Hi, I am Funnysky21, and I love Winx Club. I live in Georgia, USA. My favorite characters are Flora, Musa, and Stella. I enjoy helping out with spells or getting information for articles. I'm still new to the editing process and learning how to add pictures, so I'm not the most useful in that category yet. I've had Winx Club as a part of my life ever since I was a toddler. My favorite dub is the Nick dub because it's the one I remember watching as I was really young when 4Kids aired, but I really love the new DuArt/Season 7 voices best. If you would like help with any spells, outfits, etc. I'll be happy to help. Thanks!!

Favorite Fairies

  • Flora, Fairy of Nature
  • Musa, Fairy of Music
  • Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun

Favorite Transformations

Bloomix, Believix, and Sirenix. Butterflix is next, but not one of my favorites. And as of late, my favorite transformation is Tynix!!!!! I believe that Tynix is the most beautiful transformation in Winx Club so far! The transformation song gives me chills and I can't stop watching it! I'm sad that it's temporary, but I really hope for full transformations!

If I Had Powers....

My primary colors would be lime green and orange. My powers would be mainly Earth and Water, but I will also have Fire, Air, and Music powers.

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