aka Skylar Ree ❦ Natsu Dragneel ❦

  • I live in Magnolia
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is editing
  • I am female
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[[File:Diaspro_Princess.jpg|thumb| Diaspro sky's ex finance]]<gallery type="slideshow">
Ladyofflowers da da darcyy!!.JPG
Darcy1 (1).jpg
~Darcy's Disenchantix Powers~.jpg
~Darcy VS Stella~.jpg
~Darcy and Stormy's Disenchantix~.jpg
~Icy Darcy Smirk~.jpg
~Smug Darcy~.jpg
~Darcy Blast~.jpg
~Darcy with Valtor.jpg
~Darcy and Valtor~.jpg
~Stormy and Darcy Lend a Hand~.jpg
~Stormy and Darcy Conquer Sky~.jpg
~Darcy Freaked~.jpg
~Darcy Shrugs~.jpg
~Darcy Sculpts~.jpg
~Darcy Poise~.jpg
~Darcy Grins~.jpg
~Darcy Gloomix Pose~.jpg
~Darcy Racing~.jpg
~Darcy POWER!~.jpg
~Darcy Doll~.jpg
~Darcy As A Gypsy~.jpg
~Darcy's First Gloomix Attack~.jpg
Trix Vacuüm Darcy.png
~Darcy's Dragonfire~.jpg
~Darcy Witch 3~.png
</gallery>[[File:~Chimera's_Fury~.jpg|thumb|Chimera daughter of countless Cassandra and step sister of stella]][[File:DarcyS1.png|thumb|Mean girls are popular mean girls are cooler let's kick fairy booty!!!!]][[File:~Darcy's_First_Gloomix_Attack~.jpg|thumb|I m darcy witch of darkness]]i love darcy she is one of the trix i love her long flowing hair i like icey too but darcy is one of the coolest she is the witch of darkness pretty darcy[[File:~Darcy_Poise~.jpg|thumb|Darcy don't mess with me hahaha]]
[[File:Ladyofflowers_da_da_darcyy!!.JPG|thumb|Don't mess with me]]<gallery widths="150" orientation="square" bordersize="large">
~Darcy POWER!~.jpg|dont mess with me|link=dbz winx
~Icy Disenchantix Attack~.jpg|icytune lol|link=google
Musa.png|musa fairy of music
Specialist Riven.jpg|riven one of the bravest
Sirenix Flora.png
Icy Ice Coffin.jpg|link=lamnoone
Bloomy.jpeg|lets go harmonix!
Transformation Dreamix Stella 3 (Part 3).jpg
Harmonix Stella.png
</gallery>[[File:Bloom_Stopping_Knut.PNG|thumb|Sorry leave a message if I m not here]]

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Sorry Stella, REAL fashion only
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