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Hi! My username is FabRoxyRox, but my real name is Roxanna Laura Carlyna. I'm a girl and I am born in Jakarta, Indonesia. My birthday is on June 7. I have facebook, just click this link here  My facebook is for people who have chat with me before. So chat with me if you want to add me. Also tell me your wikia name so I know who you are. Visit my page by typing Teens Are The Best in the search column. Like it if you can. I have an account in Chatango, Wikihow and Wikia with the name FabRoxyRox. My ambition is to be a fashion designer. Bye!


Please join Winx Club Image Wiki! That wiki is for uploading pictures, so if you love pictures, then what are you waiting for join this wiki now! Don't forget to make edits, upload pictures and be a helpful user! If you need help on that wikia, don't hesitate to ask me!

My Signatures

a. Every day signatures:

Roxanna~Hi! I am a nice,friendly,helpful and reliable person.

Laura~ I'm always happy to help ;)

Carly~ Hey, What's up? :D

FabRoxyRox :)

b. To new users:

Lyn ♥ Hello, leave a message at my talk page anytime! ^_^

My personality

I am friendly, fair, calm, respectful, smart, kind and dependable. I am not girly but I'm not so tomboy(boyish) either.

My talkbox(es)

Please do not use this talkbox. It is mine ONLY. If you want one, I can help you or even make it for you.

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Roxanna - Hello!
TALK - Hi, how are you?
My normal mood and daily talkbox.


My hobbies and favorite things

I love:

  • Chocolate
  • Fashion
  • Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • And much, much more!!

My hobbies are:

  • Music (almost all except for classic and alternative)
  • Reading
  • Playing computer and other technology games
  • Watching TV
  • Drawing
  • Sewing

I hate:

  • Insects (except for butterflies)
  • Cheese
  • Mean and sneaky people
  • Friendship problem
  • Studying (Especially math. Suprisingly I've never revised but I have good marks on all subjects)
  • Coloring

My favorite pictures

Roxy nice shot.jpg

File:Flora Transformaing into Sirenix.PNG


File:Capture 002 02012013 181154 375.png

Musa believix.jpg

Tecna believix.jpg


File:Stella believix.jpg



File:Bloom believix.jpg

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Flora Sad S5.png
File:Flora Angry Enchantix S3.png
File:866801 1319906152361 full.jpg


File:Flora Happy S5.png

Joined Wiki

Winx Club Wiki

Winx Club Image Wiki- This wiki needs more users, please join!

ICarly Wiki

Scan2go Wiki

And do so much more, that I can't even count!

My personal information

My personal information
Full Real Name            Roxanna Laura Carlyna
Website names FabRoxyRox (not for facebook)


7 June
I have accounts in...

Chatango, Facebook, Wiki, Wikihow, Hotmail

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