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The Techsquirrels are a species of Fairy Animal which appear in Season 7. Their home planet is Zenith.


The Techsquirrels once ran the Technomagic Core of Zenith, and if one went missing, the whole order of Zenith would go haywire. They are very important to Zenith as they to keep the whole realm in balance.


Physically techsquirrels are similar to common flying squirrels with different colors and hairstyles, they have flap-like membranes between the front and rear legs that aid in flight and gliding. They have long ears with long locks of hair and have circuit-like patterns on their heads and tails. Some, like Flitter, may have accessories like googles.


Season 7

In "A Fairy Animal for Tecna", because of Amarok and Shiny's fight, one of the Technomagic Globes which were used to find Fairy Animals in danger is broken. So, Tecna thought that her parents would be able to fix it, so they traveled to Zenith. The entire Technomagic Core of Zenith was run by Techsquirrels. Kalshara thought that the Techsquirrels are the Fairy Animal with the Ultimate Power so she sends Brafilius back in Zenith's time to capture one, and he disturbs the Power Core of Zenith by taking a techsquirrel out of it. Imbalance placed itself in present time, and the techno droids started to act crazy as all of Zenith starts to go haywire. The Winx traveled back in time to restore the Techno Magic Core. Tecna bonds with Flitter, a Techsquirrel and uses her special Butterflix Power with the help of Flitter to bring the balance back. Later, Flitter uses his powers to fix the Technomagic Globe.

Magical Abilities

The Techsquirrels have the ability to repair broken things. They run the whole Technomagic Core of Zenith and are shown to be very strong being able to run the Power Core alone.


  • The name "Techsquirrel" is a blend of "technology" and "squirrel".


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