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Stormy is a witch who is the youngest of the Trix, a trio of witches. Among the three, she is the most aggressive and self-confident, always believing herself to be the strongest out of her and her close friends, Icy and Darcy. She was also a former student of Cloud Tower as she, Icy and Darcy were expelled in the episode "Cold Spell."


Stormy is a woman with a tanned complexion, teal eyes, and frizzy dark purple hair that is shaped like a cloud with paler bangs which flow down to and rest on her shoulders in the shape of lightning bolts. A small hair can also been seen peeking out from the very top of her head. As for her makeup, Stormy is always seen in dark pink eye shadow and lipstick.

In the episode "The Show Must Go On!" shows that Stormy's hair reaches down to her shoulders when straightened.


Her attire consists of a fuchsia-colored crop-top with no straps as the only thing holding it up is its attachment to a matching fuchsia choker through the small metal ring that rests at the center of her top, a purple miniskirt that is tied to her waist (noted by the knot resting over a slit located at her left hip), purple romper-like shorts sometimes, and matching purple sandals with high heels.

Witch Forms

Stormy's various Witch Forms come in shades of fuchsia, magenta and red; more so representing her anger and terrible temper than her powers.


As her name and powers would infer, Stormy is a loud and wild young lady who is very quick to anger and rage. Even the most minor of annoyances usually lead to Stormy violently lashing and, out of the three sisters, she is the master when it comes to holding grudges. Cases of this range from trying to settle the score from a previous battle by either attacking more violently or even disguising herself to catch the object of her vengeance off-guard. In fact, the latter case occurred only because Musa was able to dispel of her storms in the episode "Battle on Planet Eraklyon," which damaged her pride since she believes herself to be the strongest. Despite how prideful she is, Stormy is often tormented by Icy whenever she gets the chance, thanks to her status as the youngest sibling. However, Stormy makes it a habit to regularly harass her older sisters, mainly out of boredom.

Sharing her sisters' lust for power, Stormy stands out as possibly the most power-hungry of the Trix, as she always remains more than eager to get her hands on more powerful magic. Coupled with her immaturity and pettiness, Stormy often rushes head-first into situations to prove herself to be the "Queen of Storms" she titles herself as. Because of this, she lacks the craftiness of Darcy, or even Icy. Stormy has a lot of power, and uses hers in extreme bursts, without planning ahead at all. Thanks to her constant desire to prove that she is the strongest witch around, Stormy rarely ever thinks ahead, preferring to charge in head-first and overwhelm her enemies with powerful and destructive attacks. She will even escalate small exchanges into a serious fight if she is annoyed enough.



Did you know that the Trix studied at Cloud Tower and were expelled because they tried stealing the power of the Dragon's Flame?

  • STATS: Power (4/5); Craftiness (5/5); Dangerousness (5/5)
  • Type: Witch
  • Magical Element: Storms
  • Temperament: "She gets angry easily and becomes very aggressive."
  • Strengths and Abilities: "Her spells are disruptive."
  • Weakness: "She's impulsive."
  • Favorite Color: Dark Red

Magical Abilities

Stormy creating a tornado.

True to her name, Stormy possesses the ability to create and control storms in all of their aspects; ranging from harrowing winds to rage-powered lightning bolts. Like all witches, Stormy derives her powers from the negative aspects of magic, but a promo for the 4Kids dub specifies the source of her magic to be derived from centuries of fighting and conflict.

Stormy's spells all take the forms of tornadoes, storm clouds and lightning bolts; all of which cause large amounts of damage, no matter how minor the spell is. Stormy is even capable of manipulating other objects through various ways, such as by using the strong winds of her tornadoes to pick things up and throw them about, or by using electrical shocks to engage in subtle mind control. Her magic is often seen as being bright purple to even red in color, and when getting a power boost from Tritannus (and Poletia) she was seen with a toxic/neon green aura.

As a senior witch at Cloud Tower during her Season 1 debut, it is safe to assume that Stormy may know some basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, fixing minor messes and flying. The Winx Club Comic Series also suggests that Stormy possesses the ability to manipulate gaseous substances as she can be seen generating helium to blow up a hot-air balloon in Issue 20, and emitting a sleeping gas on the pixies in Issue 26.

Dark lighning 601.png

By Season 3, Stormy showcases the ability to create much stronger storms with more control over their direction through the use of a magical fan. She has shown the ability to create various natural disasters such as a small tidal wave capable of flooding pixie village and creating a storm clouds to transform into her witch outfit. She is also given the ability to create Storm Harpies: half-women, half-bird creatures that can also create their own wind gusts. Stormy herself can also be seen generating limited earthquakes that are usually the results of her severe storms; something she shares in common with Darcy.

Stormy shielding herself.

Throughout the seasons, Stormy's powers grow stronger, which is made evident by her more focused and potent lightning bolts, some of which she can even use to tie up her opponents along with creating an electrical force field. She also showcases the ability to create multiple tornadoes at once with ease as seen with her Double Tornado spell; a comparable improvement to when she needed absolute focus to create two of them at the same time in the episode "Bloom's Dark Secret." Her powers over electricity are enhanced in the Season 6 episode "A Monster Crush" when she enters the Legendarium World to assume the role of the Bride of Frankenstein's Monster, and the rest of her powers receive a significant boost following Stormy's merge with Occula upon absorbing a large quantity of Wild Magic in Season 7.

Uses of Magic

  • "We shall be as we once were. There was no explosion. No explosion.": the incantation for the safety shield spell, used in Season 1 Episode 6 to revert all the effects caused by the Trix's attempt to draw out the Ring of Solaria's power.


  • Stormy disguised herself as a fairy two times.
  • Stormy is the only member of the Trix that has never been in a romantic relationship as of yet, since Darcy dated Riven briefly in Season 1 and Icy dated Tritannus in Season 5.
    • Stormy has fallen for someone before and that was Valtor in Season 3, as she would often fight amongst her sisters for his attention and even confessed to liking him to Icy while under a positivity spell that was placed on her. This crush went unrequited as Valtor strung her and her sisters along.
    • In the comics, this also extends to Darko, a childhood playmate of hers and her sisters'. After finding out that he and his father had fled to Magix in Darko the Black, Stormy constantly fought with Icy and Darcy over who Darko should date, however, her feelings for Darko might be the weakest amongst the trio, as she spent more time teasing and picking on either Icy or Darcy depending on the situation at hand.
      • Interestingly enough, Stormy showcases an interest in Brandon in short scenes scattered throughout the comic series; specifically, in Lost Words, where Stormy laments over being unable to bear seeing Brandon without any provocation. She then promptly lashes out at Darcy for teasing her about wanting to get "a good look at him," believing otherwise.
  • Tecna, Nebula and Stormy all have a spell called Electric Storm.
  • In the Cinélume version, Stormy has the same voice actress as Musa even after the casting change in Season 3.
    • Stormy's second Cinélume voice actress, Anik Matern, also voiced Musa's mother in Season 2.
  • Stormy's 4Kids voice actress, Suzy Myers, voices Roxy in the DuArt Film and Video dub of Season 7.
  • In "Dance Contest on Melody," it is revealed that Stormy is a five times Dance Witch champion.
    • She is a star in the world of dark dance competitions.