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Tony is a character that appears in World of Winx. He is the owner of Tony's Restaurant, as well as Vincenzo's boss and later mentor.


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Tony is someone who cares about people's happiness, via presenting them food; he can be seen getting angry with Vincenzo with his concoctions because it did not reflect the customers' orders. He is strict as he ordered Vincenzo to participate in a chef contest or lose his job. At the same time, he only had done so, so that Vincenzo could see the error of his ways, revealing that he is nurturing and only wants to best for his talented employee.

He is kind and forgiving, willing to take Vincenzo in as his pupil and was proud of him for winning the contest and improving himself.

World of Winx

Season 1


He first appears in "The Chef Contest" where he had taken Vincenzo behind the restaurant to scold him for doing a poor job in cooking what his customers had ordered. He gets angry that Vincenzo is just boasting an ego rather than understanding what he is trying to tell him. In order to wake him up, he decides to have him enter a chef contest or get fired. He watches Vincenzo participate in the contest; witnessing his stubborn employee change his ways and evidently becoming proud of him.

When Vincenzo apologized and asked if he could remain at his restaurant, Tony was shocked at first but wasted no time allowing him to return. He gave him a big hug to congratulate him and told him he was very proud.