aka Meg

  • I live in Riverside, CA
  • I was born on January 8
  • I am not tellin'
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I am a girl who likes winx club. I even made my own fan series on the Winx Club Fanon Wiki or WCFW for short Oh and see my Pretty Little Girls but Liars Wiki

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Things about myself

My former sig-User:AmyRosegirl12



AmyRosegirl12:You'll Regret this!


AmyRosegirl12 A loyal fairy Music is my life!


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My fairy

this is my fairy

My talkboxes

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Musa 1
Amy - Time to start the party!
TALK - This will be a good time for you!
I use this when I happy

[[User talk:|TALK]] -
I use this when I hear news from you

Musa Attack
Amy - Harmonic Attack!
TALK - It's pay back time!
There's big trouble if I use this one

My userboxes


Nature Lover!
Natural whisper 718 This user has nature powers like Flora.
Pop Princess Power!
Melody of fairy 718 This user has music powers, like Musa.
Vlcsnap-2011-07-07-09h10m21s243 At times this user can get angry or really mad. Watch out!
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