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Thorn Bush Berries is a fruit species native to Planet Pyros and its only source of fruit.


As the only native fruit on Pyros it is quite difficult to harvest it contents. These plants can detect when an organism is trying to pick their fruits and as a protective measure, they have movable, thorny vines. The vines can grab a hold of an hungry organism and will try to pull them away from their fruits while deploying thorns to inflict pain and further discourage feeding. According to Buddy, the fruits are delectable.


The thorn bush berries grow together, forming large clusters of swirling, dark purple to dark red vines that have many prickly thorns which protect the flowers and thus, the fruits.

It has five, very widely ovate flower petals. The petals are a dusty yellow and magenta color, dark maroon dots and lines outline the indication of the petals and converge at the center of the flower. At its center are its fruits, which are dark-yellow, tiny and blocky, and grouped together; they can be individually picked or altogether. Some flowers have green ovate leaves (also ranges in size which is also dependent on the flower size) and some do not.


Season 3

Buddy about to pick the fruits.

Hungry and finding bugs to be utterly unpalatable, Bloom asks Buddy if there is a "vegetarian menu" to which Buddy, a bit exasperated, leads her to a fairly large cluster of thorn bush berries. Buddy informs her that they are delicious but the fruits are a little hard to pick. Nonetheless, he shows her how to pick them, starting by diving into the cluster of thorny vines while resisting the pulling force from the vines, then swiftly grab the entire fruit pod out. Once he has them, the vines release their hold on him but leave thorns in his arm.

When asked if they were painful, Buddy answers "not really." Bloom looks at the plants but feels cautious and steps away, suddenly marveling at the idea of eating bugs instead. Buddy tells her that she cannot back away now and that is time to be a dragon. Bloom begrudgingly turns back around and shoves her whole arm into the vine cluster, she struggles as the vines try to keep her away from the fruit but she is able to get a piece and eat it.


  • The flowers, the petals in particular, bear a strong resemblance to the hibiscus flowers which are also edible and bear fruit. The hibiscus flowers however, are vibrant in color.
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