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Torganis is a professor who is the head of the research center that Nabu was working at in Mission to Andros. He lives on the Island of Nadur, which is located in the Western Sea of Andros near the Green Archipelago.


He wears a purple suit that has golden buckles on his shirt. Over this he wears a light tan lab-coat. His hair is gray and he is slightly balding in the front. He wears round glasses.


Nabu states that he is a brilliant and skilled scientist. He is lively and energetic but is also a person who cares a great deal towards his loved ones, particularly his daughter, Helisia. Due to her illness and weak stature he is determined to find a cure for her. Torganis also greatly cares for living beings as he sees that they should all be allowed to live, to be respected and studied.


Season 3

Research Facility Torganis works at

The research facility Torganis works at.

In Mission to Andros, Torganis greets the Winx and Specialists with his lively attitude and is delighted to be of his princess's presence. It is then revealed that he has a daughter who is rather sickly and greatly worries him. He also is unaware of Nabu's relationship with Aisha.

Torganis greeting Nabu's friends

Torganis greeting Nabu's friends

At the moment he is studying the island whose volcano was struck by a meteor and a creature that lives there, unfortunately he has his hands tied because of Count Kargan's demands.

Torganis with his daughter

Torganis with his daughter

In Pirate Island, after the death of the creature who had came back to the volcano, Nabu and his friends found eggs that belonged to that creature, who turns out to be female. The Winx and the Specialists took the eggs back to the laboratory for an analysis. Torganis also instructs them to find and retrieve the other eggs before they hatch because he is concerned that if they were to multiple it would become a dangerous situation.

Torganis introducing Nabu's replacements

Torganis introducing Nabu's replacements

Later, when one of his assistants alerts him that Helisia's condition is worsening he becomes very distraught until Aisha offers herself for a blood transfusion, thus saving Helisia's life and thanks to the new medicine from the eggs he discovered Helisia is now healthy. He announces that Nabu is returning to court and is a little sadden but is delighted that he will have new promising young students to replace him.

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