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The Traveling Pixie is the Pixie of Travels.

She travels around and comes back to the Pixie Village with presents for the other pixies in her wagon. There is sometimes a feast in her honor when she arrives home. She tells the stories of her travels under the Story Tree.

She has 2 wagons, the first one is her living quarters and the other she carries the presents in, both are pulled by swans.


Winx Comic 19 Monsters on the Loose - Traveling Pixie Wagon Window

Light salmon skin, blond hair, light blue eyes, pink lips and a pink triangle with two pink dots bellow it on her forehead, the Traveling Pixie wears a beige hat with pink strip around it and netting around the rim, a beige green shirt with many pockets, and dark green shorts. There is a brown belt with yellow buckle around her waist over her shirt and her boots are brown with yellow socks. Her wings are light pink and pointy.



Main Wagon

The Traveling Pixie so far only appears on "Monsters on the Loose" after returning back home, Ninfea and the others tell her all that happened with them while she was gone, and they ask her to tell them her traveling stories under the Story Tree.


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Present's Wagon

  • She appears to be good friends with Ninfea and Reporter Pixie.
  • It is mentioned her stories can go on for days but probably nights as well for there are many lanterns everywhere on the Story Tree.
  • It seems she always brings loads of presents each time she comes back.
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