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Twinkly is the messenger of Lumenia that debuts in Season 8.


Twinkly is the size of a baby with fair skin, long honey/golden blond hair that is tied to a ponytail and bangs, blue eyes with light blue star-shaped highlights, and cheeks with pink blushes. She wears a light orange dress. She has a red hairband and a sparkly, golden star/five-petal flower-shaped accessory on her hair.


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Season 8

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Magical Abilities

Like all Lumens, Twinkly can generate magic stardust.

With her magic stardust, she can generate clothes that allows the Winx to breathe and fly in space as shown in "A Kingdom of Lumens." She can also use her magic stardust to light up the Core of Lumenia with her fellow Lumens.

Thanks to a special power granted by Dorana, Twinkly can project a holograph of the entire Magic Universe which allows her to react to Valtor's moves instantly. As wherever a star is about to get threatened, it starts blinking on the map.


  • Her name is derived from the word "twinkle," meaning "to shine with a flickering light; to glimmer."
  • Twinkly is the only Lumen to have a red headband instead of a blue one.
  • In the older version of Season 8, Twinkly was supposed to be named "Astra."


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