapped by Lord Darkar's Avalon imposter. In order to get their ship into the caves, Sky proposed that Brandon return to Downland to ask Amentia for her assistance. Naturally both he and Stella were reluctant to the idea but Brandon ultimately agreed given that time was not on their side. Brandon and Stella then go their separate ways as he, Sky and Aisha made their way to Downland. Once they have succeeded in convincing Amentia to lend them her Guard Worm, the trio regrouped with their friends, with Stella being the first to greet them as she flung herself into Brandon's arms. Unfortunately, the groups had to go their separate ways once again in "Face to Face with the Enemy," as the Specialists chose to stay behind to keep Darkar's shadow monsters at bay while the Winx rescued Bloom.

Brandon and Stella dancing.

Before leaving, however, each of the Winx (excluding Aisha) shared an affectionate goodbye with their respective love interest. There, Stella and Brandon shared a tearful goodbye, with Brandon telling Stella how much he loved her.

Later, in the season finale, Brandon rescued Stella during her fight with Darkar in Relix by throwing himself in the middle of an attack aimed at her.

Once Darkar had been defeated, everyone returned to Alfea to celebrate. During the party, Stella and Brandon were seen happily dancing together with Amore even commenting on how much of a hopeless romantic Stella is when it comes to Brandon.

Stella and Brandon's relationship was still going strong for this season as well. After being notified of her Princess Ball in the first episode, Stella naturally had all of the Winx and Specialists invited, though, only Bloom could accompany her. Luckily, Sky, Brandon and the rest of the Winx (excluding Aisha) arrived at the Princess Ball and Brandon was completely taken aback at how beautiful he found Stella to be once she was introduced to the guests. Brandon then attempted to cheer Stella up after King Radius announced his upcoming marriage with Countess Cassandra by giving her his gift, but Stella placed it with the rest of her other ones. Annoyed, Brandon snatched it back and Flora reassured Brandon that Stella was just upset. During the latter half of the episode "Valtor's Mark," Stella is turned into a frog-like monster by Chimera and Radius is hypnotized by Cassandra into thinking that Stella (as a monster) was not his daughter. Stella was absolutely ashamed of her spelled appearance and, after the Winx were able to get her out of the Royal Palace of Solaria, Stella refused to let Brandon see her in that state, even when she was at risk of being killed by her own palace guards. When the girls do regroup with Sky and Brandon, Stella hid behind a tree as the Winx made up an excuse as to why she was not present. While returning to Alfea on the Specialists' ship, Stella still avoided Brandon, which only confused him.

Brandon with Stella, who thinks that he is under Flora's spell.

In the latter half of the following episode, the Winx searched for a way of reversing the spell placed on Stella and found a book on the Mirror of Truth. Stella, still worried over Brandon seeing her, pleaded for Flora to place a spell on Brandon that would make him see Stella for who she was before the spell. As the Winx and Specialists leave to find the Mirror of Truth, Flora assured Stella that she had placed the spell on Brandon which eased the Solarian princess' worries and she and Brandon stayed close. Brandon even showed no hesitation is saving Stella when she fell out of the ship during a griffin attack on their way to the Mirror of Truth.

The Winx and Specialists finally arrive in the ice cavern where the Mirror of Truth is said to be located in the episode of the same name. After pleading with the Mirror's guardians, Stella and the Winx split up to search for the Mirror of Truth, but Stella quickly becomes frustrated with the possibility of never finding it. As she stares into a lake, Brandon joins her but this only worsens Stella's mood as she still believed that Brandon was unable to see her current state. That was until Brandon confessed to Flora's spell never working and that he stayed by Stella's side even while she looked like a monster. He then gave Stella his gift: a bracelet that was passed down from his mother and was symbolic of loving someone for the rest of their life. The two embraced as the Mirror Guardian turned Stella back into her former self, explaining that Brandon's true love for her was what saved her.

In the episode "The Heart and the Sword," Brandon and Stella got into an argument over the phone due to Stella constantly worrying about where he has disappeared to. Later into the episode, as she, Bloom, Musa and Flora were fleeing from the Eraklyon Palace guards, Stella was pulled aside to a hidden hall by Brandon. After a short reunion, Brandon explained that he had returned to Eraklyon to figure out the cause of Sky's sudden change during the 1,000th Year Anniversary, as he could not bring himself to believe that Sky would choose Diaspro over Bloom over his own volition. Unfortunately, he was interrupted by a pair of palace guards and has the Winx escape while he held them off. Stella advised for Brandon to be careful as she was dragged away and Brandon gave a her a wink, promising to call her later. During a confrontation with Sky, Stella was able to remove Valtor's Mark from the prince, but the Winx had to flee before they could see it being removed, leaving them unsure as to whether or not Stella's Fairy Dust had worked.

For the next few days, Stella did not get any response from Brandon and worried for his safety to the point where her fears would often consume her thoughts during classes. Brandon did not make a return into near the end of "Fury!" where Stella naturally flew into his arms, ecstatic and relieved. It turned out that he was imprisoned by the palace guards shortly after the Winx were able to leave Eraklyon but, thanks to Stella's Fairy Dust, Sky came back to his senses and freed him after having Diaspro banished for treason. Upon being freed, Brandon made his way to Alfea with Sky as quickly as they could.

When Timmy finds out a way to save Tecna and bring her back, Stella is the first of the Winx to find out as Brandon excitedly calls her up to break the news. The Winx and Specialists travel to Tecna's location in the Omega Dimension in The Power Within, Stella taking advantage of the conversation about the Winter Formal between Brandon and Timmy to remind him of their plans for the formal. Brandon confirms with her with a smile that he ưill get his tux soon. When the group arrives in the Omega Dimension they encounter men that they begin to battle. Stella and the Winx fall off a cliff while Brandon, Helia, and Timmy are busy battling. Brandon notices Stella fall and screams out an angry no before fighting and threatening the men. Soon all three of them are knocked out but Brandon remains concerned for the Winx when they awake and begin forming plans to escape.

Brandon is left fighting off released convicts with Sky (who arrived with Bloom to help their friends) and the rest of the guys but soon becomes stressed with the prospect of fighting so many of them. When Sky reminds him to think of protecting Stella, Brandon gets a new burst of energy and fights off the convicts. When the Winx meets back up with the Specialists, Brandon can be seen holding Stella in his arms with a smile on his face in the background from a distant shot of the whole group.

In "At the Last Moment" Brandon and the rest of the Specialists help Stella and the other Winx pass off as professional bikers in order to crash King Radius' wedding to Cassandra. Brandon compliments her skill after a few practice runs and Stella is overjoyed when Brandon comes back with fashionable outfits like she asked, hugging and kissing him in response.

In "The Crystal Labyrinth", Stella's pride and priorities are put to the test when she has to choose between keeping her appearance and helping her friends by gaining the Water Stars. Choosing the water stars over her appearance, Stella makes a distressed remark to her friends about what will happen when Brandon sees her in her current state. She is soon after reverted back to her original state however.

The Winx think they have defeated Valtor in "Wizard's Anger" where Brandon expresses his pride in his girlfriends accomplishments by raising her hand up in glory in front of a cheering school after hugging her in greeting. They both think that Valtor is gone for good until Brandon accidentally rescues Valtor in "A New Beginning" after mistaking him as an innocent civilian in need of help. Brandon and his friends are kidnapped and Stella sets out with the Winx to rescue them. Stella individually finds Brandon hung by the wrists. Cutting him down, Stella is happy until she realizes it is not the true Brandon but only a spell made by Valtor that looks like him. Stella and the monster fight but Stella soon finds out that her magic does not affect it. She feels like she is at her end and is about to be defeated by the monster but it disappears when Bloom attacks Valtor, the source of the monsters. The Winx defeat Valtor once and for all.

Stella and her friends are sent on a mission to find the last fairy on Earth in Gardenia. Brandon meets up with Stella shortly before she leaves for Gardenia where they get to talk about her experiences on Earth. When the girls leave, it is revealed that Brandon and the Specialists were pretending to be sad about leaving their girlfriends behind when they are actually being ordered to secretively keep watch over them in Gardenia. When Bloom discovers the boys aiding them in battle, Stella and the rest of the girls become annoyed at their assumed lack of trust. More cracks and rifts in their relationship appear in their relationship when Brandon saves Mitzi from a monster and Stella catches her giving him a kiss on the cheek in "Mitzi's Present". She assumes that he is cheating on her and walks off crying, ending their relationship and leaving Brandon annoyed as he does not think he did anything wrong. Concluding that their relationship is over for good, Stella refuses any opportunity Brandon takes to talk things over with her and get his side of the story. Stella continues to ignore him but grows even more jealous when she notices that Mitzi is still going after Brandon and attempting to break them even further apart. Brandon confesses to the other Specialists soon after that Mitzi's clingy behavior is annoying him and that the only girl he truly loves is Stella whom he feels he is losing. Riven reassures him, saying that by next week they will be back together and the issue will be completely forgotten. Brandon and Stella slowly grow back together when jealousy overcomes her as she watches Mitzi singing to Brandon. Grabbing a microphone, Stella counters her flirtation by singing as well to Brandon, later dragging him away from Mitzi so they could be alone. Instances of foreshadowing them getting back together include Stella asking him to wash and dry the dishes with her, an act they seem to have done often in the past as he asks to switch positions rather than do their usual ones. The two officially reconcile in "The Wizards Attack" when Stella helps rescue Brandon and Riven with Musa from Duman. Duman casts a spell on himself to look exactly like Brandon, attempting to convince Stella that he is the true Brandon. The two Brandon's begin to fight with their swords when Stella calls for them to stop. The real Brandon walks away from the fake one, apologizing to Stella for the misunderstanding surrounding Mitzi and for acting like a jerk to her. He tells Stella that he never stopped loving her for a minute and that she is the only girl for him as Stella wipes away her tears. She uses her powers on the fake Brandon, Duman shifting back into himself as he dodges the attack. Stella and Brandon share a smile before going in for a kiss when they are interrupted by the arrival of Gantlos who escapes with Duman. Brandon and Stella's relationship goes back to being strong following their reunion though she shows moments of still being jealous of Mitzi's attraction to Brandon. In "The Day of Justice" They can be seen comforting each other sadly shortly after Nabu's sacrifice. Then in "Morgana's Secret" they are seen holding each other in an embrace as they reflect back on memories of him while sitting on the beach. In Episode 23 Brandon is also shown pulling out a ring in front of Stella while holding her in his arms. It can be implied that they are now engaged but there have been no further mentions of the event.

Stella finds a passion and a dream in fashion designing. Her clothes, however, are not met with the positive and enthusiasm she hoped to receive. Brandon offers constructive criticism and his honest opinions of her clothes when asked, admitting that they look weird at times. This honesty causes Stella to become short and angry with him often breaking up their phone conversations abruptly. Brandon and Stella also get in a small fight in Gem of Empathy when she calls him during training, alerting him of an emergency. Rushing over to help Stella, he discovers that she only called him over to watch her fashion show. Watching it fall apart and the models leave unhappy, he becomes irritated with Stella, saying that she needs to take other peoples feelings into consideration more often and not act like a three year old so much in terms of maturity. This offends Stella and the two do not talk until later that day when Flora and Musa bring a three year old Stella to him. He finds out that Stella was transformed to this age by a spelled object and the three of them help take care of her. Brandon finds the three year old her cute but exhausting to take care of. When she transforms back to her regular self and asks what happened, Brandon is relieved and sits next to her on the couch, saying that he got to spend the day with an adorable little girl. Despite their small arguments over her fashion designs, the couple remain close throughout the season. In "The Shimmering Shells" Brandon assists Stella on her mission to the Ocean of Solaria. When Stella transforms, he calls her beautiful, a comment that Stella admits makes her feel beautiful. Stella begins to fully appreciate Brandon's honesty about her fashion design choices and chooses to thank him publicly at her fashion show in The Shark's Eye. Pushed by his friends to go up to her, Brandon walks up to Stella and they embrace after she explains that she wants to thank him for being able to be honest with her even when she does not want to hear it. The two are seen with their arms around the other as Riven makes his own announcement.

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Brandon and the Specialists (minus Sky and Nabu) come to congratulate the Winx.

They do not really have that many scenes together in the film, but Stella does hug him when they are on Eraklyon and they were together when everyone was separated.


Since it is implied that Stella and Brandon had gotten to know each other from last year, the two can be seen expressing their interest in each other from as early as the Traditional Meeting Dance in The Secrets of Alfea. However, unbeknownst to Stella, Brandon had assumed the name of Eraklyon's Prince Sky.

Brandon and Stella flirting during the Dance.

In the beginning of the following issue, The Boys from Red Fountain, Stella admits to the Winx of how Prince Sky caught her fancy, but does not take her feelings too seriously as him being a handsome prince is only the bare minimum of what she would want in a guy. She then goes on to explain how they met at the Dance; starting with how Sky was able to point her out from the middle of the crowded dance floor. From there, the two flirt with one another; playing a small bit of cat-and-mouse where Sky tries to get Stella to dance with him as she plays hard to get.

She claims to have promised Sky that they would meet again but, when Bloom questions how she would be able to do that, Stella reveals that she was never truly serious. Rather, she wanted to excite Sky enough to make him want to chase after her. Stella's little plan seems to work as Sky stops his and Brandon's hovercraft in the middle of their mission when they happen upon the Winx training outside. He continues to ignore his squire's worries by insisting that everything will be fine while landing and exiting the hovercraft to greet Stella.

Sky even uses his mission as a bragging point, as he goes on to describe the beauties of the Protected Territory, and even offers to take Stella there when she admits to having never been there. The Solarian Princess takes Sky up on his offer and, after Sky jokes over how no one would notice her being gone during their long flight, uses the new oath she and the Winx made moments earlier to guilt Musa and Tecna into covering for her so she can go. Prince Sky even leaves Brandon behind as he immediately takes off once Stella sneaks onboard, insisting that he can wait for him.

Sky and Stella taking off to the Protected Territory.

By sunset, the two arrive at the Protected Territory, allowing for Stella to marvel at all the beautiful views Sky talked about earlier with the light of the setting sun making them all the more beautiful. Sky promises to show her some aerial tricks he can do with the hovercraft once they drop off the captured Hunting Troll, but their little date gets put on hold when the forcefield keeping the Hunting Troll confined suddenly shuts down, allowing for it to rampage until Sky is forced to make a crash-landing.

When Sky is sure that Stella is conscious and can use her legs, he throws a grenade full of tranquilizing gas to immobilize the Troll long enough for them to make their escape. As the two try escaping to higher ground, Sky reassures Stella by telling her of how his emergency transmitter still works, meaning that he can call for help. Unfortunately, as the two wait for an answer, they are spotted by a whole group of Hunting Trolls and are forced to flee again. To make matters worse, Stella slips and falls down a cliff, just barely saving herself thanks to a branch or tree root poking out from the cliffside.

She tries to get Sky to leave and save himself, but he quickly finds himself trapped by the group of trolls. With no other options, Sky attempts to fight them off. He is joined by Brandon a moment later, as Bloom rescues Stella, but the boys are overpowered by the time the two fairies arrive. Stella scrambles to pull her ring off but is not able to now that it is bent. Luckily, Bloom is able to transform and blast all the Hunting Trolls away. Once safe, the group of four return to Sky and Brandon's crashed hovercraft, where the boys call for help and get them all flown back to their respective schools when their call is answered. However, to keep from arousing any of their teachers' suspicions, Stella and Bloom returned on Brandon's motorcycle.

Stella swooning over how protective Sky was to her.

By nightfall, Stella recounts her latest adventure with the rest of the Winx at Alfea, while Sky learns from one of his instructors that the troll escaping was most likely done by enemies of the Eraklyon Royal Family at Red Fountain. When asked if she would ever like to see Sky again, Stella claims to not know, but once she remembers the thrill of being in such a wild place with him, she swoons over how strong and protective he was of her. She then claims that she would never be able to refuse Sky if he asked her out again, causing Musa, Tecna and Flora to start a pillow fight.

Despite having acted rudely to her friends for the sake of a boy, Stella still cares deeply for each of the girls she has befriended in the Winx Club—specifically Bloom, whose well-being she believes she is responsible for, as any dangers Bloom may face would ultimately be due to Stella bringing her to Magix. As such, in Issue 5, Stella swats away all of Sky's flirting attempts to focus on searching for Bloom when she does not return to the dorm and has gone missing.

Stella and Sky talking about the Winx Club.

The romance the two royal heirs share seems to gradually become more serious during their hangout by the lake in the beginning of Issue 6, as Stella seems to be comfortable enough with Sky to talk about her earnest feelings and things that are important to her, such as the recently formed Winx Club.

While Sky initially teases Stella over the group name, he confesses to how he wishes to join the Winx Club so that he and Stella could be together more often. Unfortunately for the prince, Stella gets distracted by some old boats at a nearby dock in the middle of his confession. Sky catches up with her as she uncovers a carving on the side of the boat that caught her eye and offers to carve their initials in as well. Stella insists that they should not, believing that the boat is dedicated to the couple's love, but finds the boat's dilapidated state to be saddening. Sky then offers to fix up the boat for her, causing Stella to comment on how silly him being both a prince and a carpenter sounds. This strikes a chord within Sky, causing him to become defensive and question why that would be so strange since he believes their relationship would be the same even if he were just a lowly carpenter. Regardless, Sky leaves to look for the owner of the dock while Stella uses her magic to see the story behind the carving on the side of the boat.

When Sky returns after having bought the boat, he finds Stella crying and naturally checks up on her, unaware of how she witnessed the tragic romance behind the boat craving. Stella quickly picks herself up, and it is then that Sky reveals to her of how the dock owner even agreed to make him a place to work on the boat after purchasing it. The two then continue to talk about their plans for the boat, like how Sky wishes to get started as early as the next day, on their way back to their friends at the White Horse Café.

The pair reunite the next day in the Black Mud Swamp, albeit unexpectedly as both were in the middle of their own plans; the Winx having to forage for medicinal herbs as part of their homework, while the Specialists were searching for a nightmare monster reportedly hiding somewhere within the Swamp. Nothing of note happens between Stella and Sky, as the Winx and Specialists were too busy trying to fend off said nightmare monster when it emerges from the river separating both groups to attack the Winx. They all manage to make it out of the Swamp relatively unscathed thanks to a sudden hurricane that washes the monster away in the overflowing river.

By nightfall, Stella gushes over how amazing Sky had been throughout the whole ordeal, but not without pestering the girls over their respective love interests.

The two maintain their small friendly romance as they and their friends continue to hang out over the weekend, like in Issue 8, where they finally get to work on the boats Sky had bought in The Swamp Monster, until they hit a major snag two issues later in The Revelation.

Stella spends most, if not all of her time dealing with the whirlwind of emotions she had gotten swept up in upon learning that the boy whom she had been convinced was Sky, the Eraklyon Prince, was actually the prince's squire, Brandon. What made the reveal even worse was how Brandon was reprimanded by Erendor, the King of Eraklyon, in front of everyone there; openly declaring Brandon's mission to protect Sky as an absolute failure on his part as a squire.

Both she and Bloom try to stay cooped up within their dorm, but they are coaxed out by the rest of the Winx into joining them for walk out by Lake Roccaluce to get some fresh air. The walk starts out well enough until the girls come across the Specialists, who were in the middle of testing out a submarine under Codatorta's watch.

Stella storming off before Brandon can explain himself.

When Brandon tries to talk to Stella, she shoots him a glare and storms off, leaving him to chase after her if he ever wants the chance to explain himself fully. Once he catches up with her, Brandon finds Stella sitting alone on a log, and uses this chance to ask for her forgiveness as he never intended to hurt her. That is when Stella finally speaks to him, in which she laments on him not being a real prince and wonders what everyone else will say. Brandon is shocked over how Stella appears to be more concerned over how their relationship will reflect on her rather than the relationship itself, but Stella tries to defend herself by bringing up her royal status, and how important her parents are given their position. Realizing what she means, Brandon begins to apologize to Stella as he prepares to leave her alone, all while Stella goes on about how she will be stuck having to fight everyone because no one will ever accept that she, the sole heir to the Royal Throne of Solaria, is in love with a mere squire.

Naturally, Brandon is shocked by Stella's confession and asks if she really did say what he had just heard. As he tries to make sense of it all, Stella throws herself into his arms, passionately demanding that he tell her that he cares for her and that she is important to him. Brandon returns the embrace as he tells Stella of how he would do anything just to be near her.

Stella and Brandon making up and becoming an official couple.

Though, just because they were able to resolve their differences does not mean their friends have as, by the time Stella and Brandon return to the submarine dock, they find Bloom and Sky still in the midst of a fight with the two refusing to even face one another.

The newly-cemented couple does not get much of a chance to truly enjoy their restored romance as, by the following issue, all of Magix gets plunged into a war against the Trix after they managed to steal the source of Bloom's mysterious powers and used it to raise the Army of Darkness.

Both play a major part in the war for Magix in Magix Battle, and are rewarded for their efforts alongside the rest of their respective groups with a special mission to the mountains to acquire liquid moonlight in Issue 13. Stella even gushes over the chance to go on a trip with Brandon the moment Faragonda assigns them the mission, and revels in how Griselda could not even voice her objections.

Stella sharing her cookies with Brandon.

When the day of their moonlight mission arrives, Stella and Brandon greet each other with their usual brand of flirty banter as the Winx board the Specialists' shuttle. Additionally, when the group gets separated thanks to a sudden hailstorm and Brandon builds up a wall by the entrance of the cave he, Stella, Riven and Musa hid out in, he playfully humbles himself by claiming that, as Stella's knight, he would be willing to do anything for her. In response, Stella shares her almond cookies with him, and eventually tries sleeping on his shoulder as the four of them wait for sunrise to regroup. Their romantic antics inspire Musa to try using the change in mood to worm her way closer to Riven, but her attempts fall flat as Riven immediately leaves to get more firewood upon noticing.

By morning, the four of them regroup with Bloom, Sky, Tecna, Timmy and Flora when they pass by their cave and, by nightfall, the Winx begin harvesting moonlight from Crystal Lake.

Upon finishing their harvest, Stella proposes that they all walk down the mountain with the moon shining so brightly, causing Brandon to take her hand and offer to take her on that moonlit stroll. Unfortunately, their plans for a little romance are cut short when the group is attacked by a pack of wolves, which force the Specialists into fending them off as they have the Winx flee down the mountain.

Brandon and Stella's relationship can be seen going smoothly in issues after the Winx's moonlight-harvesting mission. All their casual flirting seems to be reserved solely for one another and, even in instances where Stella acts flirtatious with another man like in Issue 14, where she clings to Mitril's arm while inviting him out to a big party by the shore across from the White Horse that she had organized for later that night, Brandon never showcases any jealousy or anger. In fact, Stella continues entertaining the idea of getting to know different men better, like with King Nobody at the very end of the issue of the same name, but never acts on these thoughts, remaining loyal to Brandon.

It should also be noted that Stella is the only one of the Winx whom King Nobody does not need to "court" while impersonating the Specialist they were thinking about (not counting Flora since she was not attracted to anyone at the time). This is most likely because Brandon and Stella were already honest with each other and dealt with their problems in Issue 10, unlike Musa, Tecna and Bloom, who were all facing issues that made them frustrated with their current love lives.

During the Winx's break from school in Issue 17, Stella goes about flirting with a group of boys, mainly the one named Martin, under the excuse of "being nice" for most of their first day on Earth, even to a point of making some of her friends think that she constantly needs attention from men to feel happy. However, when the Winx attend Martin's dance party on a nearby beach, Stella is honest with Martin, telling him that she still has a boyfriend whom she is very much in love with.

Stella fawning over Brandon as Tecna scolds her for all her earlier flirting.

This surprises Tecna, whom, having been within earshot with the rest of the Winx, was the one most convinced that Stella had forgotten about Brandon and was looking for another guy to flirt with. Hearing this causes Stella to briefly fawn over her beloved before clarifying to her friends how she thinks that a little temptation can strengthen a person's love rather than weaken it. She goes on to gush over how much she really misses Brandon and about how ready she is to jump on him when given the chance to see him again at Alfea, before turning the conversation over to Bloom, as Stella is still unaware of how much less stable her friend's relationship has really been going thanks to a certain wedge.

Though she had been clear about her relationship status with Martin during the beach dance party, Stella continues to entertain him during the Winx's little exploration into the nearby Castle of Balmoral. Martin's attempts at flirting and making moves on Stella are only stopped by Tecna, who tagged along with the pair, either still not fully convinced of what Stella had said the night before or suspicious of Martin and the possibility of him taking advantage of her friend.

Stella succumbing to her nightmare of driving Brandon away.

Despite all the flirting she enjoyed doing then, the very next issue, The Guardian of Dreams, shows that Stella had been struggling with a recurring nightmare of her becoming more ugly the more time passes. Later, when the Winx venture into the Dream Realm to rescue Aisha with the help of Dr. Morpheus, Stella's nightmare physically manifests itself as Brandon being intimate with another, much younger fairy, which causes the Solarian princess to break down in tears, now convinced that she has become so old and ugly that Brandon has decided he no longer wants her. However, when Bloom conquers her own recurring nightmare in the form of a former school teacher, Stella realizes that the man she saw and thought was Brandon earlier was just someone else who happened to look like him, relieving Stella of her fears of becoming old and undesirable.

Though Stella was able to overcome her own insecurities concerning her body image damaging her relationship with Brandon, the two come close to losing each other during their major ordeal with Lord Darkar.

During a retelling of the most recent events by the pixies in the beginning of Monsters on the Loose, Brandon, during a mission into the Underground Realm of Magix, was forced into giving up his own freedom and happiness to ensure Stella's safety as, once the two got separated from their friends, the pair had fallen into Downland, a kingdom inhabited by humanoid creatures called Trogs, who are ruled over by a monarchy headed by the extremely proactive and equally extremely neurotic Princess Amentia.

Brandon accepting Amentia's deal to ensure Stella's safety.

Having become smitten with Brandon upon first seeing him, Amentia uses Stella's life to pressure Brandon into marrying her, otherwise Stella would remain within Downland until she perished. Wanting nothing more than for Stella to escape safely, Brandon gives in to the Princess's demands and remains trapped in Downland, where he is forcibly prepped for their wedding as Stella gets escorted back to the surface.

Luckily, thanks to the magic of Amore, Pixie of Love and Stella's bonded pixie, Amentia falls for one of her subjects instead and calls off her marriage to Brandon to marry her new lover, allowing for the Specialist to return to Stella's loving arms. However, even after the two had overcome that big of an obstacle in their relationship, another major threat aiming to separate the two presents itself in the present day in the form of Shilly, a Cloud Tower Witch who forces her way into the Winx and Specialists' mission in the mountains just outside the entrance of what used to be Darkar's Fortress with a group of friends.

Stella asserting her relationship status with Brandon while trying to shoo Shilly away.

From the very moment Shilly and her friends show up, Stella acts more hostile than usual to them and, while this may have initially been thanks to the sour relations between the Cloud Tower Witches and Alfea Fairies, Stella continues to make her animosity for Shilly known as the witch persists in her own attempts at flirting with Brandon and seemingly Brandon only. The two continue bickering with one another as Shilly sticks herself into the same group as both Brandon and Stella until they are caught off-guard by a shadow monster.

Shilly attempts to use the monster's appearance to prove that witches stand superior to fairies when Stella is unable to transform by using her witchcraft to make it melt, however, the monster simply reforms and retaliates, causing Shilly to fall over the cliff and just barely grab hold onto a branch or root poking out from the cliffside. Unfortunately, Shilly almost immediately loses her grip and plummets into a river flowing at the very bottom of the ravines, which prompts Brandon into diving in after her. However, Brandon struggles to keep both himself and Shilly afloat and the two get swept into a cave by the river's current. Stella, now unable to see either of them, flies into a panic over the possibility of losing Brandon again and remains in shock as Tecna tries to ease her on her feet and lead her to a valley where the river leads out.

Meanwhile, Brandon is just barely able to get Shilly and himself ashore on a small island in the middle of the river before passing out. When he comes to, he finds Shilly tending to an injury he sustained trying to rescue her and assures her that he was simply doing his duty as a Specialist. Though she expresses gratitude towards his actions, Brandon remains somewhat cold and formal to Shilly, as he is most likely aware of the true intentions that lay underneath all of her thanks and words of praise.

Brandon telling Shilly flat-out that Stella is the one for him.

Things quickly come to a head when, as the two go about building a raft to escape the cave and regroup with everyone else, Shilly insists that a fairy does not suit someone like Brandon, causing him to finally be clear with Shilly and put a stop to her flirting by telling her outright that he loves Stella and is not looking for anyone else to be with. Though, even after the two are able to escape the cave using their raft and Brandon is joyously reunited with Stella, Shilly remains persistent, insisting to her two friends that Brandon is much too special to be left to a silly fairy and vows to keep vying for his affections.

Thankfully, Shilly does not act on her "promise" immediately and the whole situation with her seems to have blown over by An Evil Wind, as Brandon and Stella are shown to be out on a morning jog around the White Horse as the rest of their friends hang out. Even after the incident with the Trix's memory-erasing wind, Issue 23 shows that Stella is still very smitten with Brandon, especially when he, Sky and Riven perform as a band for a music festival being held at Alfea. Unfortunately, this is another case where she is not the only one smitten with Brandon, as Icy, even with her memories gone, stirs up trouble by flirting with him once he and the Specialists finish performing.

Stella asserting herself as Brandon's girlfriend.

Naturally, Stella fumes over seeing Icy try to sweet-talk Brandon and jumps in, clinging to Brandon's left arm while asserting the fact that he is already spoken for. Brandon, meanwhile, simply takes Stella's jealous display with a smile on his face as Icy tries and fails to flirt with Sky immediately after. Once he and Riven also make it clear that they are unavailable, Stella laughs at the Trix as they storm off humiliated. Then, when Flora questions if the Trix really have lost their memories, Stella insists that their memory loss does not mean they are free to try taking their boyfriends away. Regardless, she, the Winx and Specialists quickly forget about the whole situation and move on to spend the rest of their time at the party together. Stella and Brandon are particularly open about their affections as usual as the two hold each other close while they make their way to their table.

The following weekend, Brandon and the guys have set up yet another group date at the White Horse, this time so that Brandon can spend more time with Stella after she had felt "neglected" during the Alfea Music Festival. Unbeknownst to any of them however, the girls get caught up in an accident caused by the Trix, who really do wish to steal their boyfriends away now that their memories have been restored. The boys decide to humor the Trix to keep up the realm-wide plan of reforming the Trix, but leave the café once it becomes clear that something happened to the Winx; Brandon specifically rebuffs both Icy and Darcy when they try distracting him with dancing.

When the boys find the Winx, they find that the bus they must have been on crashed, veered into the nearby lake, and was just about to be pulled underwater by a giant lake-monster! Luckily, just when it looks like they will not be able to rescue everyone in time, the Trix blast away the lake-monster with their magic, leaving all of the Specialists free to pull everyone out of the crashed bus.

Brandon rushes over to Stella's side and tells her of how the Trix fought to save her and the Winx when it is clear she is okay. However, while Brandon is certain that the Trix have really changed and could even become their friends, Stella remains skeptical of the witch trio, believing them to be the cause of the accident, and becomes more annoyed at how friendly the Specialists are with them.

Though the Trix prove to be nothing but minor thorns on the Winx's collective side, an old threat to the relationship between Brandon and Stella returns in Love Potion as Shilly's feelings for the Specialist who rescued her have only grown since then.

Brandon slowing down to savor the feeling of Stella holding onto him.

Though the pair are still very much in love, which can be seen in moments like Brandon slowing down his hoverbike to properly savor the feeling of Stella holding onto him so tightly during their bike ride to the White Horse, Shilly still persists in her pursuit for Brandon's heart. Brandon continues to make this clear when Shilly approaches him, asking if he has a girlfriend, and remains respectful to Shilly as he declines her offers to hang out simply because his girlfriend is not around.

When Brandon enters the White Horse and sits down with Stella, the Solarian Princess confronts him over his conversation with Shilly by asking if she knows her and what she could have wanted with Brandon. It is clear that Stella still remembers Shilly and is wary of the witch. Brandon picks up on this and affirms that the only girl he is going out with is a girl named Stella. As he urges for the two of them to go out on a walk together, Stella asks Brandon if he is sure that she is the only one and if she will always be the only one; both of which are confirmed by Brandon as he wraps an arm around her shoulder. The two later end up on the pier and it is there that Stella, with her arms wrapped around Brandon's neck, has him promise her that he would never look at any other girls. Brandon wholeheartedly promises, but the couple's entire display (coupled with Icy's own instigating) sets Shilly on the path of creating a love potion to make Brandon love her.

Stella and Brandon having a romantic moment at the pier.

The very next weekend, the Winx and Specialists go out on a group date into the city. Stella's mood immediately takes a nosedive when Shilly appears at the café the group takes a break at seemingly working a part-time job. Brandon tries to ease her worries with a drink but Stella refuses, so he chooses to drink it all himself, completely unaware that Shilly had slipped her love potion in it. Stella quickly gets riled up at the idea of being so close to Shilly with Brandon and slams her card down, urging for the group to continue their walk through the city. Unfortunately, Brandon begins to come under the effects of the love potion as he does not just stay behind to say a quick goodbye to Shilly, but gets her phone number as well promising to call her later that day. Also, when he reunites with Stella, he stares back at Shilly as they leave, almost longingly.

Later that night, just ten minutes before midnight, Brandon arranges a date with Shilly in secret, and the two manage to go out on that date the following evening. Unbeknownst to both Brandon and Shilly, an Alfea Fairy who was out on her own date in the same area catches sight of them and gossips about it the morning after during one of Professor DuFour's classes.

Stella's reaction at Brandon cheating on her.

Stella naturally becomes suspicious at the prospect of Brandon being gossipped about and unfortunately has her heart broken when she is told of how he is now going out with a witch behind her back. The shock from this causes Stella to nearly break down in tears in the middle of class, but she is able to excuse herself and begin sobbing once she is far enough away from the classroom door. Such a revelation also causes her to realize how it ties back to Brandon's strange behavior and she begins to break down even more at the thought of Brandon no longer being in love with her. She only gets the idea to speak with Brandon and learn the truth straight from him from Bloom, who consoled her throughout her breakdown in the halls.

Meanwhile, Brandon gets notified of Stella wanting to meet him at the White Horse by Timmy, who also demands to know what is wrong with him as this was the only way Stella could get the message to him since he had shut his cellphone off for a whole week specifically to avoid her. Brandon simply tells Timmy to mind his own business but makes his way down to the White Horse.

Brandon breaking off their relationship as well as Stella's heart.

Once he arrives at the café, he finds Stella waiting just beside the parking lot and wordlessly confirms the truth: he is really dating Shilly. Stella demands to know why he did not tell her anything and Brandon replies by telling her that he would have as soon as he figured out what was happening with him. He then finally admits that things have been no longer working between them and insists that it would be for the best if they just forget about their relationship. This upsets Stella to the point of tears, causing her to run off as he tries apologizing.

When she returns to Alfea, Stella immediately storms up to her room and stays locked in there for most of the evening as the Winx can do nothing but worry as they leave her to nurse her own broken heart. Meanwhile, news of Brandon breaking up with Stella to stay with Shilly spreads like wildfire as it has already reached Cloud Tower that same day. However, Shilly is unable to revel in her victory as Icy reminds her of how this was all possible thanks to her love potion, which causes Shilly to doubt her own beliefs that Brandon had come to love her all on his own. So, to put all her insecurities to rest, Shilly arranges a date with Brandon that following weekend at the White Horse to slip the antidote to him and prove that his love for her was not all a product of the love potion.

Brandon remains lovestruck with Shilly, confused by her questions of feeling "forced" into their relationship, until he is stricken with a terrible headache upon taking a sip of his drink, which Shilly slipped the antidote into. Now free from the love potion, Brandon is surprised to see himself alone with Shilly and does not even know why he is with her in the first place. As Shilly tries to remind Brandon of the week they spent together, Brandon hurries to find Stella as he does not want to hurt her by being seen alone with Shilly, and he apologizes to the young witch for making her get the wrong idea, even if he was never fully aware of how he was acting for that week. He then rushes outside to sort everything out with Stella after being told of where she was by Bloom, leaving Shilly alone to cry to herself.

He finds Stella sitting all by her lonesome on a fallen tree by the lake and approaches her insisting that he has so much to tell her about, even when Stella yells at him to leave her alone. However, even when Brandon tells her the full story and claims that she is the only girl to have his heart, Stella refuses to believe him. Rather, she does not want to believe his words out of the fear that he may hurt her terribly again if she takes him back. It is in this moment that the two are interrupted by Shilly, who hands Stella a small vial and a letter before leaving.

Brandon and Stella reconciling.

From this letter, Stella learns of how Shilly charmed Brandon with a love potion and jumps into the Specialist's arms, ecstatic and relieved that he had always been hers. She then goes on to tell Brandon that Shilly handed off the last of the love potion she made for Stella to use so that she could always keep Brandonto herself. Rather than use it or even keep it though, Stella throws the vial into the lake and insists that she would prefer to win Brandon over each and every day over using magic spells to keep him close.

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As a couple, Stella and Brandon have one song sang by Stella:


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The proposal scene in question.

  • As of Season 4, speculation concerning the status of Stella and Brandon's relationship began circulating due to a scene where Brandon presents Stella with a ring, leading her to wink at the audience. As the series progressed, there had been no further mention of this event until Season 7, where it is confirmed that the two are indeed engaged, as Stella refers to Brandon as her fiancé when Chloe asks her where she got the flower necklace she was currently wearing.
  • Despite being as close as they are, Brandon and Stella go through several fights and breakups in the Winx Club Comic Series.
    • In fact, it is safe to assume that Stella and Brandon go through the most breakups out of all the main couples in the comic series; be them intentional or otherwise.
  • Much like Musa and Riven, Bloom and Sky and later, Aisha and Nex, one party in the relationship has had an ex-lover. In this case, Brandon has an ex-fiancée in Amentia, even if it was forced and one-sided.
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