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The History of Alfea is a book seen in the Winx Club Comic Series.


The History of Alfea is a book that contains information about Alfea's history, a map of the castle, including the Alfea Underfloors, and information on its rooms.


The History of Alfea is a blue book with a gold plaque on the front cover that reads "The History of Alfea".


#2: The Secrets of Alfea

Bloom reading the book.

As Bloom searches for a book to help her with a color-change spell, she accidentally selects the History of Alfea. Upon picking it up from the floor after she drops it, she notes that it looks interesting but is interrupted by the entrance of the Search-All Droid. Later, after hours, Bloom sneaks into the library and takes the book from its shelf. Upon examining the book, she discovers a map of Alfea that includes the floor plan of the Alfea Underfloors. She finds a section that denotes the Costume Depository, which reads that the school used to have big costume parties. She copies the floor plan down and heads to the underfloors to find a dress.

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