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The being responsible for the creation of the Universe: the Great Dragon.

The story of the Winx Club series expands farther than what is shown on-screen with each new season adding in new facts, clues and curiosities. Each season maintains its own primary antagonist(s), plot threads and arcs; all of which are mostly displayed as being self-contained as the events of past seasons being mentioned often go completely unmentioned or even ignored in the next one.

Throughout the course of the series, the members of the Winx Club and their allies put a stop to age-old evils as they witness and learn more about important events pertaining to the Magic Dimension's history.


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Although most major events that happen within the series occur in the present, even more of them (major and minor) have happened in the past; dating back to even the very beginning of the Universe. These events tend to indirectly focus on Bloom and her origins, with the only exceptions being Season 4, which focused on Roxy, and Season 7, which focused more on the Fairy Animals.

All events are shown in correct order with connections to future events that are directly related to them. Though, despite the continuation of certain plot threads during the series, some will be exempt due to plot holes.


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All events that take place after the creation of the Magical Universe and before the start of Season 1 are contained here. Many, if not all of these events have naturally left critical impacts for most of the series. According to Alfea Headmistress Faragonda, the years before Bloom and Roxy's births were dark ones.

Creation of Universe

Ancient Times

Medieval Times

  • On Earth, a group of wizards create the Black Circle to counteract the magic of the White Circle owned by the Earth Fairies, earning the name "Wizards of the Black Circle."
    • Now with a spell that makes them immune to fairy magic, the Wizards of the Black Circle begin the Great Fairy Hunt.
  • Acheron creates the Legendarium in his pursuit for power, only to be sucked within the book.
  • The people of Italy begin capturing Quillcats, believing their displays of magic to be too dangerous.

Over 17 Years Prior to Season 1

Circa 17 Years Prior to Season 1

  • Stella is born (August 18th).

Circa 16 Years Prior to Season 1

  • Darkar begins his race for the Ultimate Power.
  • Timmy is born (February 15th).
  • Flora is born (March 1st).
  • Sky is born (March 20th).
  • Musa is born (May 30th).
  • Aisha is born (June 15th).
  • Helia is born (September 2nd).
  • Riven is born (October 15th).
  • Bloom is born (December 10th) and some time later, she receives the Dragon Flame from Daphne.
  • Tecna is born (December 16th).
  • Daphne and her old friend Politea acquire Sirenix.
  • Oritel and Marion form the Company of Light to counter the Ancestral Witches and Valtor. Great warriors, witches, fairies and wizards join their group; the most notable ones being Hagen, Faragonda, and Saladin.
  • Hagen forges a sword from the Dragon Flame for Oritel to wield.
  • Griffin betrays Valtor to join his biggest enemies: the Company of Light.
  • Lord Darkar's search for the Dragon Flame ultimately leads to the destruction of Domino after sending the Ancestral Witches and Valtor.
    • Before their raid on Domino, the Ancestral Witches attack Eraklyon, destroying its most magnificent city of Havram, to pressure Erendor into abandoning Domino for the safety of his own kingdom.
  • Daphne and Politea fight against the Ancestral Witches to protect the Infinite Ocean.
  • Politea betrays Daphne and allows the Ancestral Witches to attack Domino.
  • Daphne sends Bloom to Earth where she is found and adopted by Mike and his wife, Vanessa.
  • The Ancestral Witches place a curse on Sirenix which renders Daphne a disembodied spirit and corrupts Politea, turning her into a sea monster.
  • The Company of Light defeat the Ancestral Witches but pay a heavy price for their victory as their leaders, Oritel and Marion, and the entirety of Domino is lost.
  • The Obsidian Dimension becomes the home of the Ancestral Witches and the population of Domino for the next 16 years, during which the Witches lose their bodies and create Mandragora.
  • Valtor is also defeated and sentenced to eternal imprisonment in the Omega Dimension.
  • The Lord of the Templars of Lightrock Monastery defeats Darkar and sends him to a deep slumber.

Circa 13 Years Prior to Season 1

  • Morgana, the young Earth Fairy High Queen leaves her home of Tir Nan Og and travels to Gardenia in an attempt to live a normal life and understand human needs.
  • Morgana meets Klaus and the two fall in love.
    • Nine months later, Roxy is born (March 20th).
  • The Wizards of the Black Circle resume their Fairy Hunt; stealing the wings of the Earth Fairies and draining them of their magic to strengthen themselves before banishing them from Earth for nearly 2 decades.
    • The Wizards capture Morgana and erase her from Klaus' memories.
    • The Wizards create the Dark Guardian to guard Tir Nan Og and destroy what they believed to be all the White Circles to ensure that the Earth Fairies can never return. Unbeknownst to them, one White Circle remained hidden from them.

Less Than 10 Years Prior to Season 1

  • Bloom befriends Selina and the two spend most of their time playing in the Forest of Flowers, where they both meet Eldora.
  • In her preteen years, Selina trains under Eldora, who becomes her fairy godmother, and learns of her role as the Keeper of the Library of Alexandria and the Legendarium.
    • During one of Eldora's trips around the world, Selina is coaxed into stealing the Legendarium by Acheron, the evil wizard locked within it, under the promise of power.
    • Selina chooses to side with Acheron and steals the Legendarium. Acheron bestows her with powers and dubs her the "Witch of Snakes."

Series Events

Season 1


For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 1 (Winx Club).

Season 1 starts with introducing Bloom, an ordinary Earth girl who just started her summer vacation, however, after a fateful encounter, Bloom learns that she is really a fairy. This season focuses on the truth behind Bloom's magical identity and the source of her powers, which turn out to be the fearsome Dragon Flame, the spark responsible for the creation of all magical life. The knowledge Bloom gains of both these aspects of herself are what help her overcome her weaknesses and defeat the series antagonists, the Trix.

  • The Trix continue their ancestors' mission to acquire the Dragon Flame. This eventually leads them to target Princess Stella of Solaria, believing that the power of the Dragon Flame is contained within her ring.
  • Per the Trix's orders, an ogre named Knut attacks Stella and the fight ensues on Gardenia, where Bloom stumbles upon them and unlocks her powers.
  • Knut, a Hunting Troll and his Ghouls attack Bloom, Stella and her parents, where Stella calls in the Specialists, who help them defeat Knut and the Hunting Troll. Knut escapes while the Specialists capture the Hunting Troll, during which Bloom is acquainted with all four of them (Sky and Brandon having switched identities).
  • Bloom attends the Alfea School for Fairies, initially under the name "Varanda," where she meets Flora, Tecna and Musa.
  • During a day out in Magix City with her new friends, Bloom catches sight of Knut and follows him, leading to her first encounter with the Trix. She is able to escape with the help of her friends but all five fairies are forced to flee.
  • Back at Alfea, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna and Musa form the Winx Club.
  • The Winx get acquainted with the Specialists further, forming romances with each of the boys (excluding Musa and Riven).
  • Riven leaves his squad of Specialists, resulting in him dating Darcy and working as a mole for the Trix.
  • The Trix learn of Bloom's connection to the Dragon Flame.
  • The Trix are expelled from the Cloud Tower School for Witches after being caught by Alfea Headmistress Faragonda during a battle with the Winx.
  • An exhibition is held at Red Fountain, where Sky and Brandon's identity switch is revealed, as well as Sky's prior engagement to Diaspro, the Princess of Gems. After being blamed for ruining the exhibition, Bloom leaves Alfea to return to Gardenia, believing that she was never meant to be a fairy.
  • The Trix follow Bloom to Gardenia, where they ambush her and steal the Dragon Flame as they reveal part of Bloom's past to her.
  • With the Dragon Flame in their possession, the Trix seize Cloud Tower, imprisoning Headmistress Griffin alongside Riven and the other Cloud Tower witches. They then resurrect the Army of Darkness and begin their conquest of Magix.
  • The Winx travel to the frozen wasteland of Domino, Bloom's true homeworld, to help her learn of a way to regain her lost powers.
  • Bloom meets Daphne, the spirit of her late sister, as well as what resulted in Domino's downfall.
  • The Battle for Magix begins with destruction of Red Fountain.
  • The Trix reduce Magix City to a ghost town.
  • Sky, Brandon and Timmy rescue the Winx and bring them back to Alfea, which now stands as the last stronghold against the Trix.
  • Riven escapes from his prison, helps free Headmistress Griffin and flees Cloud Tower for help.
  • Bloom, aided by Stella, Sky, Brandon and Knut, sneaks into Cloud Tower in an attempt to retrieve her Dragon Flame back from the Trix only to fall into their trap.
  • Griffin, Stella, Brandon, Knut and the Cloud Tower Witches flee the school to aid everyone in Alfea while Bloom and Sky hold off the Army of Darkness until they are shot down.
  • Bloom is drawn to Lake Roccaluce by Daphne's voice while Sky heads for Magix City for help.
  • Bloom learns of how she always possessed her powers, rescues Sky in the city, and the two head back to Alfea.
  • The Trix decide to storm Alfea personally alongside the Army Of Darkness to begin the final battle.
  • The Winx defeat the Trix in a fierce battle.
  • The Trix are exiled to Lightrock Monastery.
  • All three schools celebrate their historic victory.

Season 2

Winx club-sezona2-velika

For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 2 (Winx Club).

Season 2 takes place not long after the Season 1 finale.

Awakened by the Dragon Flame, Lord Darkar, the Shadow Phoenix, frees the Trix from Lightrock Monastery to restart his race for the Ultimate Power but, unlike centuries before, Darkar seeks to gain the Dragon Flame as well. Additionally, a new member joins the Winx Club: Princess Aisha (Layla in some versions) of Andros' Terrestrial Kingdom.

  • Sensing the Dragon Flame in the Magic Dimension once more, the Shadow Phoenix awakens from his long slumber.
  • Lord Darkar kidnaps a group of pixies from their village, forcing them into his castle to acquire the location of last piece of the Codex.
  • Aisha, princess from the realm of Andros, finds out what happened in Pixie Village and chases down the kidnappers, leading her to Darkar's castle.
  • Darkar thwarts Aisha's rescue mission attempt and confronts her by throwing her off the side of his castle.
  • Having barely survived her confrontation with Darkar, Aisha uses the last bits of her strength to reach Alfea, where she is found by the Winx and passes out.
  • Darkar frees the Trix from Lightrock, recruiting them like he did their ancestors, bestows them with the power of Gloomix and tasks them with gathering all four Codex quadrants.
  • Aisha and Piff, her bonded pixie and the only pixie she could save, awaken. Armed with her knowledge of what was happened, Aisha makes her way back into Darkar's castle with Bloom, Stella, Sky, and Brandon.
  • During an ambush, Brandon and Stella fall into Downland, where they run into trouble with Princess Amentia.
  • Stella is forced out of Downland for her own safety while Brandon stays behind as Amentia's new reluctant fiancé.
  • Regrouping with her friends, Stella, Bloom, Aisha and Sky free the pixies, leading to Bloom bonding with Lockette and Stella bonding with Amore. Unfortunately, they also encounter the newly empowered Trix with whom they barely survive a confrontation with before being rescued by a mysterious winged man.
  • The group sneak into Downland to rescue Brandon.
  • After returning to Alfea, the rest of the Winx, Flora, Tecna and Musa, bond with Chatta, Tune and Digit respectively.
  • A new professor is hired at Alfea. Being the same man who rescued Bloom, Stella, Aisha and Sky before, Avalon, without any reason, offers to help Bloom uncover more of her past.
  • Flora becomes smitten with Helia, nephew/grandson of Headmaster Saladin.
  • The Trix steal Red Fountain and Cloud Tower's quadrants of the Codex while the Winx's mutual trust in each other starts to fall apart.
  • During one of her sessions with Avalon, Bloom contracts a Shadow Virus, leading to her finding and handing over Alfea's quadrant of the Codex.
  • Faragonda sends the Winx and the Specialists to Adquistes and the Wildlands to mend their bonds, all while Icy finds the location of Pixie Village, leading to Darkar possessing all four quadrants of the Codex.
  • During their stay in the Wildlands, the Winx (excluding Flora) earn their Charmix.
  • Flora, Aisha, Sky, Brandon and Helia arrive at Pixie Village to heal their sickly pixie friends, where they learn that the Tree of Life had fallen ill after Icy's attack.
  • Flora heals the Tree of Life, the Pixies are healed and Flora earns her Charmix.
  • Avalon, who is revealed to have been an evil clone, kidnaps Bloom and takes her to the Shadow Fortress.
  • The real Professor Avalon escapes and arrives at Alfea to tell his story. The rest of the Winx and Faragonda realize Darkar's plan and head for his fortress to stop him and rescue Bloom.
  • Darkar forces Bloom into Dark Bloom.
  • Alfea, Red Fountain and Headmistress Griffin launch an attack on the Shadow Fortress.
  • The Trix give all their power to Darkar's hordes.
  • Darkar betrays the Trix, sending them into a void now that he has the Dragon Flame.
  • Darkar, with help from Dark Bloom, opens a portal into the Relix Dimension to obtain the Ultimate Power.
  • The Winx, the Specialists and the headmasters brave the Shadow Fortress.
  • Darkar has Dark Bloom start up a chant for the Ultimate Power. In that moment, everyone arrives in Relix through a portal opened by copies of the Codex and interrupt the process.
  • The Trix, overcome with anger and their desire for revenge, fuse, appear in Relix and attack Darkar.
  • Darkar defeats all opponents and transforms into his phoenix form to absorb the Ultimate Power.
  • Sky breaks Darkar's spell on Bloom, leading to Bloom using the Ultimate Power to heal everyone. With the Ultimate Power gone, Darkar plans to attack everyone once more.
  • The reunited Winx defeat Darkar with a powerful convergence and everyone flees the Relix Dimension as it crumbles.
  • The Trix, as the Mega Trix, are locked in Relix as it crumbles.
  • The Winx return to Alfea, where everyone celebrates their victory and the relationships they formed and strengthened over the course of the school year.

Season 3

Winx-Club-season 3

For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 3 (Winx Club).

Following the Shadow Phoenix's demise, the Trix are captured from the Relix Dimension and sent to the Omega Dimension to face imprisonment for an indeterminate amount of time. Unfortunately, Icy's powers over ice help her escape her icy prison and free her sisters from theirs. Looking for a way off of Omega leads the Trix into encountering and freeing the worst sorcerer to ever plague the Magic Dimension: Valtor. With his newfound freedom, Valtor strives to conquer the whole universe and exact his revenge on the Company of Light, a legendary group of heroes who opposed him and his mothers, the Ancestral Witches, during their raid on Domino.

  • The Trix, who were lost in the remnants of the Relix Dimension, are captured by the monks of Lightrock Monastery. Considered to be one of the worst criminals in recent memory, the monks banish them to the Omega Dimension in frozen pods but, upon being dropped off, Icy is able to break free thanks to her ice powers and "frozen heart."
  • Icy frees her sisters, Darcy and Stormy, and the three wonder the frozen planet of Omega, which inadvertently leads them to the depths of Omega, where they find a prisoner sentenced to eternal imprisonment.
  • The Trix's wanderings trigger the Ice Serpent, the guard of Omega, into attacking. Not wanting to face destruction, Icy frees the prisoner: a wizard who goes by the name Valtor.
  • Proving to be a powerful sorcerer, Valtor devises a plan to escape, to which Icy puts in motion.
  • After successfully escaping Omega, Valtor vows to regain his powers and conquer the Magic Dimension. To prove this, Valtor takes over a large portion of Andros, which prompts the Trix into joining him.
  • During all of this, semester break has begun and word of Stella's Princess Ball begins to spread, prompting Stella taking Bloom shopping to prepare as the rest of the Winx go about their own plans.
  • The Winx have their first run-in with Beta Academy students; mainly Chimera and her two friends.
  • The Winx meet up by the beach, where Stella notices Musa's new hairstyle. The Specialists arrive soon after.
  • The ocean becomes erratic as an Andros mermaid named Tala appears and calls Aisha for help. Aisha heeds Tala's distress call and swims back to Andros through the beachwaters.
  • Stella takes Bloom to Solaria for her Princess Ball. Unbeknownst to them, Valtor also goes to Solaria intending to absorb the warmth of its Second Sun.
  • After successfully coercing Countess Cassandra and her daughter, Chimera, Valtor absorbs the power of the Second Sun of Solaria and regains his strength. As thanks, he bestows Cassandra and Chimera with his mark.
    • On his way to the Vault of the Second Sun, Valtor and Bloom have their first run-in.
  • Stella's Princess Ball begins as Sky, Brandon, and the rest of the Winx (excluding Aisha) arrive just in time. King Radius announces his future wedding with Countess Cassandra. Due to her protests, Stella is transformed into a monster by Chimera as Cassandra hypnotizes Radius into being incapable of recognizing her, leading Stella and the Winx to be pursued by the royal guards. Thanks to the Winx, she manages to escape.
  • Back in his lair on Andros, Valtor learns of Bloom's true identity.
  • After learning of a way to reverse the curse placed on her, Stella reclaims her looks thanks to the Mirror of Truth.
  • A new school year starts and newer fairies attending Alfea, like Nova and Princess Galatea. However, Aisha returns heartbroken over how her homeworld had been taken over by an evil wizard named Valtor.
  • The Winx sneak off to Andros to help Aisha put a stop to Valtor's plans as Stella stays behind to cover for them.
    • Valtor and Bloom meet again, aware of who the other is.
    • Aisha confronts Valtor only to be blinded.
    • Mermaid Princess Tressa, Aisha's cousin, has the Winx rescue her mother, Queen Ligea. After successfully rescuing her, Ligea offers to heal Aisha's eyes with her Coral Gem but is fatally wounded before she can.
    • Aisha chooses to heal her aunt with the Coral Gem, sacrificing her sight forever and, in doing so, earns a mysterious new form.
  • The Winx are caught but, instead of being punished, learn about Enchantix, the form Aisha had achieved. Through using her newly acquired Fairy Dust, Aisha removes the spell placed on her by Valtor and regains her sight.
  • The Winx help Bloom prepare for Eraklyon's Thousand Year Anniversary, where Sky plans to announce his engagement to Bloom.
  • Valtor absorbs the most powerful spells of numerous dimensions as he begins his quest for revenge against the Company of Light.
  • Bloom learns of the identity of her birth parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino, as well as the Company of Light.
  • The Winx and the Specialists travel to Eraklyon for its Thousand Year Anniversary.
  • Valtor also travels to Eraklyon and entices a scornful Diaspro into using a potion of his that would make Sky hers as he bestows his mark on her.
  • Sky, now under Diaspro's control, announces his engagement with her instead of Bloom and has his guards attack the Winx under the accusation of them being witches who serve Valtor.
    • During the chaos, Radius is abandoned by Cassandra and Chimera, leading to Stella rescuing him at the cost of her own life and earning her Enchantix.
  • Following Valtor's recent attacks, Bloom leaves for Gardenia to clear her head. Later, she, Stella, Musa, and Flora head to Eraklyon to get some answers as Tecna stays behind and Aisha returns to Andros.
    • Diaspro sends the guards after the Winx as Sky pursues them himself, leading to a confrontation in an armory where Stella undoes the spell with her Fairy Dust. Unfortunately, the Winx flee before they can see if it worked as Brandon, who had been hiding out, is apprehended.
  • The Winx return from their trip to find Aisha in tears over an arranged marriage she had been placed in with a man named Nabu.
  • Valtor and the Trix infiltrate Cloud Tower, imprison Headmistress Griffin, turn the professors into monsters and hypnotize the students. Valtor then takes the enslaved students with him to attack Alfea as he confronts Faragonda and has the Trix raid the school.
    • During a confrontation with the Trix in the Alfea Library, Musa earns her Enchantix after she refuses to leave Galatea behind to burn in the fire the witch trio started.
    • Valtor subdues Faragonda and turns her into a tree.
  • After the battle, the Winx find Faragonda imprisoned within the tree and journey to Linphea, Flora's homeworld, for a spell that can reverse it.
    • While there, the Trix try to foil the Winx's plans and almost kill Miele in the process. Flora then earns her Enchantix after sacrificing herself to save her sister.
  • After freeing Faragonda, the Winx hurry for Andros as news spreads of its impending destruction. Tecna is successfully able to close the chaotic Omega Portal before it is too late and earns her Enchantix, but is sucked into the Portal where she is trapped within Omega.
  • Due to the recent events on Andros, the Winx vow to avenge their friend's supposed death before disbanding the Winx Club. Timmy, who refuses to believe Tecna had perished, vows to find a way to bring her back.
  • The Winx attack Cloud Tower to exact their revenge on Valtor, only to be completely overpowered. Bloom learns more of her birth parents during the battle and later journeys to Pyros to become strong enough to stop Valtor.
  • Sky returns, having been freed from Diaspro's influence. Diaspro had also been banished for treason and Brandon was freed.
  • Bloom braves the Island of Dragons and, with help from her inner dragon and newfound mentor, she is able to earn her Enchantix.
  • Timmy finds Tecna's whereabouts and heads for Omega to bring her back with the Specialists (excluding Sky) and the rest of the Winx.
  • Bloom returns to Alfea, reunites with Sky, and journeys to Omega with him to aid their friends in finding Tecna.
  • Tecna is found, everyone returns to their respective schools safely and the Winx Club no longer has to disband.
  • The Specialists are sent to Cloud Tower to free everyone from Valtor's grasp, only to find that Valtor and the Trix already left.
  • The Winx engage in training, where it is revealed that Bloom's Enchantix is dangerously incomplete since she did not acquire it the traditional way.
  • While out in Magix City, the Winx are stalked by a mysterious boy named Ophir. Shortly afterwards, Valtor and the Trix's images appear in the sky and he announces his plans to steal the Eye of the Ancient Ancestress from the Museum of Magix.
  • The Winx and Ophir head for the Museum of Magix, realize that Valtor really wanted the Agador Box and try to prevent him and the Trix from doing so, only to fail thanks to Ophir's intervention.
  • The day of King Radius and Countess Cassandra's wedding approaches, leading to the Winx disguising as performance bikers to crash the wedding and stop Cassandra and Chimera before it is too late.
    • During their biking practice, Musa becomes fed up with Riven and contemplates breaking up with him.
  • The Winx successfully get into the wedding, Stella defeats both Chimera and Cassandra, frees her father from Cassandra's hypnotism and saves her homeworld of Solaria.
  • Cassandra and Chimera are apprehended.
  • The Pixies and pixie pets of Alfea successfully defend both Alfea and Pixie Village from the Trix's invasion.
  • During their search to find a way to defeat Valtor, the Winx learn of the Water Stars: a magical force directly opposed to the Dragon Flame.
    • On their search for the Water Stars, the Winx pass through the Barrier Mountains and arrive at the Red Tower.
    • Riven pursues his friends after catching Flora's video to Helia under the assumption that Musa had fallen for Ophir, who stowed away on their shuttle. Meanwhile, Aisha gets to know Ophir better and Ophir begins to fall for Aisha.
    • After a scuffle against the Guards of the Red Tower, the Winx (excluding Bloom) enter the Red Tower and the Golden Kingdom.
    • While in the Golden Kingdom, the Winx meet Arcadia, the first fairy, and acquire the Water Stars after braving the Crystal Labyrinth and making personal sacrifices.
  • Enraged by the Winx's latest success, Valtor issues a challenge towards the Company of Light and causes Cloud Tower to vanish to further pressure Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin into taking on his challenge. This results in the three headmasters being trapped in one of his illusions as he sneaks into Alfea.
    • Catching onto Valtor's plan, the Winx intercept him in the Alfea Libraries and use the Water Stars on him, only for Valtor to reveal that Bloom's birth parents, Oritel and Marion, are still alive within his body as he absorbed them in his last battle with them.
  • Aisha learns of Ophir's true identity as Nabu, her arranged fiancé, and accepts him.
  • The Winx journey to Cloud Tower and break Valtor's spell over it before they continue looking for the Cloud Tower Crypts, where Bloom can find her answers.
  • Valtor unleashes his Spell of the Elements against all major points of Magix.
  • The Winx confront Valtor in the depths of Lake Roccaluce, where Bloom releases all of Valtor's stolen spells from the Agador Box.
    • Witnessing Valtor's humiliation, the Trix ditch Valtor and are apprehended yet again.
  • Valtor emerges from the lake having survived his bout with the Winx and makes a last-ditch effort in utterly crushing them by kidnapping their boyfriends (excluding Helia and Nabu) as he fled to Andros.
  • The Winx take on Valtor's challenge, aware that it is a trap, but are able to confront him and rescue their boyfriends.
  • Bloom has her final confrontation with Valtor, where she learns the truth of her birth parents and vanquishes him for good.
  • With Valtor gone, Bloom vows to find and rescue her birth parents.

The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Winx club movie

For information about the movie and characters, see: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

Continuing where Season 3 left off, the girls of the Winx Club graduate from Alfea and become the Guardian Fairies of their respective realms; Bloom being the only exception as Domino still remains a barren wasteland. To change that, Bloom starts up her quest to find and rescue her birth parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino, thanks to the information she got from the Ancestral Witches. In doing so, the Winx must reach Obsidian, a realm made entirely of darkness where the Ancestral Witches reside. They also encounter Mandragora, the most faithful of the Witches' servants and Guardian of the Obsidian Circle.

  • Picking up where they left off, the Winx manage to track down Hagen, a former member of the Company of Light responsible for forging the Sword of Oritel.
  • The Winx Club formally graduate from Alfea, where Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha bond with their power sources, becoming Guardian Fairies. With Domino still in ruins, Bloom is unable to become a proper Guardian Fairy.
    • At the graduation party later that night, Sky encourages Bloom to continue the search for her parents until he is led away by a mysterious woman. Later that night, he is formally crowned King of Eraklyon.
  • Bloom leaves for Gardenia once again depressed over Hagen's words.
    • On the night leading up to Bloom's birthday (December 10th), she has a dream where she sees what happened to her birth parents, is given a mask by Daphne and is told of the Book of Fate.
  • On the day of Bloom's birthday, all her friends come to celebrate. Bloom then tells them of her latest plans to track the Book of Fate with the help of Daphne's Mask.
  • The Winx and the Specialists go to Domino to retrieve the Book of Fate.
    • After pacifying the Roc, a giant bird who guards the library containing the Book on its back, the Winx and the Specialists meet Bartelby, King Oritel's personal scribe now rendered as a spirit.
    • The Winx and the Specialists' arrival tips Mandragora off, prompting her to send an insect to bite one of them (Riven) so that she can control them.
  • Mandragora launches an attack on Alfea but is pushed back by the Winx and Alfea faculty members.
  • After learning of the true nature of the Obsidian Dimension, the Winx travel to Pixie Village, where they enter the Tree of Portals; Bloom being the only exception due to her incomplete Enchantix.
  • Upon finding the proper key into Obsidian, the Winx and the Specialists are attacked by Riven, who is being manipulated by Mandragora, before they can enter.
    • Musa is fatally wounded as the Specialists stay behind to provide cover as the rest of the Winx enter Obsidian. Riven is freed from Mandragora's influence upon seeing Musa's body.
  • In Obsidian, the Ancestral Witches strive to eradicate the Winx and escape. Bloom is eventually the last one standing as she sees her birth father encased in stone.
    • Sky arrives shortly after and pulls out the Sword of Oritel, reviving Oritel, the realm of Domino, and releasing Marion, while Obsidian is destroyed. Having been crowned King of Eraklyon, Sky was allowed to free the Sword and unleash its power.
  • Reunited with her birth parents, Bloom and her friends return to Domino.
    • Sky proposes to Bloom, which she accepts.
  • The six members of the Winx Club are recognized as the new Company of Light by the Book of Fate.
  • The Ancestral Witches, now freed from Obsidian as spirits, seek out their descendants, the Trix, in an attempt at getting new bodies.

Season 4


For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 4.

Following the revival of Domino in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, the Winx have gained major celebrity status due to their valiant exploits. News of the Winx's glories spread far and wide throughout the Magic Dimension as they try to settle back into their lives at Alfea as teachers, only to be called back into action once more when an immensely powerful group of wizards launch an attack on Alfea after hearing of Bloom's supposed origins.

After a major confrontation, the Winx learn that despite magic having been gone from Earth for centuries, there exists one last Earth Fairy who these wizards, the Fairy Hunters, plan to hunt down and clip her wings. The Winx then go to Earth to find and keep this fairy safe and bring magic back to the planet to defeat the wizards.

  • The Winx return to Alfea as teachers rather than students.
  • The Wizards of the Black Circle arrive at Alfea to steal Bloom's wings, only to find out that she is not the last fairy to hail from Earth.
  • The Winx journey to the Tree of Life, where they confirm the Wizards' claims, and quickly travel to Earth to seek out the Last Earth Fairy before them.
    • The Specialists are secretly sent to Earth as well to provide the Winx with backup.
  • To better adjust to life on Earth, the Winx set up the Love & Pet shop.
    • The Specialists also attempt to settle down on Earth and find jobs.
    • After another confrontation with the Wizards of the Black Circle, the Winx and the Specialists (mainly Bloom, Stella and Musa with Sky, Brandon and Riven) get into a spat.
  • The Winx learn of the Last Earth Fairy's identity: a young girl named Roxy.
  • The Winx confront the Wizards of the Black Circle once more. Thanks to Roxy's belief in them, the Winx achieve Believix.
    • The Winx and  the Specialists reconcile.
  • A mysterious sequence of photos lead the Winx to an old farmhouse, where they uncover the White Circle.
  • A fearsome fairy known as Nebula possesses Roxy through the White Circle in an attempt to exact her vengeance against the Wizards.
    • The Winx manage to free Roxy from Nebula's influence and learn that the White Circle is the key to freeing all the Earth Fairies imprisoned by the Wizards.
  • Wishing to strengthen their Believix powers, the Winx attempt to get the people of Gardenia to believe in them, which begins to work after a major confrontation with the Wizards.
    • Musa attends her audition with Jason, earning his praise much to Riven's chagrin. This leads to Musa breaking up with Riven.
  • The Winx gain more popularity in Gardenia as more and more people believe in magic.
    • Nabu proposes to Aisha.
    • Roxy's own magic begins to grow, allowing her to give animals the ability to speak temporarily.
  • The Wizards kidnap Roxy and her family in an attempt to steal her wings and defeat the Winx, only for the plan to completely backfire as it only causes Roxy to unlock her ability to transform into a fairy.
    • Roxy's father, Klaus learns of Roxy's magical fairy identity.
    • As the battle between the Winx, the Specialists and the Wizards rages, Roxy begins to doubt and hate her fairy heritage but, when the outcome looks grim, Roxy ultimately takes back the White Circle to weaken the Wizards and ensure her friends' victory after getting encouragement from a mysterious woman.
  • The Earth Branch of the Tree of Life begins to bloom once more as more and more people regain their belief in magic.
  • The Winx become Gardenia's seven fairy protectors.
  • Musa performs for Jason Queen at his wedding.
  • Roxy trains under the Winx as the Winx's own Believix powers strengthen with everyone's belief in them.
  • The Winx travel to the island of Tir Nan Og, where they free the Earth Fairies using the White Circle.
  • Earth Fairy Queen Morgana, the woman from Roxy's dreams and visions, declares war on the Wizards of the Black Circle and all of humanity, ushering in the Age of Vengeance.
  • As the first step of their Age of Vengeance, Major Fairy Diana attacks Gardenia, completely overpowers the Winx and the Specialists. She then kidnaps al the Specialists (excluding Nabu) and retreats back to her home in the Amazon to properly take care of the Winx.
    • The Winx and Nabu are visited by the Ethereal Fairies who bestow upon them the Gifts of Destiny. To properly combat Diana, the Winx are given the Gift of Wisdom that morphs their Believix into Sophix.
  • The Winx and Nabu head for the Amazon to confront Diana and free their friends.
    • After helping to save the Amazon and restore Diana's source of magic, the Winx successfully convince Diana to renounce her vengeance to give humans another chance.
  • The Winx receive the next Gift of Destiny, the Gift of Heart.
  • Back in Gardenia, everyone celebrates their latest victory until they are visited by the Wizards of the Black Circle who are seeking protection from the vengeful Earth Fairies. To prove that they no longer bear any ill will, Ogron hands the Black Circle over to Bloom.
  • The Winx take the Wizards to Sibylla's Cave where they are offered asylum by the impartial Sibylla, Major Fairy of Justice.
  • Under Morgana's orders, Aurora, Major Fairy of the North, launches an attack on Earth by attempting to freeze it over so long as she does not harm Roxy.
  • Using the Gift of Heart, the Winx's Believix morphs into Lovix as they and Roxy storm Aurora's Frost Tower.
    • Meanwhile, Duman, who is suffering from a mysterious illness while being healed by Sibylla's Rustic Fairies, almost blows the Wizards' cover.
    • Morgana and Nebula arrive at the Frost Tower to see Aurora's handiwork.
  • Roxy begins to succumb to the temperature of Aurora's Frost Tower, which leads to Bloom dueling the Earth Fairies' strongest warrior so long as they give up their vengeance and save Roxy.
    • Bloom duels and defeats Nebula. As promised, Morgana renounces the Age of Vengeance, much to Nebula's dismay.
  • The Ethereal Fairies bestow the Winx (specifically Aisha) with the final Gift of Destiny, the Black Gift.
  • The day that the Wizards stand trial for their crimes arrives. Unable to heal Duman, Sibylla has him stay behind in her cave while Ogron, Anagan and Gantlos stand trial.
    • Bloom hands the Black Circle back to Ogron.
  • Nabu attempts to heal Duman back in Gardenia as he studied healing magic on Andros. After learning of Duman's illness, Duman is overcome by his impulses and attacks, revealing the Wizards' plan to destroy all the Earth Fairies as well as the Winx.
    • Nabu slays Duman and the Specialists rush to Tir Nan Og to warn the Winx.
  • The Ceremony of Truth begins and a dark abyss is created in the moment Morgana touches the Black Circle.
    • To save his friends and the Earth Fairies, Nabu exhausts all his magic to close the abyss and dies.
    • Aisha attempts to revive Nabu through the Black Gift, only for Ogron to snatch it away and waste it on a flower.
    • As the Wizards flee, Nebula blames Morgana for allowing this to happen and, overcome with grief, Aisha leaves the Winx to join Nebula's quest to avenge Nabu.
  • The Winx and the Specialists mourn Nabu's death as Nebula usurps Morgana, trapping her inside a magic mirror, and trains Aisha and the Warrior Fairies.
  • The Winx journey back to Tir Nan Og and confront Nebula's forces, but are unable to fight properly thanks to Aisha's presence.
    • The Winx retreat, leaving Nebula, Aisha and the Warrior Fairies free to follow the Wizards into their hiding place: the Omega Dimension.
    • Once they are gone, the Winx enter the castle and rescue Morgana, who is revealed to be Roxy's mother.
  • The Winx and Morgana warp to the Omega Dimension, where Nebula and her forces confront the remaining Wizards.
  • In one powerful convergence between the Winx and Nebula, the Wizards are overpowered and defeated.
  • Upon returning the Earth, Morgana abdicates the throne, giving her position as queen to Nebula as Roxy is too young to succeed her.
    • Magic is returned to Earth, reconnecting it with the Magic Dimension.
    • Aisha rejoins the Winx as Morgana reunites with Klaus, stepping back into her family's life.
  • The Winx consider residing on Earth as they pursue a career as a pop-rock band.
  • Roxy is accepted to Alfea.

Magical Adventure

Winx Club 3d

For information about the movie and characters, see: Winx Club: Magical Adventure.

The movie follows the cliffhanger at the end of the first movie, in which the Ancestral Witches are freed from Obsidian as spirits and seek out their descendants, the Trix, in an attempt at getting new bodies. The Winx are returning to their respective homeworlds in the Magic Dimension.

Beginning with a party celebrating camaraderie between fairies and witches, the Trix, who seem to have either been temporarily released or escaped imprisonment, use it as cover while they try to steal the mystically powerful Compass of Revealed Secrets, only to be caught by the Winx which leads to a major confrontation between the age-old rivals. However, Darcy manages to find and retrieve the Compass and the Trix's retreat.

Later, it is revealed that the Trix, under the orders of their ancestors, the Ancestral Witches, plan to eradicate all positive magic from the Magic Dimension, leaving negative magic and those who wield it to reign supreme. As the Winx strive to put a stop the witches' dark reign, Bloom and Sky face problems of their own due to a odd disdain that King Oritel holds against King Erendor.

  • A party at Alfea is held to ring in a new school year and celebrate camaraderie between the Alfea Fairies and Cloud Tower Witches.
    • The party erupts into chaos due to a prank played by the witches which the Trix use as cover to sneak into the school and recover a magical compass.
    • A brawl breaks out between the Winx and Trix until Darcy uncovers the Compass, leading to the Trix's retreat.
  • On Domino, Bloom tries to get accustomed to her life as a princess.
    • She is gifted a horse named Peg by Daphne and spends the remainder of the day with Sky. Before he leaves, he proposes to Bloom, which she happily accepts.
  • The Trix regroup with the Ancestral Witches and later head for Pixie Village, led by the Compass of Revealed Secrets.
  • Sky returns home to Eraklyon to tell his father of his engagement, which he reacts to with anger and remorse instead of happiness. Believing himself to be the reason Domino was felled, Erendor has Sky break off his engagement.
  • News of the broken engagement reaches the Domino Royal Family, enraging Oritel and prompting him to hold a more traditional fiancé-selection process.
    • The Winx rush to Domino to comfort Bloom while Sky, in disguise, tries to explain his reasons to Bloom.
    • The Winx later head for Gardenia, with Bloom being too enraged with her birth father to face him.
  • During this whole ordeal, the Trix force their way to the Tree of Life, where they destroy its positive half using a spell taught to them by the Ancestral Witches.
    • Positive magic fades from the Magic Dimension, leaving all creatures who use it like fairies completely powerless.
  • Oritel and Marion receive a noted confession from Erendor.
  • The Winx and the Specialists head for Eraklyon to save the Magic Dimension from whatever plans the Trix have.
  • The Trix also head for Eraklyon under their ancestors' orders to retrieve a magic hourglass from Erendor that contains a bud of the Tree of Life that still holds positive magic.
  • The Winx and the Specialists take a flying ship to the haunted city of Havram, where the last bit of positive magic essence remains.
    • During the trip, the Specialists train the Winx (excluding Aisha) over how to defend themselves without magic.
  • The Trix attack Erendor and force him into revealing the location of the sapling.
  • The Winx and the Trix have climatic battle in the city of Havram, during which, the Winx regain their magic through the spring.
  • Enraged with the Trix's failure, the Ancestral Witches possess the Trix to do away with the Winx; Belladona with Icy, Lysslis with Darcy and Tharma with Stormy.
    • In a powerful Believix Convergence with the essence of the Great Dragon, the Winx defeat the Ancestral Witches for good and restore magical balance to the Universe.
  • Havram is restored to its former glory.
  • The Trix are once again apprehended.
  • Oritel forgives Erendor and the engagement between Sky and Bloom is back on.

Season 5


For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 5.

Picking up after the events of Season 4 (see the Trivia section for Magical Adventure-induced plot holes), the Winx continue to enjoy their celebrity status as they make plans to return to Magix. Unfortunately, major trouble begins to brew on Andros, Aisha's homeworld, as Triton Prince Tritannus attempts to usurp his father and slay his brother Nereus due to him being declared as successor to the throne. To make matters worse, Tritannus frees the Trix and enlists their help in his plans to later seize the Emperor's Throne located within the Infinite Ocean.

  • The Winx prepare a farewell concert for their fans in Gardenia as they plan to return to Alfea.
    • Roxy also prepares to leave for Alfea after being admitted to the school. She also thanks Bloom for caring for her like an older sister.
  • The Specialists arrive to visit the Winx. Sky tries giving Bloom the Pendant of Eraklyon to prove his love for her.
  • Still heartbroken and remorseful over his death, Aisha silently mourns Nabu's memory.
  • Tressa, Aisha's cousin, streams a ceremony to crown the next successor to the throne to Aisha and the Winx.
    • The ceremony is interrupted when an assassin breaks in, making multiple attempts at Prince Nereus' life. The assassin is quickly captured and is revealed to be Tritannus, Nereus' twin brother. He is then thrown into prison, where he meets the Trix.
  • An oil spill occurs and, during their attempts at stopping the spread and rescuing the workers, Aisha notices that her Believix wings are not strong enough to handle being underwater.
    • The Winx and the Specialists are unable to stop the oil spill.
    • Sky also loses the Pendant of Eraklyon in action after it falls into the ocean.
  • The Winx decide to allocate all benefits from their farewell concert to help counter the toxic pollution.
    • Having lost the Pendant of Eraklyon, Sky begins to avoid Bloom.
  • Tritannus mutates into a horrible monster after absorbing toxic pollution and, with his newfound strength, escapes from the Prison of Andros along with the Trix.
  • The Winx perform their farewell concert and advise all of Gardenia's citizens to keep the beach clean.
  • To regain more toxic power to maintain his monstrous form, Tritannus and the Trix travel to Gardenia to take advantage of the recent oil spill.
  • The Winx have their first major confrontation with Tritannus which they lose due to their Believix wings being too fragile underwater.
  • A new school year begins in Magix as the Winx make their return.
    • Roxy also appears at Alfea as a freshman.
    • Linphea's princess, Krystal, debuts as a childhood friend of Helia's and unintentionally causes a rift between Flora and Helia's relationship.
  • The Winx talk to Headmistress Faragonda about the incident with Tritannus and learn that they need to achieve Sirenix, an ancient Fairy Form whose powers are born from the seas and was last acquired by Bloom's sister, Daphne.
    • The Winx begin their search for the Sirenix Book.
    • Bloom goes to Lake Roccaluce to get more information on Sirenix from Daphne and learns that the form had been cursed by the Ancestral Witches, which resulted in Daphne being rendered as "a spirit without a body" when she tried to use it against them.
  • The Trix become aware of the Winx's pursuit for Sirenix and confront the Winx in Alfea's Magic Archives.
    • During the battle, both Sky and Helia are wounded before the Winx come out victorious. Sky loses his memories while Helia barely survives thanks to being healed by Krystal.
  • Bloom laments over Sky's fate but, thanks to Stella, gains the self-confidence necessary to fight and overcome Sky's illness.
    • Krystal unsuccessfully attempts to heal Sky's amnesia but is blocked, most likely by his guilt of losing the Pendant of Eraklyon.
    • Stella also begins pursuing becoming a fashion designer.
  • The Trix report to Tritannus of the Winx's pursuit of Sirenix and so Darcy and Stormy are sent to hinder them.
  • Timmy gives Tecna tips how to find the Sirenix Book and sends a software on her phone.
    • Darcy curses the phone which later turns Tecna into a robot.
    • After the Winx manage to break the curse, Tecna successfully finds the Sirenix Book in the Magic Archives.
  • Meanwhile, Tritannus attacks and mutates both his brother, Nereus, and mother, Ligea in his own pursuit for Sirenix. All he learns is that Daphne was the last person to achieve it.
    • He and the Trix then decide to capture Daphne.
  • The Winx debate over whether to open the Book or not but, when they try, the Book refuses to open until they achieve a special power.
    • The Winx are sent to Graynor to participate in its Challenge to find the power necessary to unlock the Book.
    • After finding and rescuing the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle, the Winx are bestowed the power of Harmonix.
    • The Book opens, revealing to the Winx of their Sirenix Quest and the consequences of what will happen if they do in finish it within one lunar cycle.
  • For the first leg of their Quest, Bloom, Stella, and Aisha journey to Andros to find the Gem of Self-Confidence.
    • Aisha bonds with Lemmy and Lemmy regains her powers.
  • After finding another clue to the Gem's whereabouts, Stella, Aisha, and Flora head for Solaria to find it as Sky regains a piece of his memories.
  • Tritannus, who is already on Solaria, attacks and absorbs the powers of the realm's gatekeeper, Illiris. Stella later bonds with Illiris and helps her regain her powers.
  • The Winx find the Gem of Self-Confidence.
  • Tritannus attacks and mutates his father, Neptune, and sister, Tressa, and absorbs the power of Sonna, gatekeeper of Melody's Ocean Gate, all while the Trix search for Daphne.
  • With only 10 days left before the end of the lunar cycle, the Winx race to find the next Gem, the Gem of Empathy.
    • The Winx find another clue on Melody, where Musa also bonds with Sonna and restores her powers.
  • Daphne is captured by the Trix and Tritannus.
  • Finding out the location of the next Gem, Tecna, Aisha, and Flora head for Data Bridge Castle on Zenith to uncover it.
    • Tecna bonds with Lithia and restores her powers.
    • The Winx find the Gem of Empathy.
  • The Winx then travel to Linphea to find a clue for the final Gem, the Gem of Courage.
    • Flora bonds with Desiryee and restores her powers.
  • Sky regains his memories.
  • The Winx attend a royal ceremony on Domino, where the Gem of Courage coincidentally resides.
    • Bloom bonds with Serena and restores her powers.
    • The Winx find the final Gem.
  • After enduring so much torture, Daphne eventually breaks and reveals the secret of Sirenix to Tritannus. He then plots to destroy the Source of Sirenix.
    • Upon finding the Source, Tritannus creates a monster to guard it from the Winx.
  • The Winx head for Roccaluce to complete the Sirenix Quest and do battle with Tritannus' monster.
    • Upon its defeat, the Winx successfully complete their Sirenix Quest and a thrust into the Infinite Ocean, where they achieve Sirenix.
  • Tritannus strips Daphne of her powers and gives them to the Trix. Daphne's Sirenix powers mixing in with Tritannus' dark magic gives the Trix the power of Dark Sirenix.
    • Additionally, having amassed the power of all the Selkies who guard major Ocean Gates, Tritannus follows the Winx into the Infinite Ocean with the Trix.
  • Tritannus tries to activate the Emperor's Throne but is unable to do so, which he later realizes is due to the legs of the throne being broken. So to restore its power, he targets the seals from three Pillars of the Infinite Ocean.
  • Having lost his monstrous form again, he and the Trix head to Earth to absorb more pollution, which leads into another major confrontation with the Winx. During this, Aisha learns of the fate of Neptune, Ligea, Tressa, and Nereus.
  • The first seal to be targeted by Tritannus is the seal from the Pillar of Light and, with its stability now lost, the whole of Magic Dimension begins to get thrown into darkness.
    • Radius is affected the most harshly due to being so closely connected to the light of his world and falls ill.
  • On Andros, Aisha receives the Sword of Neptune and vows to slay Tritannus.
  • The Winx confront Tritannus and the Trix once more in the Infinite Ocean, during which Aisha is able to purify Nereus and Tressa of their mutation.
  • All major monarchies of the known realms plan to join forces against Tritannus, but at the meeting of the Council of Sovereigns, Kings Erendor, Radius and Cryos refuse to have their realms join.
  • Tritannus targets the two remaining Pillars, the Pillar of Balance and the Pillar of Control. In an attempt to stop him, Daphne contacts Bloom through her dreams and tries to direct her to the Eye of Inspiration to help the Winx learn where the two pillars are located.
    • The Winx find the Eye of Inspiration in the well at the center of Alfea's courtyard. There, they find a map of the Infinite Ocean.
  • As the leaders of various realms remain at an impasse, Tritannus and the Trix make off with the Pillar of Balance's seal.
    • With one more seal left, Tritannus targets the seal of the Pillar of Control.
    • To prevent Tritannus from seizing the final Pillar's seal, the Winx destroy it and restore the Pillar's stability.
    • Upon seeing what the Winx have done, Tritannus flies into a rage and attacks the Pillar, resulting in chaos sweeping through Zenith.
  • Tritannus and the Trix learn of the existence of Politea, a nymph who was corrupted into a sea monster due to the Sirenix Curse and her lust for power.
    • Believing Tritannus to have failed, Darcy and Stormy leave him and Icy behind to search for Politea themselves.
  • The Winx learn of the Sirenix Curse and, through the use of Chrono Magic, Bloom witnesses Politea's betrayal and the cave she now resides in.
    • Not wanting to put her friends in danger, Bloom goes to Politea's lair on her own, only to find Darcy and Stormy already absorbing the sea monster's Sirenix powers.
    • Bloom narrowly escapes her confrontation with the Trix as Icy abandons her sisters out of refusal to leave Tritannus' side.
  • All the monarchs of the major realms finally join the Council of Sovereigns.
    • Tritannus and Icy are almost overtaken in a major confrontation against the forces of the Winx, the Specialists, Selkies and armed forces of various realms. They retreat by the skin of their teeth.
  • Tritannus realizes that his only option to activate the Emperor's Throne is to use the powers of a fairy that has mastered Sirenix, and targets Aisha to do just that.
    • He orchestrates an attack on the Pillar of Light, luring the Winx to it along with Nereus and Tressa. During the confrontation, he captures Aisha, absorbs most of her Sirenix powers and leaves for the Emperor's Throne with her as prisoner.
  • Tritannus finally activates the Emperor's Throne but has his mind corrupted into that of a monster's and invades Andros.
  • Darcy and Stormy return to Icy's side now that she had been rejected by Tritannus.
  • Bloom, using her Fire of Sirenix, destroys Tritannus' trident and frees the captured tritons and mermaids from their mutated enslavement.
  • With Tritannus defeated, everyone rejoices as they are reunited with their restored loved ones.
  • Tritannus is banished to the realm of Oblivion.
  • Using her Sirenix Wish to break the Sirenix Curse, Daphne's body is restored.
  • A victory celebration is held on Andros, where Daphne reunites with her parents, Oritel and Marion.
    • Both of Bloom's families are now complete.

The Mystery of the Abyss

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For information about the movie and characters, see: Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss

Set immediately after Tritannus' defeat and banishment to Oblivion, the Trix, who have evaded capture, journey back into the Infinite Ocean, where they try to seize the Emperor's Throne for themselves but end up meeting with Politea, the nymph who betrayed Daphne when she needed her the most. Once they are later joined by Tritannus, the five villains seek out a pearl hidden within the deepest depths of the Infinite Ocean capable of bestowing its wielder with immense power. Meanwhile, the Winx, who were settling back into their lives as honored Alfea graduates, are once again called back into action when Sky is kidnapped to further the villains' nefarious plans.

  • The Trix return to the Infinite Ocean and try to make the Emperor's Throne work for them.
    • In doing so, Politea appears before them and attacks them.
  • Meanwhile, the Winx welcome the new fairy freshman arriving to Alfea.
  • Eventually, Politea and the Trix stop fighting. Politea then reveals that the Emperor's Throne will never respond without the presence of a true emperor like Tritannus and helps the Trix in bringing him back from the realm of Oblivion.
    • She also tells them of the Pearl of the Deep.
    • To bring Tritannus back, they require the vital life force of a young prince.
  • Bloom, Sky and Kiko are attacked by the Trix in Gardenia. Both Bloom and Sky are knocked unconscious as the Trix take Sky into the Infinite Ocean.
  • With Sky in their clutches, Politea and the Trix use him to successfully bring back Tritannus.
    • After making a new trident for him, Tritannus regains his powers from the Emperor's Throne and uses it to seal off all entrances and exits leading into the Infinite Ocean.
    • The five villains then head for Omnia's Cave to get the Pearl of the Deep.
  • Bloom regains consciousness at Alfea and learns that Sky has been kidnapped.
  • The Winx try to enter the Infinite Ocean to rescue him but learn from Omnia that Tritannus had sealed all entrances into the dimension. The only one that remains untouched is the one linking the Infinite Ocean to Oblivion.
  • The Winx attempt to cross through Oblivion to get to the Infinite Ocean but are immediately separated.
    • Bloom manages to regroup with Stella and the two converge their powers to escape.
  • Tritannus successfully pressures Omnia into revealing the whereabouts of the Pearl of the Deep—the Coral Barrier—and hurry to it.
  • The Winx manage to free themselves from Oblivion and cross over to the Infinite Ocean. They are then met by Politea at the Emperor's Throne and try to fight her only to lose terribly.
    • Sky, who was being held prisoner under the Throne, regains consciousness and tells the Winx to go to Omnia.
  • The Winx go to Omnia's Cave as Politea remains bound to the Throne. They then pursue Tritannus and the Trix upon learning where they went.
  • Tritannus snatches the Pearl and closes off all exits to trap the Winx, but the Winx manage to escape the Coral Barrier through an underground tunnel and hurry back to the Throne.
  • Tritannus and the Trix return to the Throne with the Pearl of the Deep, only to realize that they had been fooled once Politea steals the Pearl away.
    • As the Trix try to fight Politea for the Pearl, Sky escapes his imprisonment but cannot flee.
    • Politea completely overpowers the Trix and hypnotizes them along with Tritannus and his mutants.
  • The Winx make it to the Throne but are immediately attacked by those under Politea's hypnosis.
    • Omnia and the Selkies join the battle.
    • Serena snatches the Pearl from Politea's grasp and gives it to Bloom who uses it in a Convergence with the Winx to defeat Politea and clear the oceans of any pollution that may have been spread.
    • Omnia also heals Sky using the Pearl.
  • The Winx return to Alfea with Sky as the Trix flee once more to evade arrest while Tritannus is apprehended and sent back to Oblivion.

Season 6


For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 6.

With Tritannus banished permanently within Oblivion and the Trix having disappeared long enough for peace to remain after the events of The Mystery of the Abyss, the Winx return to Alfea once more to resume their normal lives as their fame continues to grow.

As Alfea welcomes its freshman with open arms, Cloud Tower conducts a small showcase of power for incoming freshman witches; one of them being a promising young witch from Earth who wields a powerful, yet strange tome. Unfortunately, the Trix make their return to Cloud Tower and take it over in their quest to conquer all schools across the Magic Dimension for their strongest spells. Seeing potential in the promising young witch named Selina, the Trix keep her under their wing as they wreak havoc across the Magic Dimension; forcing the Winx back into action. Little do they know is that Selina has her own plans and simply acts under them until the time is right.

  • A party is held at the Royal Palace of Domino to celebrate Daphne's return.
  • The Trix end up in the oceans of Domino and devise a plot to pay the Winx back for their latest failure by sending the Beast of the Depths on them.
    • The Winx fend off the Beast and help Daphne regain the confidence needed to transform into her own Sirenix, which she uses to subdue the monster.
  • The Winx return to Alfea for the new school year with Daphne, who will be teaching as the new History of Magic teacher.
  • The pixies return, wishing to surprise Faragonda over her being Alfea Headmistress for 100 years.
  • Griffin has each of the freshman witches wishing to attend Cloud Tower showcase their powers.
    • A young witch from Earth named Selina showcases her ability to bring legends to life with the mysterious Legendarium. In doing so, she calls forth the Gloomy Wood Trolls and has them attack Pixie Village.
    • Seeing the destruction the trolls are causing, Griffin has Selina stop but, by the time she does so, every pixie (minus the Winx's bonded pixies) have been sucked into the Legendarium.
  • The Trix return to Cloud Tower and take it over with help from Selina after assuming a new look with strengthened powers.
    • Griffin is turned into a crow and flees Cloud Tower.
    • They successfully convince the freshman witches to become their new underlings as they rip Cloud Tower from its foundation.
  • The Trix personally take Selina under their wing.
  • Griffin, as a crow, makes it to Alfea, where the Winx task Roxy with finding a way to turn her back.
  • The Winx are invited out to Linphea College to see the Specialists train with the Paladins.
    • Miele now attends the College after realizing her own fairy powers.
  • Cloud Tower reappears in the sky over Linphea College as Selina summons the Treants to attack.
    • As the Specialists, Paladins and fairies of Linphea College beat back the Treants, the Winx infiltrate Cloud Tower to confront the Trix and lose.
    • A protective barrier erected by the Legendarium to protect Selina knocks the Winx out of the school and dispels of their powers; Bloom being the only exception due to the inextinguishable nature of her Dragon Flame.
  • The Specialists bring the Winx back to Alfea, where Bloom shares sparks of her Dragon Flame with the Winx to replenish their powers.
  • The Treats continue attacking Linphea College as the Winx recuperate.
    • Before returning to Linphea College to face the Trix, Faragonda reveals to them the requirements needed to unlock a new fairy form.
  • The Winx, Specialists and Paladins return to Linphea College continue the fight, prompting Selina to summon forth the Flying Basilisks that go on to petrify everyone in sight.
    • Flora rescues Miele while disregarding her own safety and achieves Bloomix.
    • Stella and Aisha evade the Basilisks petrifying rays and achieve their Bloomix forms.
  • The Trix retreat as Stella revives everyone with the help of her new powers.
  • Returning to Alfea, Daphne takes her whole class to the Golden Auditorium after accepting an invitation from its headmistress and her old friend, Diletta.
  • Meanwhile, a mysterious man within the Legendarium advises for Selina to remain wary of the Trix.
  • As the Winx explore the Golden Auditorium, Selina summons forth the Pandemonium Sprites.
    • Musa and Tecna lead the Sprites away into the Pandemonium Cave, where the two of them earn their Bloomix and defeat the Sprites.
  • The Trix launch an attack on the Eraklyon Institute, form an alliance with Diaspro and devise a plan to rid themselves of Bloom.
  • Preparations for Daphne's coronation are underway in the Royal Palace of Domino.
    • Bloom begins to experience great pains from having given up pieces of her Dragon Flame.
  • Daphne becomes the Crown Princess of Domino.
  • Diaspro, who had snuck into the party, sees another one of Bloom's bouts of weakness and notifies the Trix, who have Selina summon forth the Fire Eaters.
    • Diaspro then lures Thoren into the Vortex of Flames to trick him into throwing Bloom into it.
    • Bloom awakens within the Vortex of Flames, combats the Great Dragon with one made of her own essence and earns her Bloomix. She then disposes of the Fire Eaters.
  • Back at Alfea, Flora tries to help revert Griffin back to her original form and fails.
  • As Roxy seeks out Professor Palladium to help her, the Winx are summoned into the History of Magic classroom by Faragonda, where they learn of the Legendarium and a fairy godmother named Eldora.
  • Daphne and the Winx plan a trip to Alexandria in Egypt to seek out an ancient library that is said to hold Eldora's diary.
    • The Trix accompany their fairy nemeses after disguising themselves as three fairy freshmen and taking their place in the field trip.
  • The Winx eventually find the lost Library of Alexandria, only to be attacked by mummies Selina summons from the Legendarium per Icy's commands.
    • After the Winx dispose of the mummies, Selina pits them against the Sphinx before teleporting to the Library herself.
    • Bloom is met by Selina in the Library as everyone else busies themselves with the Sphinx. Selina then uses their past as childhood friends in an attempt to bury her by causing the Library to collapse.
    • Bloom makes it out and uncovers Eldora's diary as the Sphinx is defeated.
  • Daphne, the Winx, their bonded pixies and the Trix head for China after uncovering a clue within Eldora diary.
    • The Trix attempt to kill Daphne and the Winx and make off with Eldora's diary, but are foiled by the pixies. They teleport away just as the seven fairies are roused from their sleeping spell.
  • Daphne and the Winx are led to a mountain temple, where they meet with Lu Wei as Selina summons the Green Dragons of the Great Wall.
  • The Trix take over the Zaltora School of Psychic Arts.
  • Palladium restores the three fairies who were turned into frogs by the Trix as Roxy restores Griffin to her former self.
  • Flora shows the flower to Palladium and inadvertently learns of the existence of the Alfea Greenhouse.
  • Selina volunteers to sneak into Alfea alone and reunites with Bloom, tricking her into believing that she had been kidnapped by the Trix.
  • As the Winx search the Greenhouse for clues, Selina curses a patch of roses that poison Flora. She then tries to get Bloom to poison Flora by lacing the antidote with lethal poison.
    • Upon this revelation, Bloom leaves Alfea for Gardenia.
  • The Trix's army of witchy underlings grows.
  • Aisha opens up the Alfea Gym.
  • With Bloom alone in Gardenia, Selina summons forth the Children of the Night to attack.
  • Flora learns that the flower given to them by Lu Wei is a very rare flower that only grows in one place in Gardenia called the Lenugia.
  • Bloom finds an old drawing of the Forest of Flowers, the only place the Lenugia grows, and realizes that Eldora had lived in Gardenia the whole time.
  • Meanwhile, the Children of the Night begin placing the citizens of Gardenia under their hypnosis.
    • Bloom fights the Children alone after sensing Lockette in danger.
    • The Winx soon make their way to Gardenia as well after sensing that Bloom is in danger.
  • All the Winx excluding Stella are subdued and kidnapped by the Children of the Night, but Stella later defeats them with her magic.
  • The Winx find the Forest of Flowers and meet Eldora as Selina, afraid of the Trix uncovering her history with the fairy godmother, summons the Ectoplasm Specters to attack.
  • The Winx learn of the Legendarium, its author Acheron and Selina's history with Eldora.
  • Eldora disposes of the Specters.
  • Eldora and the Winx travel to Tir Nan Og to search for a way of locking the Legendarium.
    • Morgana's former castle had been renovated into a school run by Nebula.
    • The Winx learn of Mythix before the school falls victim to an attack led by the Trix.
    • Selina ambushes Bloom, revealing her true nature to her former friend.
    • The Winx beat back the Trix's forces and prove themselves worthy of wielding the Ancestral Wands, earning their Mythix and crossing over into the Legendarium World. There, they learn how to seal the Legendarium forever.
  • The Winx return to Alfea to celebrate Mother's Day with their mothers.
  • The Winx, Daphne, the Specialists and Paladins travel to Calavera in search of the Fantasy Emerald.
    • The Winx find the location that corresponds to the Emerald's location in the Legendarium World and arrive onboard the Occulta.
    • Selina sends the Trix into the Legendarium World as well without telling them of the consequences.
  • Bloom finds the Fantasy Emerald and the Winx return to Calavera just as Selina summons the Pirate Zombies to attack.
    • The Winx defeat them with the help of the Calavera natives via Bloom's Friendship Flame.
  • Back at Alfea, the Winx are briefed of their next step: to find the Silver Spear in the small town of Fearwood. The Winx do just that with Eldora, Daphne and the Specialists in tow.
  • Selina summons forth the Werewolves of Fearwood to attack.
    • She also bestows Icy with the powers of the legendary Snow Queen, which she uses to freeze Helia and takes him into her world within the Legendarium World.
    • Flora follows Icy into the Snow Queen's Domain, rescues Helia and teleports him, herself and the totem into the real world, where the Winx obtain the Silver Spear.
    • Flora also heals Helia but not completely as his heart remains frozen. She then goes on to defeat Icy to free Helia of her curse.
  • The Winx successfully create the Legendarium Key using the Fantasy Emerald and Silver Spear.
  • Daphne and the Winx travel to Solaria to search the Library of Solaria for an anti-invisibility spell to use on Cloud Tower.
  • The three suns of Solaria align and, as per tradition, King Radius relinquishes his status to Stella so she can be Acting Queen for the day.
  • Selina summons the Magic Mirror to hypnotize Stella, which allows the other Cloud Tower Witches to crash the party and cause mischief.
  • A banquet is held in the Royal Palace of Solaria, which Selina crashes by summoning Gargantua, who the Winx later defeat.
  • The Winx travel to Zenith in search of a device capable of disrupting Cloud Tower's invisibility.
    • Tecna also takes Timmy to meet with her parents.
    • Before leaving, Bloom hides the Legendarium Key within a safe.
  • The Winx obtain the Spectrographic Localizer.
  • Selina summons forth Frankenstein's Monster to attack the Winx.
    • The monster falls for Tecna and takes her into his domain in the Legendarium World.
    • As the Winx travel into the Legendarium World in pursuit of the Monster, Stormy assumes the role of the Bride of Frankenstein to hinder them, only for the Monster to fall in love with her, giving the Winx their opening to escape with Tecna.
  • Back at Alfea, Musa discovers an abandoned music room and decides to reopen it as a café.
  • Selina summons forth Rumpelstiltskin to steal Musa's voice.
  • Rumpelstiltskin successfully steals Musa's voice and retreats to his home.
    • The Winx pursue Rumpelstiltskin, fight him but to no avail, and are forced to leave.
  • The Trix send the Cloud Tower Witches to attack Alfea.
  • The Winx hold off the witches with the magic of the musical instruments as Bloom returns to Rumpelstiltskin's home to trade the Legendarium Key for Musa's voice.
  • Riven and Musa break up and Riven leaves the Specialists to go soul-searching.
  • The Trix attack the Magic School for Forgers.
  • Using the magic stolen from the schools they have attacked, the Trix turn the freshman witches invisibile and send them to attack Alfea once more.
    • Tecna gets the Spectrographic Localizer to work against the invisible witches.
  • The Trix teleport to Alfea themselves and have their strongest witch, Selina, face off against Alfea's strongest fairy, Bloom.
  • Aisha travels into the Legendarium World, arriving in Gloomy Wood Forest, and frees the trapped pixies.
  • The Alfea Champions are defeated thanks to the freed pixies.
  • Selina makes off with a spark of Bloom's Dragon Flame and flees, forfeiting the fight.
  • On Domino, preparations are made for Daphne and Thoren's upcoming wedding.
  • Selina frees Acheron from the Legendarium, only for the wizard to wreak havoc within the school, stripping everyone as well as the school of their magic and trapping the Trix within the Legendarium.
  • The Winx hurry to Cloud Tower to keep it from falling as Bloom goes into the Legendarium World alone to fight Acheron.
    • Using Eldora's Infinity Box, Bloom traps Acheron within it and trades him for the Legendarium Key with Rumpelstiltskin.
    • Before she can leave, Bloom is ambushed by the Trix.
  • The Winx defeat the Great Lizard Spirit of Cloud Tower by releasing all the stolen magic from within it.
    • Bloom defeats the Trix for good and escapes the Legendarium.
  • With the Legendarium Key, Selina locks the tome forever and returns to Eldora's side as her pupil, reforming into a fairy.
  • Griffin reassumes her role as Headmistress of Cloud Tower.
  • Daphne and Thoren get married.

Season 7

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For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 7.

Following the defeat of Acheron and the Trix, the Winx go about their normal lives as students until, one night, they are confronted by a fairy animal gone mad, and learn of the school's natural park, where various fairy animals are preserved. While there, the girls witness a strange eagle kidnap one of the animals, which happens to be the very last Digmole in existence, and take it upon themselves to rescue it with help from Roxy.

Meanwhile, two magical poachers known as Kalshara and Brafilius plan to capture any and all fairy animals that they believe to be wielding the Ultimate Power so that they (mainly Kalshara) can get their hands on it. To combat the duo's use of wild magic, the Winx must take on a new form that allows them to grow closer to nature and bond with their own fairy animals.

  • The Winx return to Alfea late at night, where they are met by two fairies running from a monstrous Kangourmet.
    • Faragonda steps in, reverting the Kangourmet to its original state.
  • The next morning, the Winx are introduced to the Alfea Natural Park.
  • The last Digmole in existence is kidnapped by a strange bird of prey.
  • The Digmole is brought to a cave full of various other caged fairy animals, where the bird of prey is revealed to be a shapeshifter named Kalshara who, with her brother, Brafilius, is in search of the Ultimate Power that the fairy animals are said to possess.
  • Faragonda reveals to the Winx the Hall of Memories, where she bestows the seven fairies each with the Stones of Memories to travel back in time and uncover the mystery of the Digmole.
  • The Winx travel back in time to an older Alfea where fairy animals were part of the school's curriculum. There, they meet a younger Faragonda and Griselda, as well as the headmistress before Faragonda, Headmistress Mavilla.
  • Young Faragonda steals the Tome of Nature for her friend, Kalshara.
    • With the Tome, Kalshara gains access to the Hall of Memories and absorbs the wild magic inside it, becoming a shapeshifter.
    • Kalshara runs off to give some wild magic to her brother, Brafilius.
  • Brafilius uses his powers to summon the Giant of the Valley, which the Winx combat.
    • Upon the Giant's defeat, the Winx earn Butterflix and save the Digmoles.
  • After returning to present-day Alfea, the Digmoles reveal their secret to the Winx.
  • The opening ceremony for the Alfea Natural Park is held.
  • Brafilius sneaks into the Natural Park in search of the Ultimate Power, where he steals Roxy's Stone of Memories and uses it to travel back to Prehistoric Magix in search of the fairy animal holding the First Color of the Universe.
    • The Winx go to Prehistoric Magix to find the animal before Brafilius.
  • The Winx meet and rescue the Cry-Cries from Brafilius, leading to Aisha's bonding with Squonk and taking him back to the present.
  • Back at Alfea, the Winx learn more of wild magic and its effects.
  • The Winx travel to Linphea to save the Magiwolves from whatever danger they are facing.
    • The Winx are almost taken down by the chaotic mutated fungi but are rescued by Miele.
    • Flora alleviates the fungi using her Natural Whisper and bonds with Amarok.
  • The Winx then travel back in time to the Medieval period in Italy in search of a Quillcat.
    • Having foiled another one of Brafilius' plans, the Winx save Orlando and his troupe as Musa bonds with Critty before they return to the present.
  • Fed up with her brother's blunders, Kalshara sneaks into Alfea herself and abducts Critty.
  • The Winx tail Kalshara to her lair and rescue the captured fairy animals, destroying it in the process.
  • The Winx travel to the Sumatran Jungle on Earth to rescue the Sumatran Tigers from poachers contaminated by wild magic.
  • The Animal Rescue Park is opened in Gardenia.
  • The Winx travel to Zenith to repair Roxy's Technomagic Globes after they were accidentally broken by Amarok and Shiny.
  • The Winx travel back to a time where Zenith was home to the Techsquirrels in pursuit of Brafilius.
  • The Winx travel to the Qinling Mountains to rescue a small pack of pandas.
    • The Winx subdue a unicorn mutated by wild magic and Bloom bonds with Elas once he is restored.
  • Now that each Winx fairy has a bonded fairy animal, they are bestowed the Tynix Bracelets and earn their Tynix. Their fairy animals also turn out to be the Keepers of the Ultimate Power.
  • Kalshara conjures up the Vampire of Fire and sends it to absorb the inner fire of Pyros.
    • The Winx travel into the MiniWorld of Precious Stones, where Bloom and Elas vanquish the Vampire of Fire. In doing so, Elas earns a new silver horn.
  • The Winx and Specialists take a day off in Paradise Bay.
    • The ecosystem of Paradise Bay is put in peril by an unknown danger, so the Winx journey into the Leaf MiniWorld to fix it.
    • They are led into the Drop MiniWorld, where Aisha and Squonk restore the Gems of Light, saving the ecosystem of Paradise Bay.
  • The Winx and Specialists bring a group of lemurs back to their natural habitat.
    • Kalshara and Brafilius turn the lemurs' food supply into monsters, which the Winx quickly do away with.
  • Kalshara and Brafilius attempt to absorb the power of the Creature with the Rainbow Coat at Graynor Ruins.
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