aka Skylar Ree ❦ Natsu Dragneel ❦

  • I live in Magnolia
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is editing
  • I am female
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Winx-club-3d-movie 14.jpg|Welcome To My Profile!|linktext=Cheer For My Guests!
~Darcy Sculpts~.jpg|Darcy Says:Make An Edit!|linktext=I Am Darcy I Command You To Make An edit!
Meet Krystal.jpg|Flora:Helia,you didn,t.......|linktext=heartbreak is so painful
</gallery>Hi guys i am Shizuka45 Nice to meet you this is an awesome cool wiki if you need any help ask roseXinh our admin she is so great she is very kind just ask her anything and you will have it.You can ask mason,tiff,roseXinh and Ofcourse floraenchantix.She is not an admin but she is Great And Cool like RoseXinh.Everybody Please just dont edit mine or somebody elses page RoseXinh doesnt like it and she will block you that happened to me aswell i only just got unblocked i was so annoyed.Okay i will give you an opinion look at my slider Look at it Look at the first one its says "welcome to my profile"and then at the bottom it says"dont edit"on the next picture theres darcy and she has changed the rock to baltors picture means she has made an edit know its your choice to make whether to be "Evil or Good"if i were you i would never make an edit as you can see darcys picture means she has made an edit.

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Sorry Stella, REAL fashion only
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