Copy and paste these on character articles, then fill in the appropriate values.

|image = File_name.extension
|title = 
|alias = 
|class = 
|gender = 
|age = 
|birthday = 
|sign = 
|affiliation = 
|power = 
|weapon = 
|origin = 
|family = 
|relationship = 
|pet = 
|plant = 
|pixie = 
|selkie = 
|animal = 
|fairy = 
|owner = 
|cartoon = 
|comic = 
|game = 
|lcartoon = 
|lcomic = 
|lgame = 
|italian = 
|cinelume = 
|4kids = 
|nick = 
|dbro = 
|duart = 
|gallery = 


  • If the character has another title(s) among the given name, put: |title =
  • To display big heading name on the infobox that does not match page name, put: |name =
  • If the character was called by other names/nicknames on the same highlighted dubbing version, or on different materials, put: |other =
    • Examples are Matlin, Marion and Katy.
    • Names/nicknames on different non-highlighted dubs are not accepted to put on the infobox using this field but should be mentioned on Trivia section instead.
  • If the character has a gallery, put: |gallery = Yes
  • Gender field has five available inputs.
    • 0: the infobox will generate gender as female.
    • 1: the infobox will generate gender as male.
    • 2: the infobox will generate gender as genderless.
    • 3 and 4: these cases are only used for characters that have their genders swapped in the show.
      • For female to male, use 3. Examples are Digit, the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle, and Flitter.
      • For male to female, use 4. At the moment there is no example available.
      • Once 3 or 4 is added on gender field, |g1 = and |g2 = must be added. Otherwise it will crash the infobox, causing a logic error.
  • Any fields without known/available information (normally filled as "Unknown") will have corresponding fields in the used infobox in the article removed.
  • Plant field is for pet-like, whether magical or not, plants.
  • Pixie, selkie and animal fields should be used in fairy articles, while pet one is available for any characters that have (most preferably named) pet(s) or fairy pet(s).
  • Fairy field mentions the bonded fairy of the pixie, selkie and animal, while owner one is available for any named pet(s) or fairy pet(s) that have owner(s).
  • Power field is available for any characters has use magic; weapon field is available for the Specialists and the Paladins.
  • Phobia and talent fields are for PopPixie characters only.
  • Occupation field is for characters with known jobs only.
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