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The Talking Plant is a plant created by Flora. It is introduced in Season 1.


It resembles a pitcher plant with very small eyes and large mouth. It also has long vines as hands. In the Nickelodeon version, the plant's appearance remains the same but with different eyes and appears to be slightly smaller.

In the comics, it is pink with five petals resembling a salmonberry flower except for its leaves.


The Talking Plant seems to be very sensitive as it yelped in pain when Bloom accidentally stepped on its leaves, but it is also seen to be quite sweet and mild-mannered toward Flora, its creator. It is also ticklish.

The plant can also be defensive which is seen when Kiko tried to eat and it wasted no time in hoisting the bunny off his feet.



Flora and the talking plant

It makes its first appearance in "Welcome to Magix!". When Bloom first came to Alfea and went inside her room, she accidentally steps on the talking plant causing it to scream in pain. Flora, her roommate apologizes for leaving her stuff on the floor and while Flora introduces herself to Bloom she bumps into the plant and it falls down. Later, Kiko tries to eat the plant, and the plant defends itself by grabbing Kiko by the leg. Bloom and Flora saves Kiko just in time; Flora scolds it but Bloom forgives and even defends it.

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It is briefly seen as Flora packs her luggage separating the magical potions on the big bags, Chatta and the plant helps her by adding the floral scents on the smaller bag. Later Musa, Bloom and Aisha are seen helping Flora transport some of her Plants but is not show whether the Talking Plant stayed at Alfea or not.


The Fate of Bloom

Nick Version

The plant is stepped on when Bloom enters her dorm room. She apologizes to it but Flora says she does not have to and introduces herself as well as her plant.


  • In the Cinélume, 4Kids and original dub, the plant is accidentally knocked over by Flora, however, in the specials and Comics it is not.
  • In a 4Kids digital stamp collection, it is named "Speakplant".
  • The plant has a high-pitched squeal in the specials while in the 4Kids dub it speaks.
  • In all versions, the plant is stepped by Bloom.
  • Only in the Nickelodeon special is Kiko not lifted by it. The plant is also called a magical creature instead of Flora's creation.
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