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Taboc is a family friend of Aisha's from Andros. His first and only appearance was in "One Last Fluttering of Wings."


Taboc has dark colored eyes, his hair and beard are grey and white. He wears earrings, a red headband, a long yellow and purple cape, a long garment that is white and yellow with a light blue strap that has diamonds and is tied across his chest. And he is barefooted.


He appears to be a wise and powerful wizard.


He helped other powerful wizards create the Omega Dimension portal on Andros.


Season 3

Past andros

Taboc during creation of the Omega Portal

He brought the spell to close the Omega Portal to the Winx after Valtor had escaped from the Omega Dimension, but the scroll on which it was written was carried away by the magic wind generated by the negative energy escaping from the Omega Dimension and to close the Portal, Tecna volunteered to close it from inside since it was the only possible way left, and thus gained her Enchantix. After Tecna closed the portal, Taboc said she was trapped in the Omega Dimension forever.

Magical Abilities

Taboo may know some basic, first-level spells that all wizards can use such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Taboc along with other wizards on Andros created the Omega Dimension on Andros.

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