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Terala is a character exclusively featured within the Winx Club Comic Series. Her one and only appearance is in Issue 107: The Dark Sirens alongside her fellow Sirens as they try to kidnap and forcibly convert Niobe into becoming their fifth and final Siren needed to attain invulnerability. According to Teredor, the four Sirens, Terala included, were once beautiful queens who faithfully served Andros in ancient times.


Terala has a dark skin tone, scarlet-colored hair that juts out on all sides and looks a lot like coral, scarlet eyes and lipstick.

She wears a reddish-pink bra that resemble sea shells with coral-like straps and bits of red coral on her arms. She also has a long mermaid's tail that matches the color of her hair and sometimes appears to be more serpentine, like an eel's tail.


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