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{{roxy}}<gallery bordercolor="#d235ca" bordersize="large">
Ladyofflowers da da darcyy!!.JPG
Darcy1 (1).jpg
~Darcy VS Stella~.jpg
~Stormy and Darcy Lend a Hand~.jpg
~Darcy Freaked~.jpg
~Darcy Shrugs~.jpg
~Darcy Sculpts~.jpg
~Darcy Poise~.jpg
Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku Append-illu.png|put that fan off!my skirt!
Bloom joy.jpg
180px-BlooM sEASON5 Infobox.jpg
|Darcy = Hi guys have a good day especially admins!}}[http://winxclub.tv go to this page find an amzing site]

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Sorry Stella, real fashion only
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