aka A FANDOM User

Yes...I'm finally 13....I have a real account now....find me on MaeWings! See you soon!

Hey guys! I know, an annoymous user has a profile. Anyway... I'm sorry, but I can't get an account until March 31, 2012 (believe me, I'm counting down, along with the list of "Not 'till 13"). In the mean time, I'm doing scripts and corrections here and there. And, don't worry! I don't bite! ;) Please talk to me!

To Do List:

1) Go back and add exclamations/minor actions

2) Work/Check on Rai S1 Episodes

3) Add/Edit spells from episodes

4) Work on my 6 part surprise...

5) Survive four months...


1) Learned how to make a template (look on the bottom).

2) About 150 edits.

3) Season 4, Episodes 3 to 8 scripts

For those who want to know:

Fairies (Only two places)

1. Tie with Flora, Roxy, and Musa

2. Tie with Stella, Bloom, Tecna, and Layla


1. Helia

2. Riven

3. Nabu

4. Tie with Sky, Brandon, and Timmy

Transformation (Apperance)

1. Believix

2. Sophix

3. Enchantix

4. Tie with Winx/Charmix, Lovix

Believix Wings (Apperance)

1) Tracix! (Love the diamonds)

2) Zoomix

3) Speedix


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