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The Tree of Life is a magical tree seen in PopPixie.


The Tree of Life is an ancient magical tree which supplies all the magical power to Pixieville.

The pixies are responsible for the safety of the Tree of Life. The protective energy of the Tree of Life, which feeds the Magical Barrier, defends the city from external threats.

When a pixie uses its talent for a good purpose, to serve the well-being of the community, it receives a MagicPop from the Tree of Life. Discovering their talents and obtaining the MagicPop is a special moment in the life of pixies and an important moment of their growth as they discover their positive qualities.


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The Tree of Life is covered with MagicPops, magical globes that contain positive energy which look like sparkling enchanted dust.


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In "Green Attack," the pixies are having a party to celebrate the Tree of Life as Ninfea explains that an energy flows inside the tree and a spark of that power shines in each of its MagicPops, the pixies earn their MagicPop by discovering their talent and using it for good. When the elves send a magic attack with carnivorous plants that starts coming from the Tree of Life roots, it affects the tree's power, making all PopPixie powers not work. Everything returns to normal when Pam cuts the plants off and earns her MagicPop.


  • The Tree of Life is a legendary tree found in myths, cultures and fiction from all over the world where it represents life, or fertility, or immortality.
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