# Cover Title Release date
55 Temptations Temptations October 2008
A recent string of kidnappings involving female students being smuggled off into magical trafficking rings has left everyone in Magix on edge. This ultimately leads Riven to become more and more distant with Musa, who has become more emotionally vulnerable as a result, until she decides that she must end this cycle before it becomes too much for her heart to bear.
56 Magix On Ice (Comic) Magix on Ice November 2008
As the newly-appointed mayor of Magix City, Mr. Dyamond decides to give the city a "face-lift" by having a wizard who specializes in weather magic change the realm's regular weather patterns to make them more appealing. When this ends up bringing early snow to Magix, Mr. Dyamond uses it as a chance to hold a city-wide skating event.
57 Red Devils Red Devils December 2008
Musa meets a boy who shares her dream of wanting to becoming a famed musician, but Riven cannot bring himself to trust him. Things are only made worse for the typically temperamental Specialist when he realizes that Musa and Brian may have formed a romance that is waiting to bloom under him.
60 Future Adventures Future Adventures March 2009
The Winx assist a professor in constructing a time machine to help him and his small fairy-animal companion get back to their proper time period in the future.
61 The Rebellion The Rebellion April 2009
The Winx accompany Tecna on a trip to her homeworld to reunite with an old friend, but find themselves caught in the middle of a robot rebellion spurred on by a sentient robot names Multimax. The Winx, Iris, and her robot confidant, Memox, must now prove to the robots of Titania that Memox is not what he seems to quash his rebellion and restore peace to the realm.
62 Stormy Skies Stormy Skies May 2009
After being rejected by the Fortress of Light Council, a young wizard named Helgard creates a powerful storm to ravage Magix to prove his worth, but things quickly go awry when he loses his antidote for it. The Winx must now aid Helgard in recovering the antidote before all of Magix is lost in a flood, all while Bloom returns to Gardenia to find that something is splitting her foster parents apart.
63 Poison Poison June 2009
With the Eraklyon Rebellion growing in intensity, three additional bodyguards are assigned to help Brandon guard Sky, but the stubborn prince refuses to have his daily life disrupted by this. What was meant to be a normal hangout at the White Horse gets turned into a potential crime scene once Stella and Brandon wind up mysteriously poisoned!
64 Magic Holiday Magic Holiday July 2009
The top students from each of Magix's three schools are awarded with a week-long vacation in Holiday Beach as Saladin must present a new form of magic that is meant to be beneficial to the realm. Meanwhile, Bloom and Sky become the targets of two fame-hungry celebrities as the Trix are secretly tasked with sabotaging Saladin's presentation.
65 New Love New Love August 2009
Stella nears her whit's end as stress from being unable to see Brandon thanks to the Eraklyon Rebellion gets piled on top of her having to be the one her mother confides all her troubles to. This later causes the overly-stressed princess to lash out at Brandon once she finally gets the chance to talk to him, which results in them breaking up! Unable to bear being single at such a vulnerable time in her life, Stella goes looking for a new boyfriend.
66 The Dispute The Dispute September 2009
After getting a direct request, the Winx travel to a farm owned by the family of Flora's old friend, Jessie Hellend, who wishes for them to help her ease the ever-rising tensions between her family and the Mallen Family before it all boils over.
67 Magix Virus Magix Virus October 2009
A magical computer virus begins ravaging the cyber world of Magix, eradicating all digital data kept on it, and both the Winx and Trix are tasked with getting rid of it before all data is lost.
68 Tumblr ndeqwunzG71s4zhiio1 500 Roxy the Seventh Fairy November 2009
The events of Season 4 are summarized as Faragonda has Roxy and the other Winx report Earth's reconnection with the Magic Dimension to the Fortress of Light Council in her stead. Meanwhile, Givelian and Yerka, who are both fed up with the Winx's success, force Griffin into sending the Trix to the Fortress of Light to stir up trouble and make the Winx look as though they had been placing far too much trust into a fledgeling fairy.
69 The Cursed Jewel The Cursed Jewel December 2009
The Winx discover a mysterious jeweled necklace rumored to bring misfortune to those in its possession. After witnessing its fabled curse more than once, the Winx begin investigating its origins.
70 Ski Break Ski Break January 2010
All the students and faculty of Magix's three schools go on a wintery week-long vacation in the White Mountain Realm. With everyone being able to enjoy themselves—namely the Winx—the Trix look for ways to enjoy themselves as well... just at the expense of others.
71 Layla's Courage Layla's Courage February 2010
Aisha reunites with Silvan, an old friend she had not seen since she was a child, and romance soon blossoms between them. However, the more Aisha becomes invested in her newfound relationship, the more she begins to see that Silvan is not the man she originally thought he was.
72 High Tide High Tide March 2010
The Winx are sent to the Terramaris region on the planet of Seantis to help find a solution to the rising water levels that threaten to flood it.
73 Perfume and Magic Perfume and Magic April 2010
During their stay at Hoggarth College as part of a student exchange program, the Winx uncover a plot of Napoleon Codifer's, a selfish businessman, who wishes to completely take over the town of Hoggarth to avoid facing any repercussions for subjecting the town to near-constant air pollution due to the over-abundance of his factories.
74 Love and Duty Love and Duty May 2010
The rebellion on Eraklyon has erupted into total civil war as a group of rebels sneak onto Magix to kidnap Sky and take him in as a hostage. Despite being successful in their escape from the rebels thanks to their friends and a new helping hand, Sky and Brandon must rush back to Eraklyon to join the war effort directly, unsure if they would even survive to return to Magix.
75 Needless Courage Needless Courage June 2010
Unease runs high within Bloom as she becomes less and less sure of Sky's survival, and his last letter to her only served to heighten her fears. She soon finds herself struggling with her desire to stay loyal to Sky despite him calling their relationship off and her desire to indulge in a new romance with Jordan, the mountaineer who helped rescue him.
76 Revenge of the Sea Revenge of the Sea July 2010
The Winx travel to Terramaris' Blue Bay region to help a former Specialist with his environmental project. However, things get a tad hectic when the group uncovers Blue Bay's overfishing problems, which all trace back to the town's head fisherman, Samuel Morgan.
77 Hopes disappointments Hopes and Disappointments August 2010
The Winx take a vacation to a nature preserve in the mountains as part of an end-of-the-year trip to help take their minds off of the Eraklyon Rebellion. During their stay, they meet Jessie, Stella's old friend, and Paul, who Stella quickly falls for upon realizing that she does not wish to wait for Brandon when he may never come back to her. As Stella tries to further this new romance of hers, she, the Winx and her new friends must uncover the mystery behind a string of strange attacks on the surrounding wildlife.
78 The Wizard Kamud The Wizard Kamud September 2010
With the Erakylon Rebellion intensifying after King Erendor receives near-fatal injuries, forcing Sky to take up his role as commander of the Royal Family's army, Bloom and Stella become more stressed than ever over the fear of never getting to see their lovers again. That is until Brandon makes an unexpected return to Magix to report the rebels' latest plans to storm Alfea, kidnap Bloom and use her to blackmail Sky into surrendering to Faragonda, and keep them from succeeding.
79 Conflicts of the Heart Conflicts of the Heart October 2010
Sky and Brandon make their long-awaited return to Magix with the Rebellion finally having ended in victory for the Eraklyon Royal Family. Bloom and Stella organize a surprise party at the White Horse to celebrate their safe return, unaware of how fatigued the two boys are over just stepping out of a war. Meanwhile, Musa begins to develop a new love after a falling-out with Riven.
80 Old Doors New Mysteries Old Doors, New Mysteries November 2010
Musa's old friend, Sifelius is forced to close down his hall, so he gives Musa ownership of an old warehouse to use in place of it. However, as Musa and her friends try to make due with what they had been given, they inadvertently get caught up with a group of thieves who had been using the previously abandoned warehouse as a safehouse for all their stolen loot.
81 The Flower of Truth The Flower of Truth December 2010
Now that the Winx own their own clubhouse, Flora begins using part of it to start up a garden; one that quickly earns her the attention of fellow gardener, Silius, and his fiancée, Helene. She finds herself tasked with taking care of a rare flower with a special magical property after Silius, its caretaker, is mysteriously hospitalized. As she takes care of the flower, Flora begins to learn that there are people out there looking to seize it and abuse its special magical property to their own nefarious ends.
82 Forbidden Magic Forbidden Magic January 2011
Roxy falls head-over-heels in love with a Specialist named Manuel, so much so that she can barely focus in class due to being so racked with fear over her feelings never being returned. Things do not look any better for the young fledgling fairy when the Winx find out that Manuel is currently in a one-sided relationship with a serial flirt of a witch named Rachel. Once it looks like Roxy begins to near her whit's end and drop out of Alfea, the Winx decide to help Roxy by creating a love potion with which she can charm Manuel with, knowing full well that anything related to love potions is banned across all of Magix.
83 Monsters of Stone Monsters of Stone February 2011
After being humiliated during his last job, Kamud returns to Magix to exact his revenge by unleashing a pair of giant stone golems to destroy Magix's three central schools.
84 WCM84 Riddles and Jealousy March 2011
Relationship troubles befall the latest two couples as Lukas becomes the target of a group of suspicious individuals while Roxy and Manuel each struggle with coming to terms with their feelings for one another and confessing them.
85 WCM85 Bad Dreams April 2011
After Bloom and Roxy both experience nightmares related to the Wizards of the Black Circle, the Winx rush to Earth to see if everything is alright. As they try to get a grasp on the situation after learning that Roxy's family having faced a series of misfortunes, a new enemy has begun making his move within the shadows.
86 WCM86 The Golden Reef May 2011
A mysterious and sinister sorcerer known as Lord Neruman has been sending out his shadowy minions to various parts of the universe to cause chaos and collect all the sorrow and anger born from it. His latest target this time? The Earth.
87 Gregory's Fury Gregory's Fury June 2011
With magic gradually becoming more and more commonplace on the Earth, individuals across the globe begin waking up to their latent magical abilities. A moody young man named Gregory realizes that he too possesses magical powers, but, when the Winx fail to get him accepted by the Fortress of Light Council, he is coaxed into joining the Wizards of the Black Circle to find his "true calling" as a purely destructive force under Neruman's command.
88 The Test of Kyral Kyral's Test July 2011
Instead of putting in the honest effort to study for an upcoming exam on elemental magic that even proves to be difficult for the Winx, Kyral instead searches for the easy way out, only for it all to blow up in her face horribly.
89 WCM89 Little Wishes August 2011
Bloom takes the Winx on a shopping spree around Gardenia to help her look for the perfect birthday present for her foster mother. During their shopping spree, the girls come across a bakery which not only sells sweets, but wishes too!
90 WCM90 Adventure on Zenith September 2011
The Winx are invited to Zenith's capital city to attend a celebration, but things quickly spiral out of control when Tecna is turned into a titanium statue during what was meant to be a presentation for the newest model of guardian robots. The remaining Winx girls are left to seek out an old hermit as he stands as the only chance they have towards restoring Tecna.
91 WCM91 Werewolves in Shady Hill October 2011
The Winx and Specialists choose to celebrate Halloween by attending the Shady Hill Halloween Festival, only for everybody at the festival to be ambushed by a pack of werewolves! As the only ones capable of evading capture, Bloom, Stella and Flora look for a way to rescue their friends, all while being mysteriously unable to access their magical powers.
92 WCM92 The Club of Vampires November 2011
After dispatching of the werewolves and receiving the Silver Pendant, the three Winx fairies chosen by Gaia to rein in all the newly formed mythical creatures come across a spooky café run by vampires for vampires. To make matters worse, the Winx are pulled further into the café when its owner, Lord Amaranth hypnotizes Flora to get his hands on the Silver Pendant.
93 WCM93 Revenge of the Mummy December 2011
Just as all seems well enough for the Winx to prepare for a gothic-themed party, the trio chosen by Gaia find themselves with one more threat to defeat: a revived mummified priestess named Lamya, who strives to plunge the world into eternal darkness just to prove that her dark lord had not lost his fight with his archenemy, the Sun God Ra. Unfortunately, Gaia's Guardian Winx are put at a major disadvantage when the only one whose powers stand a chance against Lamya's eternal darkness cannot access them.
94 WCM94 The Fury of the Snow January 2012
The Winx are vacationing in the perpetually snowy realm of Stalax until a beast known as the Wocky attacks the resort they are staying at. As per usual, the Winx set out to subdue the Wocky, but this proves to be rather difficult thanks to the beast's strange immunity to magical attacks.
95 WCM95 The Source of Light February 2012
Recently, Morgana has been plagued by nightmares of a world where shadows rule over everything and fears that this world an Earth wherein Neruman is successful in his plans. Once Stella is captured by the Wizards of the Black Circle, Morgana realizes that the premonitions she had been getting were not about Earth but Solaria, and that Neruman plans to corrupt its Second Sun to completely blanket the entire Dimension in darkness.
96 WCM96 Fairy for a Day March 2012
After a teen girl named Beth McGraw goes on a random magic rampage in a shopping center, the Winx seek to get to the bottom of the problem. Once Beth proves to be packing magic stronger than their own, the Winx begin to suspect that her powers were given to her by someone else, as no new fairy would be strong enough to fight off seven Believix fairies right off the bat, and redirect their focus to finding Beth's mysterious magic doner.
97 WCM97 The Dark Dimension April 2012
The Winx's battle with Lord Neruman reaches its climax as Morgana, still without her necklace, slips into critical condition and is on the verge of death. Desperate to retrieve her necklace before time runs out, the Winx heed Ogron's advice and seek out a man named Balazar to find the Shadow Lord's lair and defeat him for good.
98 WCM98 Return to the Amazon May 2012
Bloom reconnects with Iris, her old friend from grade school, during a day out on the beach. Just as they are catching up, however, a mysterious creature emerges from the oceans to take Iris with him to the Amazon due to the magic ring she had been wearing. The Winx must now journey back to the Amazon to rescue Iris before she is forcibly married to the Snake King.
99 WCM99 Star Shattered June 2012
Jenny Carter, a young actress who stars in Stella's favorite show, Elvyra, has become the victim of a string of attacks by the manifestation of a mysterious negative force, and seeks out the Winx's help. However, the situation slowly begins to turn on its head as the Winx make their way to the root of Jenny's supposed problem.
100 WCM100 The Stone of Memories July 2012
To celebrate the 100th Year Anniversary of the founding of the Alfea College for Fairies, Headmistress Faragonda assembles all of the students inside a special room to bestow upon one of them the opportunity to learn of a new magical power. Bloom is chosen to learn of this new power, but the celebration is quickly ruined by three unwanted guests and, before she knows it, Bloom finds herself trapped within a labyrinth of her warped memories. To make it back to her friends safely, Bloom must now navigate her labyrinth of memories while remaining wary of the Trix and whatever traps they have in store.
101 WCM101 Winx Music Tour: The Spirits of Nature August 2012
The Winx Band begins their musical tour across the globe and make their first stop in the city of Magnolia. Despite all the fanfare the Winx have been receiving, some are not too keen on the Winx having all of the spotlight. Aiming to rise above the Winx and prove that they are not worth all their popularity, Mitzi and her friends steal the instruments of another band, unaware of their magical significance, and accidentally evoke a catastrophe during their concert performance.
102 WCM102 Winx Music Tour: An Enchanted Melody September 2012
For the next stop of their music tour, the Winx fly out to the Latin American city of Aroma di Maio to perform alongside Clarice, a popstar gaining significant traction there. Unfortunately, just as the Winx enjoy themselves within the bustling city, they must put a stop to a rogue guitarist who is abusing his magical powers to spite Clarice.
103 WCM103 Winx Music Tour: Magic of the East October 2012
For the last leg of their tour, the Winx are flown to the eastern city of Zhanjiang to host a live TV special for a whole day. However, unbeknownst to the Winx, the man sponsoring their tour, Mr. Sakura, plans to use them to drive out an angered fox spirit from the ancient Fox Gardens so that he may build a mall over it.
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