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Hi I'm Blstmr12346 and if you haven't figured it out the letters of my name are the initials for the 7 winx girls. I was born on April 28th 1994. My favorite characters in order are Roxy because we now have an actual Earth fairy in the group. Bloom because she has the most elegent look. Layla because we both enjoy swimming (no winx pun intended). Tecna because tecnology can be useful if used correctly and I like to be on the computer alot. Musa because she is the most musical. Flora because she is in tune with nature. Now although Stella means star and stars are cool, she is my least favorite because everyone of her fairy forms have pigtails and she is obsessed with fashion, the other girls don't seem to care though. My new username because this account was giving me problems early in march is now numbuh364 at the kndwikia although this profile is more informative when I sign in it will be under the new username thanks and have a great day flora's sophix looks so ^insert another word here^ in the show of the winx club well, maybe it was so amazing that the girls earn their sophix.

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Well if you think i'm really work out i'll show you what the true meaning this is right?

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