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The Song of the Lilings is a song heard in the twentieth episode of Season 8, "The Green Heart of Lynphea".



Turn all around, then turn once again...
The door of nature will open for a friend.

Turn all around, turn once again...


Un giro su te stessa
Poi un altro più sicura
Il cancello si aprirà
A chi ama la natura

Un giro su noi stesse
E un altroncura


  • This is the first song to be sung by Flora.
    • It is also the first song to be sung by Flora's DuArt/3Beep voice actress, Brittany Pressley.
  • In the Italian dub, the first part of Flora's song is sang by Alessia Orlando while the second one is sang by her voice actress, Ilaria Latini.
    • In the English version, however, both parts were sang by Brittany Pressley.


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