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Winx Club is my most favorite cartoon and I'm currently learning how to draw the girls. I especially love the girls' outfits because they're so stylish and unique (although I do wish they were a bit more modest and the girls wore something other than heels all the time). Flora is my favorite Winx. I think she's the most beautiful one and also the sweetest. I like her shy nature and how she's so sensitive.

My next favorite is Tecna because she's extremely smart and loves technology just like I do. Can't say I'm brilliant like she is, though.

After Tecna, my next favorite is Roxy because she's the fairy of animals and kind of hot-headed. I've always been a big animal-lover and a hot-head? I'm surprised my head hasn't blown off yet! (although, I'm working on overcoming that).

My next favorite is Layla. I love her because she's a tomboy and a rebellious princess going against traditional standards. I'm not too into sports, but that's because I can't play them (same with dancing). No, I'm not a rebel, but I hate it when someone tries to force me into conforming to standards. Those are my top favorites. Flora, Tecna, Roxy and Layla.

For the other three, Musa is next. I like how she's so talented with music, both in singing and playing instruments. I liked her better when she was more tomboyish back in the first two seasons, but I don't complain. That's kind of how I was: tomboyish as a little girl and grew up to be girly. Well, actually, I don't consider myself "girly", but I can't say I'm a tomboy anymore. After Musa comes Bloom. She actually used to be my most favorite character, but when she became too much of a Mary Sue, she fell off my favorites list. I do think she is a good leader, but she's just a bit too bossy for my tastes.

Last, but not least, is Stella. I have nothing against her. She's just too fashion and boy-obsessed for my tastes. I also don't like how she (and Bloom) get jealous so easily. What I do like about Stella is that she's got a huge heart under all that vanity and that she's not a blue-eyed blonde (I see too many shows with those).

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