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Timmy is the brains of the Specialists. He is shy and smart. He is Tecna's boyfriend and Helia's best friend.


Timmy is a lanky boy with light brown-orange hair, wears red-framed glasses, and is tall and slender. He has small, hazel eyes and medium skin tone. His build is less muscular than the others in Season 1.

From Season 4 until Season 8, Timmy is shown to become more muscular compared to the previous seasons.


  • In Season 1, his outfit consists of an under white, long-sleeved shirt, over it is a loose light green mid-sleeved shirt. He wears light-blue boot jeans and green and white sneakers.
  • At the end of Season 2, he sports a new outfit that continues onward to Season 3. He wears an orange and lavender hoodie with a t-shirt underneath, with light-blue jeans and a brown belt, above-ankle socks and orange and lavender shoes.
  • In Season 4 - Season 7, he wears a jean jacket over a white collared shirt, red pants, and blue sneakers.
  • In Season 8, he dons a light blue, button-up dress shirt with a yellow vest with green trim over it. He also wears a denim jacket and skinny, dark green pants rolled up over his ankles. He also has black shoes. His Glasses are now full rims and have much wider lenses. He also has a new haircut.


Timmy wears a traditional Red Fountain uniform just like the others, with a yellow jewel clasp on his cape (omitted in Season 8). When hover-biking, he wears orange helmet.


Timmy loves technology, and flying ships from Red Fountain. He also has an IQ of 150, just like Tecna, and his aptitude for technology makes him the perfect boyfriend for her. He is sweet, but shy, and can even seemingly cowardly at times. He loves to be with Tecna, but he is shy and clumsy around her too. Tecna mentions that it is his sweetness and intelligence that impressed her[1].

In Season 2, he was so bashful that it interfered with him telling Tecna his feelings for her. It is also shown that he is quite oblivious to girls. He is the least skilled of the Specialists in terms of combat, but he makes up for it in his intellect.

Timmy is very levelheaded and thus, the voice of reason in the Specialists as Sky had always turned to Timmy when he was unsure of what to do. For instance, when Sky was having issues with Diaspro and Bloom, he had asked Timmy for advice. While he dislikes arguments and is not very confrontational, he can snap especially when arguing is pointless. This can be seen when Riven and Brandon were arguing about whose fault it was letting the troll they were transporting to escape.

He is serious when the situation calls for it and takes his tasks and duties seriously, regardless of what people may think of him. That does not mean that he is immune to insecurities; when Tecna did not view him as a hero and after he had proven her wrong, he honestly told her that he felt that he had upset because he was not being the hero she thought he was.

According to Riven, he can be scary sometimes. When he used a coconut and slingshot to knock out their opponents in Season 4, it led Riven to say "Sometimes you scare me Timmy! You're becoming a real warrior!" Though it appears that he is unaware of his "scary" nature as he just responds to Riven's comment with a confused expression.


In Fairy Insider, he is mentioned to be smart, an inventor, and that his family has more scientists in it than in the entire world of Magix.

In Perle, his image can be seen in the end but he is not mentioned.


Timmy wield his sword.

Timmy is a formidable strategist, evident that the Specialists always listen to him when he plans a strategic approach to a problem. He is also a good technician seeing as he is usually the one rewiring their battle ships and electronic equipment. Like Tecna, he uses his intellect to create new gadgets that will aid in battle and just about anything.

Timmy using his crossbow weapon.

As with all the Specialists, Timmy has been trained in dragon riding, maneuvering battle ships and wind riders. Timmy is usually seen using a gun which could imply that he is a sharp shooter, he has used a sword before as seen in "Party Crasher".

Despite using high-end technology for battle, Timmy is not ignorant of simple weaponry usage. He has knocked down two muscular workers who were attacking Riven with just two coconuts and a slingshot.

In Season 6, like the other Specialists, he acquires a new weapon - a crossbow that shoots yellow blasts from its tip. This crossbow is capable of blasting holes into the ground.

In Season 8, he will be utilizing another new weapon - an energy bow that shoots energy arrows.