aka Anne

  • I live in London, England
  • I was born on October 12
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female




My name's Addrianne Barlow, but you can call me Anne. I am so a fan of Tecna, I'm very similiar to her, I love playing games, figuring out, math, and gadgets. Even though, I love all Winx Club members, I'm also a green thumb like Flora, I have fashion sense like Stella, I'm also a bit hot-headed and never-givingup spirit as Bloom, I'm also virtuso like Musa (I carry my headphone everytime and hear MP3 all day, I also took music courses, I've played violin and piano for 5 years) And I'm also Sporty and Animal lover like Aisha and Roxy.

I started watching Winx Club when I was still a little girl, about 5 years old. I watched Season 1 and totally love it. I'm also quite fond and bonding with Tecna, since we share the same interest. After that I watched Season 2 and is very excited because I found this fairy-level. I start to become a fan of Tecna. Later at Season 3, I'm very excited, but then this Faragonda said that Enchantix is the Final Fairy Level and though that Winx Club would end. But later, Season 4 came in surprise for me. And now It's time for Season 5! Yipee!!!

My Favorites

  • Tecna
  • Digit
  • Chicko
  • Zenith
  • Litzia
  • My Computer
  • My Laptop
  • My CDs
  • My Headphone
  • My Pets
  • My Plants
  • My Boyfriend
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Sports
  • Soccer
  • The Sims Series

I Hate...

  • Rude People
  • Shopping
  • High Heels
  • Skirts
  • Boots

My Goals on this Wiki

  • 100 Edits
  • 250 Edits
  • 300 Edits
  • 400 Edits
  • Became an admin (I would, but if I'm offered, I'll think later, I'm a hard decision maker type of person :D)

My Talkboxes

Addrianne12OctBarlow - Hello!
TALK - Technology

I use this when I'm greeting people in their Talk Page

Tecna Harmonix
Addrianne12OctBarlow - Yipee! I've figure it out the math problem!
TALK - Technology

I use this when I'm very happy!

Tecna jadi robot
Addrianne12OctBarlow - The Machine won't work...
TALK - Technology

I use this when I'm in a wet mood (Sad)

Addrianne12OctBarlow - I'll catch you on the download!!
TALK - Technology

I use this when I'm in a hot mood (Angry)

My Userboxes

Likes and Dislikes
Technology This user loves technology and its gadgets.
Technology Genius!
Virtual glow 712 This user has technology powers, like Tecna.
TecnaTimmyLove2 This user supports Tecna's and Timmy's relationship.
Friendly This user is friendly and loves making friends.
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