Tynix Bracelets
This article is about the magical items. You may be looking for the toy.
The Tynix Bracelets are magical items introduced in Season 7.


When the Winx's Fairy Animals found the magic harmony among them, they bestowed the Tynix Bracelets upon the Winx. With the Tynix power contained inside the bracelets, the Winx can travel into the MiniWorlds in their search for the Fairy Animals' Ultimate Power, while helping to maintain the ecosystems of the MiniWorlds they visit. The Tynix Bracelets also have the power to translate the noises Fairy Animals make into words.


They Tynix Bracelet is a bracelet made of pearls and is embedded in a larger oval jewel in the center. The pearls and jewels are in the respective color shades of the wearer.


Season 7

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