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Sword of Neptune - Episode 515
The Sword of Neptune is the sword wielded by King Neptune.


It is a golden sword with decorations on the side. It has a blue orb. When activated it has a blue glow.


When Tritannus attacked his family and mutated them, he absorbed the powers of the sword and left it in the underwater palace of Andros, where the mermaids fleeing the palace found it and gave it to King Teredor. He then gave it to his daughter Aisha to use it against the mutants.


Neptune sword

King Neptune holding his sword

  • The sword is powerless on land; it is meant to be wielded in the depths of the ocean and can only be activated in the sea, where it possesses great powers.
  • The sword can also deflect powerful magic such as Tritannus' trident.
  • Aisha uses the power of the sword to de-mutate Nereus and Tressa.
  • With the power of the sword, they can see what the citizens of Andros are doing.


  • Tritannus absorbed the powers of King Neptune's sword using his trident in "Secret of the Ruby Reef". However, when Aisha held the sword, it had its powers again.


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