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The Crossbow is Timmy's magical weapon. It is first seen in "The Flying School."


It appears to be a regular gun with a bow on the front.


In "The Flying School", Timmy receives the crossbow. Then, he uses against the Treants along with Helia's Rose Thorn Bracelet when Selina woke them up.

In "Zombie Invasion," he uses it against the Pirate Zombies when they come to take back the Fantasy Emerald.

In "The Curse of Fearwood," he summons it to prepare to attack the Werewolves summoned by Selina.

In "The Magic Totem," Timmy is seen with it when the Werewolves were surrounding them.

In "A Monster's Crush," he uses it against Frankenstein's Monster but failed.

In "The Anthem," Timmy summons it to prepare to attack the Cloud Tower Elites.

In "The First Color of the Universe", Timmy summons it to attack Giant Tortoise which was later told off by Tecna into trying to calm it down.

In "Banana Day," he summons it to prepare to attack the Banana Monsters.


#124: Attack of the Centaurs

Timmy uses his new crossbow against an army of Centaurs alongside the Paladins and his fellow Specialists to help back of the Winx, who have made protecting the panicking fair-goers their main priority.

Magical Abilities

It has the power to shoot yellow energy bolts.


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