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Prince Thoren is a Paladin who wields the Earthquake Hammer. He is also Sky's cousin and husband to Crown Princess Daphne of Domino by the Season 6 finale.


He has dark brown hair light brown highlights, fair skin and coral blue eyes. In season 7, he is wearing a white polo shirt with sleeves that reach his wrists and the collar is folded. Over it he wears a maroon dress vest with lighter details and khaki pants. He's wearing brown colored shoes. In the comics, he wears a red shirt with a white folded collar and white sleeves rolled just below his elbows. He has dark green pants with a lavender belt and a golden buckle, and white sneakers with dark green sides.

Thoren wears a red uniform which has a yellow, oval-shaped gem in the middle.

His outfit is completely green, with golden epaulets and buttons, a royal purple sash and olive colored boots.

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Thoren wears an orange shirt with a white undershirt, along with green cargo shorts and white/green sneakers.

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He wears a black colored tuxedo with a light blue tie (or cravat), a greyish colored double-breasted waistcoat underneath the tuxedo, and also a white shirt.


Unlike his more active and headstrong cousin, Thoren seems more gentle, calm and passive. He is also revealed to be more skittish than Sky as he was easily scared as a child. While Sky came to hate him for an incident during their childhood, Thoren grew envious of Sky for his more daring heroism and his ability to act accordingly. Due to this, Thoren formed a small grudge against Sky as he began viewing himself as a coward so, to rectify this, Thoren starting becoming helpful towards as many people as he could, even those he barely knew. Additionally, he does not do so simply to feel more like a hero either; Thoren seems to genuinely want to help others and can be very friendly to those he does help and want to get to know better.

Thoren has grown from his time as a scared little kid as he will also jump into battle when he feels he is needed. As much as Sky believed otherwise, Thoren holds a sense of duty and justice close to his, like when he reminded Sky of how he would stay and fight the Treants when they were terrorizing Linphea College. Thoren's desire to help people can also make him naive as he carried Bloom to the Vortex of Flames after being told that it would help heal her by Diaspro, unaware of her deep-seated grudge against Bloom. Upon learning of Diaspro's true intentions, Thoren became enraged as not only was he tricked into doing so but, if Bloom falling into the Vortex of Flames meant her death, it would go against his strong set of morals.


Judging by Sky's initial bitter attitude towards him, it can be assumed that Thoren and Sky were very close as children. Thoren went to the same school as his cousin, Sky, on Eraklyon. One day they were attacked by monkey-soldiers and a scared Thoren left Sky to fight alone. According to Sky, he barely survived that fight.



Thoren ready to battle Sky.

In "The Flying School", Thoren is practice dueling with Sky in Linphea College's battle arena. At the end of the episode, Thoren, the Paladins, Specialists, and the Winx left Linphea after they tried to attack the Treants.

After retreating to Alfea, while Nex and the Specialists joined the Winx in Aisha's gym, he is seen in Alfea's library with Daphne. As Daphne tries to find the Treants' weakness, Thoren hands her the Treants' storybook version, he also reveals that his father read this story to him and he would be frightened every time.

Thoren uses his hammer

As they continue with their small talk, he says to Daphne that she will be the one to "find the root of this problem" which helped Daphne solve the Treants' weakness. Both of them informs the others and Thoren goes back to Linphea with the others to try and liberate Linphea College from the Trix's grasps. And they were successful in doing so. 

Thoren and Daphne researching.

In the "Vortex of Flames", Thoren and Sky arrive at the palace of Domino and walks into the party hall where he asks Sky if Bloom has ever told him about Daphne mentioning him. Sky paid no attention to him and was preoccupied with his phone. Bloom then calls out to them from the balcony and Thoren greets her and also informs the former of their conversation.

While he continues to be distracted by his phone, Thoren points out to Sky that he is acting rather distant, to which Sky apologizes and leaves, leaving Thoren bewildered.

Thoren and Daphne.

As the ceremony begins, Thoren watches Daphne as she is bestowed the title of crown princess, he then asks her for a dance in the ballroom. It is then revealed by Sky that Thoren had abandoned him out of fear when the two of them were ambushed during their childhood.

When Bloom collapses, due to sharing her Dragon's Flame, Thoren assists Sky in escorting Bloom to her room. As they make their way past the Fire Eaters, Diaspro blocks them, giving them false information. Sky rejects her "help" and continues on but is attacked by a Fire Eater and collapses. With Sky unconscious, Diaspro coerces Thoren into taking Bloom to the Vortex of Flames. She continues to push him, to which he almost does what she says, until Daphne and Sky arrived. Thoren then backs away and scoffs at Diaspro.

Diaspro then blasts him, knocking Bloom out of his hands. Diaspro then levitates Bloom over the pit, and while Diaspro and Sky bicker, Thoren gathers up his courage and saves Sky from falling into the pit when Diaspro drops Bloom into it.

The Fire Eaters then appeared and as the three readied to defend themselves, he assures Sky that he will not disappoint him again. Bloom then reappears and saves everyone. After the ordeal, Thoren apologizes to Sky for his actions in the past and they reconcile. He then meets up with Daphne at the balcony, the two hold hands and look up at the moon.

Thoren and Daphne hanging out.

In "The Lost Library", he, Nex and the Specialists came to Alfea to say goodbye to the Winx and Daphne as they leave for their world tour on Earth in search of Eldora's diary.

Later, in "The Secret Greenhouse", Thoren helps defend the Winx from the huge plant monsters.

In "Mystery of Calavera", Thoren, Nex and the rest of the Specialists offered their assistance to the Winx to find the Fantasy Emerald.

In "Zombie Invasion", the Specialists, Paladins, and Daphne walk about. Thoren was irritated about not being able to enter the Legendarium, and Daphne reassures him that the Winx can take care of themselves. Then, Thoren, Nex and the Specialists bring out their weapons to help defend the island and the emerald. Later, Thoren was seen together with Daphne.

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Like all Paladins from Linphea College, Thoren has been taught fighting tactics. He had been trained to utilize aircrafts and vehicles. Unlike the Specialists in Red Fountain, Thoren is given a magical weapon, the Earthquake Hammer that has the power to generate seismic waves. These seismic waves can be released on the ground (or in open air) that tear into the earth, either disorientate their balance and knock them off their feet.


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