After what happened and the end of the previous Winx Club episode, the beginning of this episode when it shows all the Winx in the kitchen is when we hear for the first time after when Stella uses her Ray of Pure Light spell to defeat the Children of the Night as well as break the spell and then restore back to normal the Pixies, the other Winx and all the other cursed Gardenia citizens back to normal, who afterwards cheered and the Winx left the mansion, told Stella "Glad that's history," "You were unbelievable, Stella," and "You saved us," went to the goth fashion show, which at the last episode's seconds, Stella won it, then on to the next Winx Club series episode Where the Winx as they were recovering from the very previous Winx Club episodes events, as well as the vampire decable, we see the winx make pizza as metioned above, we see and hear Bloom say, "first up, flour" Flora lets the bag of flour levitate, which we then see open up, then it levitates above Musa and Aisha's heads, then as Flora off-screen attempts to pour the flour bag levitating above Aisha and Musa pour on the bowls Aisha and Musa were holding, the flour also pours on Musa and Aisha's heads and faces, making them sneeze, we finally hear since the said events at the end of the very previous Winx Club episode, Flora mention something out loud, as well as her first word since then, and up to the beginning of this episode and up to this scene which shows her and the rest of the Winx all at the same place and time, her first word, which was: "Oops!" Didn't have to take THAT long since the very previous episode's said final events until this Winx Club TV series episode which not only takes place someplace else afterwards then fkinally show all the Winx together all at the same place and time then finally hear flora all by herself mention out loud something, even just a [one] word! What's up with THAT?! EloiseWinx (talk) 01:04, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

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