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Travelix is a Fairy Form exclusive to the comics. It only appears in Issue 153: Magic Travelix.


In order to figure out what has happened to everyone at Alfea, Faragonda leads the Winx to the Hall of Memories and says that here they can find an obscure, special magical power called Travelix.


The Travelix wings and hairstyles resemble ones on Zenith outfits from Season 6, with the hair may earn minor changes. The outfits consist of a sleeved dress, a scarf hung around the waist, a pair of matching wings, a pair of leggings, a pair of fingerless gloves and high-heeled boots or stilettos.


In order for a fairy to earn Travelix, she must be in possession of the Stone of Memories.

Magical Abilities

The Travelix magic imbued in the Stone of Memories allows the fairies to travel into the past.

Known Travelix Fairies



  • The name Travelix is derived from the word "travel."
  • This is the first comic exclusive transformation with an "-ix" suffix. The second is Greenix.
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