aka Daisy

  • I live in einem See in den Schottischen Highlands
  • My occupation is eine Hälfte des Monsters von Loch Ness
  • I am ständig beschäftigt

Favourite Characters

  1. Bloom <33333
  2. Icy <3333
  3. Flora, Illiris
  4. Musa, Lemmy, Amore
  5. Piff

Fav Faires :D

  1. Bloom I like her so much <3333333
  2. Flora I like her because she like the nature :D
  3. Musa I don't like music, but i like her xD
  4. Aisha, Stella and Roxy
  5. Tecna I hate her o.o

Hate Characters

My Talkboxes :D

Thanks Sarah that you make them <3

daisy! - the dark witch
TALK - Hello!
My normal talkbox

Daisy! - icy!
TALK - i am so happy!
When i'm happy or when i say thanks

Daisy - why?
TALK - oh, why has this have to happen?
When i'm sad.

Daisy! - what are you doing?
TALK - dont make me mad!
When i'm VERY angry
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