Hello people! I'm CrazyInLoveWithApril19; or shall I say Trixie Allen (I'd prefer you can me just Trixie or Trillen). I joined this wiki on October 19 (sweet my username has the word 19!) and I only have a few edits. Feel free to stop by and say hi to me! To be honest I think I'm really friendly, but when I get angry I cool down easily. I have an annoying sister same aged as me (we're not twins; just born on the same year and different date) who always bugs me. So if you ask me why I'm offline for a long time—my sister uses the Internet often! She does want to create a Wikia account, but she hasn't say when..let's just wait and see.

Bloom 1.jpg
I think Miss Bloom here is a perfect and flawless person! What kind of person doesn't have any flaws? She's pretty, smart, nice and strong—I believe I should refer her a "Mary-Sue" (it means girl who has all the characteristics like Bloom). I have to admit it, she's really gorgeous..but that's not gonna stop me from hating her!

Stella is a sweet person. I love how she has a character development, first she was mean and arrogant; and now she's caring but still has her fashion love. Surely she is girly, but she is my third favorite even though she's opposite of characters I like. Really, she's one of the only girly characters from a series which I actually like.

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